• Treadmill

    Your urge to run is irresistible but it's raining outside? Don't feel like following gym class schedules? Train from home at your own pace on one of ProduceShop's treadmills!

    The treadmill is one of the most beloved and popular home fitness equipment for its versatility as well as being among the most recommended for cardio workouts. With the treadmill, you can exercise at home in all kinds of running, from brisk walking to jogging to marathon, all year round without worrying about weather conditions. In the summertime, you can work out in the cool, while in winter, you can burn calories and shed weight by running in the warmth. In this section, you will have at your disposal a diverse range of electric or magnetic treadmills, with manual or electronic inclination of excellent quality, also foldable and collapsible if you have space requirements. Depending on the model, you can choose to simulate uphill paths and set the speed according to your training level. All while the computer measures the pulse via palm sensors and provides useful information on distance, duration, speed, energy consumption, and heart rate. Don't miss the opportunity to bring home the undisputed leader of indoor fitness training. Tone your legs and glutes by choosing the treadmill you prefer among the many on special offer. There is one for every budget!

  • Multifunctional gym...

    Home fitness is increasingly popular. Having a home gym with the ability to train every day without having to go out is certainly a great resource for fitness enthusiasts and for anyone who loves to practice physical activity regularly.

    Are you lacking time and want to save on the costs of a gym subscription or more simply, you want to train in comfort at home? More and more people are buying gym equipment to have the opportunity to train when you want, without having to move from home. Practicing home fitness by setting up a do-it-yourself gym in your own home can bring excellent benefits, as long as you have a set of tools that allow you to perform a correct and complete workout.

    The first choice for those who want to build their own gym at home falls on the reclining bench, a basic but very functional tool, perfect for working effectively on multiple parts of the body; thanks to the different degrees of inclination that the surface can have, the reclining bench allows you to perform a variety of exercises and a highly personalized training, especially when combined with weights. The multifunction bench, on the other hand, guarantees a more complex and elaborate workout that is certainly more complete; it is a purchase that is difficult to regret because it allows you to train the whole body in a varied way and thus achieve excellent results.

    An indispensable tool for those who want to train at their best without compromise and at their maximum potential, the power tower station is one of the most complete multifunctional tools on the market because it contains a small home gym in just one tool. No other tool can give you a total body workout like the power tower: thanks to the multiplicity of exercises that it allows to perform, the power tower is useful not only for defining and toning the muscles of the whole body  but also to improve circulation, breathing and posture.

    Quality equipment is essential for the success of a home workout: whether you are an amateur athlete or an ambitious bodybuilder, in this section you will find a wide selection of products dedicated to setting up your personal home gym, with everything you need to strengthen the body and sculpt it according to your wishes.

  • Barbells, dumbbells...

    Gym dumbbells and weights have always been the ultimate symbol of effective strength training. Based on their size, they are used in various areas including home fitness, ie training at home, and are therefore suitable for everyone, from beginners to professional athletes.

    In this section you will find everything you need for your daily training, with a wide range of gym weights and accessories that allow you to perform countless free body exercises or through the use of a classic flat bench, excellent for being able to achieve in a short time certain fitness goals, such as the barbell, ideal for all needs and present from the simplest model to the most professional and Olympic model.

    In addition to the classic gym weights, you can opt for weight plates, made of solid cast iron, with a central hole to be easily mounted on any barbell. If, on the other hand, you need to gain strength, you can always create your own gym dumbbell thanks to the adjustable model, which allows you to change the weight according to the exercises you want to do. And for those who love to train in total freedom, we offer a rich selection of dumbbells weights made with comfortable vinyl coating, useful for cushioning in the event of an accidental fall, and available starting from a minimum weight of three kilos, for a flexible workout at home. or as a supplementary workout in aerobics and gymnastics.

    Get ready to build your home gym by purchasing weights, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and everything you need to train all your muscles at home in our online shop!

  • Punching bags

    Thinking of a gym without punching bags is a rather complicated undertaking: this equipment is in fact essential for conducting an intense and effective workout, perfect for putting all the muscles of the body into action and increasing endurance.

    With a punching bag it is possible to play many combat sports, from boxing to kick boxing, passing through martial arts. There are different types of bags on the market: there are ceiling, wall and floor models. Each of these versions has benefits and weaknesses: it is necessary to make an informed choice based on your needs and the characteristics of the selected product.

    The punching bags with ceiling hook are probably the best known, they are present in almost all gyms and allow maximum freedom of movement for the user: during sparring, as in a real match, it is possible to turn around the bag and, in this way, train mobility. This type is very resistant and not bulky but sometimes lacks practicality: the hook must withstand the weight of the equipment and the stresses to which it is subjected; this can be a problem that should not be underestimated in a private home.

    The punching bags with wall bracket allow limited freedom of movement (they do not allow striking from all possible angles) but represent a valid alternative to the ceiling model, as their installation is much easier; moreover, the upper bar is often also used to perform tractions.

    The punching bags with floorboard do not have to be hooked anywhere and this is undoubtedly one of their strengths: extremely versatile, they can be placed anywhere without drilling holes in the wall and it is very easy to move them in case of need. The base is filled with water, sand or a mixture of the two components and is stable, maintaining its position without moving an inch. A system of springs and shock absorbers positioned above the pedestal allows the bag to return to the starting position after being hit, thus ensuring continuity in training.

    The punching bags in this section of our site have been carefully chosen by the ProduceShop team of experts at the end of a long research process, aimed at identifying products with above-average characteristics. The models proposed here have been made with the highest quality materials, durable and suitable for sports. In addition to being valid and functional, these punching bags have a modern and attractive design, ideal for capturing the attention of anyone in your gym or, why not, in your home.

  • Gym mats and...

    Protect your fitness facility with the best gym floor tiles, rubber mats and rolls for indoor gyms from ProduceShop

    • Home gyms & gyms have a lot in common, but most of all they share the importance of protecting its flooring.
    • When using weights, barbells, and exercise machines like treadmills & exercise bikes, it is wise to take precaution to avoid damaging the surface.
    • Gyms see a lot of usage and vibrations from equipment and, in some cases, have to sustain drop sets with barbells and even accidental weight drops in CrossTraining & PowerLifting.
    • Therefore, it is key that the gym floors are adequately protected and shielded.
    • A great solution is the laying down of rubber gym mats or gym floor tiles that are designed for intensive & professional use.
    • They come with various characteristics including anti-slip, anti-wear, and water-resistant surfaces to ensure your customers have a safe and undisturbed workout.
    • Thicknesses can range from 4- 40mm depending on the area in the fitness facility.
    • For home gyms, a gym mat may be more suitable, this can be used under exercise bikes or treadmills to shield the flooring from vibrations and for WeightLifting platforms to protect from accidental disk release.
    • All products in this category are made in Europe with high quality recycled synthetics that are sure to provide many years of safe and undisturbed workouts, while also making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.
  • Ab benches.

    Increase muscle mass while lying down or sitting with one of our invincible abdominal benches.

    The abdominal bench is one of the essential tools to strengthen the abs, chest muscles, and to conduct weightlifting training using only your body weight. The abdominal bench is also a necessary piece of gym equipment if you decide to set up a home fitness corner, and it is the perfect addition to racks and barbell supports. Within this section, you can choose from a wide variety of multifunctional, fixed, adjustable, flat or inclined abdominal benches to increase your strength and endurance and finally have sculpted abs instead of love handles. To complete your personal home gym, we also offer a vast assortment of dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates for progressively training every muscle in the body. Take a look at our selection and start training seriously!

  • Power tower and...

    Is gym membership too expensive? Choose one of our unbeatable power towers to train hard as you would in the gym!

    With an all-in-one fitness station from our catalog, you will no longer need to go to the gym. Certainly, at the gym you can choose between an endless series of equipment to achieve a flawless physical shape. But nothing beats the pleasure and convenience of practicing fitness at home. With one of our multi-gym fitness stations, you can sculpt, strengthen, and tone every single muscle in your body without constantly changing equipment. Among the training options that a multifunctional strength station offers, there are abdominal benches, lat machines, leg curls, chest presses, butterflies, and the addition of a range of equipment for cross-training and callisthenics, which are exercises with bodyweight. All with an overall footprint of less than two square meters! This is why the power tower represents the maximum for every fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast. With a multifunctional fitness station, you have no more excuses to get back in shape. Choose now the model that suits your strength and weights exercises. Take advantage of our offers to buy your multifunctional fitness station on ProduceShop at an unbeatable price!

  • Rubber gym weight plates

    Looking for the right weight plates for your barbell or dumbbell? You're in the right place.

    Here you will find a vast selection of Olympic weight plates (also known as bumpers) of all sizes and coatings to load your barbells or dumbbells as you wish. If you have a fitness corner at home and want to protect the floor, choose rubber-coated gym plates. They are comfortable and safe to handle, and make weightlifting training quieter by absorbing the noise when you drop the barbell to the ground. Additionally, they provide a better grip during powerlifting exercises. They are essential for barbells, and you can also use weight plates separately for lunges, squats, abdominal exercises, functional fitness training and cross-training. Discover our entire range.

Gym and Home Gym

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Create your own personal home gym with the numerous gym equipment from ProduceShop’s catalogue!

In this section dedicated to the world of fitness, you will find the best gym equipment to set up a complete and highly functional home gym. In our online shop, you will surely find the equipment that best suits your fitness goals so that you can work out at home at any time of the day and keep your body and mind in shape without having to subscribe to any gym membership. You will have at your disposal a very wide range of professional quality fitness equipment at discounted prices suitable for any type of cardio, strength, and bodyweight training exercises. Treadmills, multifunction stations, rowing machines, ab benches, exercise bikes, spinning bikes, ellipticals, and everything you need to do your daily workouts comfortably at home as in the gym. In our assortment, there are also tools dedicated to bodybuilding and cross-training, such as dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, trap bars, kettlebells, punch bags, and much more. Select one of the categories below and stay fit by choosing the most suitable home fitness equipment for your training. With ProduceShop, your home becomes your gym!

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Adjustable multifunctional Home gym inversion bench Oni Promotion

Adjustable multifunctional Home gym inversion bench Oni

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Door pull-up bar without screws Kirin

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Multifunction space-saving adjustable curved sit-up abdominal bench Tengu

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Multifunctional foldable Kyliak home fitness abdominal bench.

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Home Gym Digital Tilt Folding Electric Fitness Treadmill Teela

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Adjustable Kettlebell weight for gym and fitness 18 kg Elettra Promotion

Adjustable Kettlebell weight for gym and fitness 18 kg Elettra

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Fit bike indoor fitness bike with professional flywheel 8kg Minerva Promotion

Fit bike indoor fitness bike with professional flywheel 8kg Minerva

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Stock of 2 units Set of 2 Megara vinyl 3kg dumbbells for gym and fitness Promotion

Set of 2 Megara vinyl 3kg dumbbells for gym and fitness

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Stock of 2 units Set of 2 Megara vinyl 4kg dumbbells for gym and fitness Promotion

Set of 2 Megara vinyl 4kg dumbbells for gym and fitness

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Stock of 2 units Set of 2 Megara vinyl 5kg dumbbells for gym and fitness Promotion

Set of 2 Megara vinyl 5kg dumbbells for gym and fitness

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