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Household Appliances and Accessories

Household Appliances and Accessories
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VuotoFacile® Vacuum Sealer reusable laptop Special Pack

£ 124.95 £ 174.95
In stock

Kitchen vacuum reusable laptop sealer for food VuotoFacile

£ 119.95 £ 169.95
In stock

Set of Pots Pans Nonstick Tools with Lids 7 Pieces Vivace

£ 174.95 £ 244.95
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Touch Balance Digital Kitchen Scale Touch Screen promo

£ 9.95 £ 29.95
In stock

Single zone LED wine refrigerator 6 bottles Bacchus VI

£ 239.95 £ 319.95
In stock

Single zone 8-bottle LED refrigerator wine cellar Bacchus VIII

£ 249.95 £ 329.95
In stock

Single zone LED wine refrigerator 12 bottles Bacchus XII

£ 259.95 £ 339.95
In stock

Single zone 18-bottle LED refrigerator wine cellar Bacchus XVIII

£ 289.95 £ 379.95
In stock

Wine cooler 28 bottles single zone LED light Bacchus XXVIII

£ 309.95 £ 399.95
In stock

Professional wine fridge cellar 36 bottles led single zone bacchus xxxvi

£ 439.95 £ 569.95
In stock

Welcome to the world of the home... Here you will find everything you've always dreamed of for your kitchen. This series of accessories will be there, at your side, ready to face any test, from storage to the preparation and cooking of food.

Without forgetting the presentation and appearance for your dishes and for the kitchen, ProduceShop has selected the best products with the best materials, to help your passion and your ideas. High quality at the best price, will allow you to equip your kitchen and simplify your life.

Browse through the ProduceShop catalogue for Household Appliances and Kitchen Accessories and you will find a wide range of products for your home: the latest generation household appliances, pots, pans, woks, casseroles and so on.

Food lovers rejoyce! Here you will find the best products for your new creations.

The household products will simplify your life in the kitchen and help you to live in a more sustainable way. Our selection criteria inspires to always bring innovation and high quality materials; in fact, all products in this catalogue are equipped with various smart functions and are designed with careful attention to detail, they are resistant to everyday use and add a touch of style to the environment in which they are integrated. 

Discover the kitchen in all its variations and nuances of flavor: from classic to modern, from sweet to salty, in this selection you will find all the accessories and tools for your every need.