• Pans and Pots

    In this assortment by ProduceShop you will find many products made with innovative materials for a healthy, easy and fast cooking, the best and efficient way to save time and energy without sacrificing style and design.

    Thanks to our special non-stick coatings, food never sticks and the ergonomic handles make it easier to lift the dishes. Elegant outside and functional on the inside, our pots will allow you to upgrade your cooking and bring it to new levels. All the products in our line are intelligently designed with a special intermediate layer of aluminium that distributes heat in an optimal way.

    In short, whether they are made of stone or aluminium, non-stick, suitable for stoves, hobs and other types of cooking; these pots and pans are suitable for every need.

    A winning mix of tradition, innovation, design and colour: our products offers versatile solutions for you to be creative every day.

  • Wine coolers

    ProduceShop has selected the best wine coolers currently on the market. Our catalogue was curated by experts in the field who have segmented the products and screened the best coolers from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

    All our wine cellars are of a professional level, i.e. they exceed the quality standards in terms of reliability and efficiency, but only a few fully respect the characteristics of the best wine coolers.

    The selected wine cellars are all made with the latest materials and technologies, they are equipped with intelligent single or multi-zone thermoregulation systems capable of managing the internal environment by gradually changing the temperature and stabilizing it in order to optimize and maintain the organoleptic qualities of the wine.

    Our wine cellars are the perfect solution for professionals and wine enthusiasts, they feature low power draw, a silent fan and LED lighting, in order to best preserve your precious wine.

    The glass door provides for a nice view and allows all our products to be used as furniture pieces. The built in carbon filter and easy clean surfaces provide for the additional much needed safety and hygiene.

    Choosing one of the wine coolers proposed by ProduceShop means relying on experts in the field for the best quality at affordable prices.

  • Kitchen utensils and...
    • Accessori da cucina: Trova la giusta ispirazione per creare la tua cucina con la selezione di accessori da cucina firmati ProduceShop. Scegli tra una varietà di oggetti, dalle stoviglie agli utensili da cucina, dai taglieri alla biancheria per la tavola, suddivisi per caratteristiche, colori e prezzi.
    • Design moderno: Tutti i nostri accessori da cucina hanno un design moderno. Realizzati con materiali di qualità e massima cura dei dettagli, sono la scelta giusta per chi desidera oggetti che non passino inosservati.
    • Calore, colore e stile: La gamma di prodotti disponibili può soddisfare tutte le tue necessità. Ordinari, spaiati e stravaganti, si riuscirà a determinare un look a cui aggiungere un tocco di calore e originalità.

    Organize Your Kitchen and Impress Your Guests with Uniquely Innovative Kitchen Accessories from ProduceShop!

    Specific or common, ordinary or extraordinary; everyone loves accessories and their awesome versatility. With a single item you can add a touch of originality to any environment, making the general atmosphere even better. When it comes to kitchen goods, the range of options is almost limitless: from tableware to kitchen tools, from cutting boards to table linen, as well as containers, trays and tissue boxes.

    In this part of our website, you can find a selection of modern kitchen accessories, hand-picked by our experts for their outstanding features. High quality materials and close attention to detail guarantee that they meet our customers' needs. Choose your favourite item and make your kitchen unique!

    • Kitchen Accessories: Find the right inspiration to design your kitchen with the collection of kitchen accessories from ProduceShop. Choose from an array of products, from tableware to kitchen tools, from cutting boards to table linen, organized by features, colours and prices.
    • Modern Design: All our kitchen accessories have a modern look. Made from quality materials and with a special focus on details, these objects are a great choice for anyone who wants items that won't go unnoticed.
    • Warmth, Colour and Style: The range of products available can satisfy every single requirement. Ordinary, mismatching and outlandish, you can find the right combination to give your kitchen the right touch.
  • Induction hobs

    Cucina senza fiamme e risparmia a lungo con le nostre piastre a induzione!

    Migliora la tua esperienza di cottura con le nostre piastre a induzione. Un piano cottura elettrico a induzione è più veloce, efficiente e conveniente di quello a gas, in quanto lavora senza fiamma. Le pentole scaldano rapidamente, disperdendo meno energia e consentendo di risparmiare sui costi della bolletta. Le nostre piastre a induzione, inoltre, si adattano a qualsiasi cucina: troverete modelli dalle dimensioni contenute con 2 fornelli, quelle da 4, 6 fornelli o con funzione bridge e le innovative piastre elettriche a induzione portatili di Fabita. Durante la cottura potrai scegliere funzioni avanzate come timer, funzione keep warm e molti altri accessori. Scopri la praticità e l'efficienza delle piastre a induzione scegliendo da piastra a induzione:

    • Scaldano velocemente
    • Risparmi sulla bolletta
    • Adatte a qualsiasi cucina
    • Funzioni avanzate inclusa
  • Gas cookers

    Gas Cooking Ranges: the most common home solution

    Gas cooking ranges represent the most common home solution for cooks and chefs. You can control the intensity of the flame, and the temperature needed to cook perfect dishes. Our online shop offers a wide range of 1, 2, 3 or 4-burner gas stoves, countertop ranges ideal for restaurants and hotels, and even portable stoves. Most of our cooking ranges are made of stainless steel, designed to last, and with low energy consumption. Plus, the heat will be distributed optimally on the supporting pan or pot, for the best and faster cooking results.

    • Gas stoves for a better control of flame intensity and temperature.
    • Low energy consumption.
    • Sturdy and stylish stainless steel designs.
    • Optimal heat distribution.
    • 1, 2, 3 or 4-burner stoves, countertop and portable ranges.

    Browse our selection of gas cooking ranges, and get the perfect one for your kitchen!

  • Kitchen extractor hoods

    It is known that where there is cooking, steam rises.

    Our extractor hoods are the best solution for removing fumes, vapors, grease, and absorbing odors released during the cooking process. They can be installed on the wall, ceiling, or island, and ensure efficient air circulation thanks to advanced filtering systems that purify and maintain high air quality. The extractor hoods we offer have high energy classes and ensure maximum performance. They are easy to clean and quiet, allowing you to enjoy conversations in the kitchen. They are suitable for cooktops of any size. Discover the entire selection of kitchen hoods at ProduceShop. On our online store, you can choose from numerous extractor hoods at an always affordable price. Classic, elegant, minimal, or design models with modern lines, touch controls, and adaptable LED lights, available in many colors and premium finishes to perfectly match the atmosphere of your kitchen. Browse the catalog and choose the kitchen hood that best suits your environment and needs.

  • Plates and portable...

    Cook your favorite dishes with low power consumption and little space by choosing one of our versatile models of portable electric stoves and burners.

    Portable electric stoves and burners are a valid alternative to classic cooktops. Great for preparing and heating food in small spaces, they are perfect if you have a small kitchen and need an extra cooking area. Adding an electric burner can help you when you have guests and need to prepare abundant meals or more elaborate recipes. Moreover, a portable electric stove is an optimal solution for vacation homes, studio apartments, and cooking while traveling or camping. Functional, affordable, practical, and easy to carry around, here you will find a wide selection of portable electric stoves and burners to complete your kitchen or to use during camping trips. Browse the online catalog and discover all the unbeatable offers from ProduceShop!

  • Washing machines and...

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  • Electric blankets and...

    Are you a person who always feels cold? Do you want to sleep better and wake up more rested? For a night of restorative sleep, choose one of our electric blankets or heated mattress pads.

    In winter, there's nothing more pleasant than finding warm blankets already in bed. With an electric blanket or heated mattress pad, this dream becomes a reality. Placed between the mattress and sheets, they create a pleasant sensation of warmth for the body, helping to induce sleep by eliminating the cold and moisture under the sheets. But that's not all, because the heat emitted by these special heating quilts is also therapeutic. They alleviate muscle pains and tensions, offering a pleasant sense of relaxation, and they also help with conditions related to allergies, arthritis, and sinusitis. From models for single beds, queen beds, and king beds, all our electric blankets and heated mattress pads are equipped with highly safe temperature control devices that allow you to choose the desired level of warmth and maintain a constant climate throughout the night. The risks of health damage or fire are minimized, and the electricity consumption is kept to a minimum. This way, you can sleep peacefully in a warm and comfortable bed without worrying about the electric bill or risks associated with prolonged use. Take a look at our entire selection and get ready to experience a whole new "warm wellness"!

Household Appliances and Accessories

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Welcome to the world of the home... Here you will find everything you've always dreamed of for your kitchen. This series of accessories will be there, at your side, ready to face any test, from storage to the preparation and cooking of food.

Without forgetting the presentation and appearance for your dishes and for the kitchen, ProduceShop has selected the best products with the best materials, to help your passion and your ideas. High quality at the best price, will allow you to equip your kitchen and simplify your life.

Browse through the ProduceShop catalogue for Household Appliances and Kitchen Accessories and you will find a wide range of products for your home: the latest generation household appliances, pots, pans, woks, casseroles and so on.

Food lovers rejoyce! Here you will find the best products for your new creations.

The household products will simplify your life in the kitchen and help you to live in a more sustainable way. Our selection criteria inspires to always bring innovation and high quality materials; in fact, all products in this catalogue are equipped with various smart functions and are designed with careful attention to detail, they are resistant to everyday use and add a touch of style to the environment in which they are integrated. 

Discover the kitchen in all its variations and nuances of flavor: from classic to modern, from sweet to salty, in this selection you will find all the accessories and tools for your every need.

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Electric camping cooker 450 Watt portable 5310PBT CF Parker Promotion

Electric camping cooker 450 Watt portable 5310PBT CF Parker

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Set of Pots Pans Nonstick Tools with Lids 7 Pieces Vivace

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Portable 2-plate electric camping cooker 5322PB CF Parker

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LPG gas cooker 1 burner portable 5321BGPS CF Parker

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Portable electric camping cooker 1500 Watt 5321PB CF Parker Promotion

Portable electric camping cooker 1500 Watt 5321PB CF Parker

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