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  • Suitcases and Trolleys

    Any trip, regardless of destination and duration, always requires a minimum of preparation before departure.

    The choice of suitcase relates to the type of travel you intend to undertake, the means of transport that you will use, what you want to bring with you and your habits and preferences: a vacation on a tropical island , a business trip or an adventurous tour all require different types of equipment, clothing and accessories.

    Dimensions, weight, ergonomics are fundamental elements to consider when choosing a suitcase or trolley, while design and color are important too, especially for those who pay attention to style and look.

    The convenience of the trolley has long replaced hand transport of suitcases: all our suitcases feature a practical system with four 360 degree swivel wheels to allow you to move your luggage even in situations that are not particularly comfortable, such as in train carriages, subway stations or crowded airports.

    Using a trolley to take with you on board in the cabin of the plane is an excellent idea, especially if you are planning short-term trips, such as for business or holiday weekends where you don't have to resort to large suitcases.

    For longer stays, however, it may be useful to have a complete set of suitcases available, consisting of two or three basic models, which includes a cabin trolley, ideal as hand luggage on the plane, and one or two suitcases of larger dimensions.

    Nowadays most suitcases are made with technical materials known for their high resistance and very long life, such as ABS, that can withstand not only bad weather and temperature changes but also the inevitable knocks and drops that the suitcase takes when handled by airport crew.

    Traveling around the world is not only efficiant and organized travel but also the joy of carrying something beautiful that feels your and reminds you of home.

    For those who have made travel their lifestyle, in this section you will find all our new hand luggage offering, perfectly compliant with the standards of the airline companies and ready to face any type of travel.

    Check in time!

  • Electric scooters

    The electric scooter is an eco-friendly, handy and fun means of transport that is winning over many people. Convenient, fast and simple to use, it is fascinating to both young and old; adults are increasingly replacing cars and motorcycles to move around while respecting the environment, saving useful time and also doing some healthy movement.

    The electric scooter is the technological version of the old push model that we all remember. The modern version, however, does not require continuous pushing since it is a small electric motor that causes the scooter itself to move after starting. Once you try it, it's really difficult to go without it as the benefits these scooters offer are undeniable. Just like the electric bicycle, the electric scooter is experiencing great success in the field of e-mobility as a valid alternative to the chaos of city commuting, becoming one of the most used means of transport within urban areas, especially thanks to its compact size. The advantages deriving from its use are many.

    The electric scooter is designed to offer maximum comfort and practicality during use, representing a real resource for daily commuting, especially in large cities; this is in fact the main reason why more and more adults decide to buy one. It is usually used to travel short distances, for example from the workplace to the bus stop or the subway, it can be easily folded and brought aboard public transport, or be stored without any problem of encumbrance.

    Lightweight, silent and decidedly simple to use, the electric scooter allows you to reach your destination quickly, with zero stress, zero fatigue and maximum fun!

    Discover our wide range of electric scooters!

  • Sex Toys

    Les sextoys sont des jouets pour adultes, toujours utilisés pour augmenter le plaisir personnel et de couple, ils sont l'occasion de connaître votre corps, de découvrir ce que nous aimons ou n'aimons pas dans le sexe, sans limites de sexe, d'orientation sexuelle ou d'âge.

    De plus en plus de personnes souhaitent s'ouvrir à une sexualité plus ludique et légère: en couple pour créer un sentiment très fort avec leur partenaire et seul, pour s'accorder quelques moments de plaisir personnel et privé.

    Grâce à un haut niveau de qualité et de design, notre boutique érotique a imposé que les sextoys ne soient plus un sujet tabou puisqu'ils font désormais partie d'un mode de vie ouvert et moderne. ProduceShop présente un «vieux» monde d'une manière innovante et totalement accessible, qui inspire les hommes et les femmes à une vie sexuelle plus complète.

    Et c'est ainsi que prennent forme les love toys, riches en design et de haute qualité, qui exploitent toutes les nouvelles technologies pour stimuler les points les plus excitants et satisfaire tous les fantasmes: des sextoys ergonomiques aux formes sinueuses, aux couleurs et textures pastel très doux au toucher, de marques célèbres et alternatives, de produits érotiques et bien plus encore.

    Parmi nos fenêtres virtuelles élégantes et scintillantes, chaque couple ou célibataire peut trouver une façon alternative et impensable de s'amuser au lit. Notre assortiment vous offre tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour une vie sexuelle encore plus satisfaisante et enrichissante, parcourez simplement notre catalogue pour vous inspirer, vous trouverez le sextoy qui vous convient, et ce ne sera que la première étape!

  • Intex Inflatables

    Intex Inflatables includes an ample range of airbeds, waterbeds and even camping equipment; a great balance between fun and practicality!

    We offer a full range of Intex airbeds, such as camping mattresses and inflatable sofas, dinghies and airbeds.

    All our Intex inflatable mattresses ensure a high level of comfort, due to the intrinsic qualities of the plastic fiber, which is durable and meant to last over time.

    They can be used as air beds or as mattresses for guests, they can be easily deflated and stored, occupying very little space, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    All our beds are affordable, comfortable and provide for a high quality alternative to traditional mattresses.

    Some of our inflatables, as you can see browsing this category, are just plain fun, with creative and colourful looks, perfect for a day at the beach or the pool with your friends.

    We are Intex official dealers, we buy products directly without any intermediate step, that's why we can offer you the most competitive prices on the Internet.


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More and more people fall prey to the stress of daily work and it's becoming increasingly important to be able to carve out some time for personal peace. But relaxing does not just mean spending hours doing nothing, it means above all being comfortable with yourself, practicing a hobby, exercising sport, traveling and visiting the world with your family, being in contact with nature.

In the society we live in, a lack of exercise is one of the greatest health risks. Practicing sports for a few minutes a day removes the risk of heart problems and significantly reduces the symptoms of stress. Being able to train at home is a great convenience: thanks to home fitness you can concentrate on physical activity without worrying about reaching the gym and without having to pay an expensive annual subscription. For setting up a custom home gym, we offer professional tools that can adapt to any domestic space such as treadmills, walking pads, reclining benches and multifunctional tools ideal for practicing healthy sport in the comfort of your home.

Anyone who sits at a desk for a long time is familiar with the problems of stiff muscles, neck and back pain. In these cases, a relaxing massage is the ideal remedy to loosen the muscles: try our comfortable massage beds, create your own wellness oasis at home and give your body a renewed vitality.

Having free time also means having the opportunity to travel and get to know the world while moving around in total comfort, for this, there is nothing better than a trolley. Suitable for those who often travel by plane, the hand luggage trolley is the best choice to directly board the cabin avoiding the long check in lines. Most people go on vacation to spend time with their family, so a set of suitcases is the ideal solution when you are planning a long trip and need more space, suitable for carrying all your clothes, children's toys and personal items without leaving anything at home. In this way, free time and holidays will become a liberating and fun experience that will allow you to recharge your energy and spirit.

In this category you will find a wide range of exclusive products dedicated to leisure and well-being, such as sports products, massage beds, trolleys and many other products that will accompany you in moments of relaxation and fun.