• Electric Massage Chairs

    Zero gravity professional massage chairs by iRest: the result of years of research and development to design a state of the art product that has no match when it comes to comfort and relax.

    These professional massage chairs engineered by iRest and distributed by our website, are next generation, highly advanced, and built using new and innovative materials, to give the user the same experience as if he or she was receiving a real hand massage. The hardware installed on these massage chairs is the result of years of research in the medical and therapeutical business, and it is designed to guarantee the best possible experience even for years to come. All its gearing is perfectly integrated in the inside of the massage chair, and every part is carefully tested individually and as a whole, to fully ensure the absence of any defect, functional of aesthetic.

    The engineers and physicians employed in the development of these massage chairs tested them over long period of time using highly advanced specific software and by employing robots to gather all the metrics of the massage experience in order to develop the most perfect "massage hands" possible while eliminating even the slightiest possbile annoyance or defect that might affect the final user. Every single movement is carefully designed to be silent yet flexuous, able to induce comfort and relax harmonically to our muscles and nerves, all in perfect silence.

    Ready for the future of relax?

  • Professional Massage...

    Massage beds and folding benches for beauticians, tattooists, physiotherapists, wellness centers, SPAs and aestheticians.

    If you are looking for a professional wooden esthetician bed, you can from our selection of durable, strong, robust and reliable models that are absolutely comfortable and practical to carry.

    ProduceShop employs its expertise and know-how, developed over the years by researching and selecting products in the field of physiotherapy and medicine, to offer the best products with the best value for money this category.

    With these professional massage beds, built with high quality materials, you can perform massages and wellness treatments of any type: massotherapy, physiotherapy, reiki massage, aesthetic treatments, tattoos, acupuncture sessions and plant reflexology.

    Our selection of products is complemented by other professional furniture, such as stools for beauticians, tattooists and physiotherapists.

    Our massage tables and benches are an unbeatable opportunity for a professional quality product at the best price online! Take advantage of it now!

  • Podiatry Armchairs

    The podiatry and beauty armchairs are ideal for pedicures, podiatry treatments and face/body treatments. Our chairs will allow you to optimally perform any treatment to which the customer is subjected, always providing maximum comfort to the user.

    Offering the best podiatry experience to your clients is essential to grow professionally; in fact, whether you work in a beauty salon and spa massages or individually from your own home, it is essential to have the best products that will allow you to work and satisfy your customers in the best possible way.

    The podiatry/pedicure and aesthetic armchairs are essential for guaranteeing podiatry and body treatments, giving users the possibility to move freely without obstacles, and allowing customers to relaxi during the treatment. The podiatry armchairs that ProduceShop offers you, also called pedicure chairs, can be of different types; for example, most of these aesthetic armchairs have heated foot baths offering the possibility of carrying out a hydro massage of the lower limbs so as to simplify the work for the beautician and provide the customer with an incredible experience. In fact, these podiatry chairs use plantar reflexology, a healing technique based on foot massage as a strategy for restoring the energy balance of the whole organism.

    All our chairs are height adjustable and allow for 360 degree rotation; they are also designed with padding to ensure extra relaxation.

  • Beautician and...

    ProduceShop has selected for you the best beautician and manicure tables currently on the market and offers an entire line of products designed and manufactured for those who work in the Wellness & Beauty sector.

    Our beautician tables are professional and composed of a large, easy to clean, MDF top, with an integrated electric vacuum cleaner. The selected tables are made with high quality materials to guarantee the customer the maximum in terms of functionality and cleanliness.

    These beautician tables are divided into two categories: fixed with capacious drawer units, or portable units characterized by the perfect mix between sturdiness and lightness.

    A strong point in the selection is the choice of products designed with the synergy of professionals in the sector who, thanks to their experience, have suggested and developed perfect solutions for both private individuals and those who work in the field of wellness and beauty.

    All beautician's tables are developed to facilitate cleaning with the aim of always guaranteeing maximum hygiene in any situation. Choosing a Bodyline brand product means relying on an expert and competent company able to design and manufacture high quality products at competitive prices, without neglecting the well-being of the customer and the professional.

  • Wheelchairs

    ProduceShop vous propose un vaste assortiment de fauteuils roulants soigneusement sélectionnés pour offrir aux personnes âgées et handicapées la possibilité de se déplacer librement et en toute sécurité.

    Aides également indispensables pour ceux qui ont subi une blessure temporaire ou permanente, en fonction des besoins, des caractéristiques physiques et des besoins de la personne, nous proposons différents types de fauteuils roulants et de fauteuils roulants, en premier lieu ceux à autopropulsion. La plupart de nos fauteuils roulants autopropulsés sont équipés de série de grandes roues arrière avec mains courantes pour permettre à l'utilisateur de se déplacer de manière autonome. Grâce à son faible poids et sa petite taille, ce type de fauteuil roulant peut être plié pour le ranger dans n'importe quel coin de la maison et éventuellement être transporté en voiture avec une extrême facilité. Les fauteuils roulants de transit, quant à eux, sont conçus pour ceux qui ont besoin de l'aide d'un compagnon ou d'un assistant pour être conduits et sont parfois également équipés d'un système de freinage sur les boutons. Dans notre catalogue, vous pouvez également trouver des fauteuils roulants bariatriques avec une largeur accrue, principalement indiqués pour les utilisateurs les plus lourds. Parmi les marques que nous vous proposons, vous pouvez découvrir Surace, le leader incontesté de la production de fauteuils roulants en Italie, ou Fisiomed, l'une des plus établies au niveau international, et bien d'autres.

    Choisissez parmi les fauteuils roulants que ProduceShop a sélectionnés pour vous celui qui correspond le mieux à vos besoins de confort et de mobilité.

  • Orthopedic chairs

    Most people who do office work spend a lot of time in the same position in front of the desk, neglecting comfort and correct posture.

    Recent scientific studies have shown that the tendency to suffer from physical problems is due precisely to the quality of your chair: it may seem strange, but apparently there has been an increase in non-accidental injuries due to repetitive movements and prolonged activities, caused precisely by traditional office chairs. These chairs do not guarantee adequate support for the spine, therefore, sitting for a long time on them can only worsen posture, leading to the incurrence of muscle and / or skeletal disorders.

    To remedy this problem, the experts highlighted the importance of purchasing an orthopedic chair, a new type of office and study chair which, in addition to ensuring comfortable ergonomics, governs the correct sitting posture, and thanks to their particular shape, stimulate the muscular system in an active way. Orthopedic chairs are a practical solution for those suffering from posture problems or various back problems: these chairs are tilted forward allowing, once seated, a uniform distribution of weight between the back, the thighs and shins, reducing lumbar fatigue, and thus promoting correct alignment of the spine; the inclination guarantees less strain on the lumbar muscles, improves curvature and avoids the onset of back pain, neck pain and muscle tension.

    Not only that, thanks to their conformation that promotes active action, our orthopedic chairs prevent your muscles from being contracted for a long time in the same position thus allowing the blood to flow correctly and perfectly oxygenate the body promoting concentration and productivity.

    In this section you will have the best orthopedic chairs selected exclusively to improve posture and thus increase performance at work.


  • Hairdresser Trolleys

    Hairdressers always require true professional tools and products to best take care of their client's hair.

    Choice of tools is very important for a hairdresser since they build the basis of the quality of the service he/she offers.

    From the most basic tools such as scissors and combs, to more modern ones such as electric plates and razors, the salon owner requires quality and reliability, but also for ease of use, easy handling and durability.

    Inside the beauty salon, among the essential equipment for your job, there must necessarily be a tool trolley specially created to have everything you need for the job always at hand

    These cabinets are designed for professional and prove to be a useful and indispensable accessory to store all the products necessary for treatments while having them always at hand. The practical drawers and compartments allows for and easy and tidy storage while the smooth silicon wheels provide smooth, effortless rolling around.


  • Wash basins and sinks...

    When we go to the hairdresser, in the clear majority of cases the first treatment takes place with the washing of the head, for this reason, it is essential to have a wash unit that is suitable for the intended use and that satisfies the customer's comfort requests.

    In order for hairdressers to work effectively, and at the same time for customers to have a pleasant experience, we have thought that it is necessary to have a practical, flexible and adequate solution for every occasion:

    in this regard, in order to provide an all-round treatment that makes the customer more satisfied, in the following section you will find portable wash units made with high quality materials, suitable for all those who carry out their business at home or provide assistance to people with disabilities , to simplify their work and to promote their well-being experience.

  • Make-up stations

    Do you dream of wearing makeup in the mirror like Hollywood actresses and do you want a professional make-up station to place in your bedroom?

    If you are looking for a practical and functional solution to put on make-up, relax or simply to take care of yourself at the end of the day and at the same time want to give that extra touch of style to the room, you just have to choose one of our workstations. makeup!

    Organized with mirrors of various shapes and sizes, our make-up stations have a simple and elegant design to integrate perfectly into the existing furniture, in a bedroom rather than in a bathroom, in modern but also more classic environments. and offer all the space you need to create a perfect corner where you can take care of your beauty: large consoles to display accessories and useful as a dressing table, sliding drawers for neatly storing make-up, cosmetics and jewelry, shelves for perfumes, shelves , lights to illuminate the face and a matching stool for wearing make-up in comfort.

    Discover our wide selection of make-up stations and create your perfect corner for daily make-up!

  • Electric nail files

    Discover our selection of electric nail files and cutters for individuals and beauty professionals.

    Are you looking for nail art accessories that are easy to use and competitive in price? Then you are in the right place: in this section you will find electric nail burs and files of the Bodyline brand, leader in the production and marketing of cosmetics and body care products.

    Whether in a beauty salon or at home, these products can be used without particular problems by beginners and experts thanks to the intuitive controls. In addition, they are supplied with all the necessary accessories, thus becoming all-in-one solutions able to meet customer needs in terms of ease of use and savings on the purchase of additional equipment.

    All the items presented here are made with high quality materials and have characteristics that make them ideal for both home and professional use. Thanks to these electric files and burs, nail art interventions will be child's play!

  • Electric massagers

    Neck pain, back pain and joint discomfort can occur at the end of a tiring work day or after an intense sport session. Choosing the right product is the starting point to get better physically, so why not take the opportunity to buy an electric massager to relax the muscles and defeat the tensions caused by stress?

    For your daily well-being, ProduceShop offers you a wide range of versatile and multifunctional electric massagers that can be used in various parts of the body to relieve symptoms directly at home, without going to a professional therapist or massage center. Among the many amazing offers it will be difficult to be disappointed by the Bodyline massagers, a brand specialized in the health and wellness sector, which offers a series of innovative and high quality massagers that take advantage of the Shiatsu movement, vibrations and infrared heat to give an immediate relief to tense and aching muscles and seeking maximum well-being after a whole day spent sitting at the desk or standing, but also to relax and recover energy after a physical exercise.

    Choose the electric massager that best suits your needs: every muscle will be relaxed and your body will gain in quality!

  • Shower and bath chairs...

    Make Shower and Bath Time Safer & More Comfortable with Bath Stools

    Bath Stools make showering and bathing easier for disabled and elderly people, offering a great measure of protection and autonomy. Our selection of top-rated bath stools come with a number of features to maximize safety and comfort. All products feature anodized aluminum frames that provide good weight capacity, resistance to corrosion and rust. The ergonomic seat, with a perforated design for better drainage, is made from high-density polyethylene - very durable and waterproof. Shoulder, arms and backrest are all removable, allowing the stool to convert into a comfortable chair. Height-adjustable four-legged frames with nonslip, suction cup feet keep you secure and stable. Explore ProduceShop's range of bath stools, each with unbeatable quality/price ratio and unrivaled functionality.

  • Finnish and infrared...

    Profita dei molti benefici offerti dalle saune, direttamente a casa tua con la nostra selezione di saune tradizionali finlandesi e a raggi infrarossi.

    • Conforta di una tradizionale sauna finlandese, con modelli ideali per 2-5 persone come le classiche cabine in legno
    • Beneficia dei moderni sistemi a raggi infrarossi con un calore più piacevole e costante, e senza l'effetto abbacinante
    • Risparmia tempo ed energia con saune facili da installare, resistenti nel tempo e complete di svariati optional
    • Sauna

    Usufruisci dei molti benefici delle saune finlandesi e a raggi infrarossi direttamente a casa tua.

    • Scopri la tradizionale sauna finlandese con cabine in legno ideali da 2 a 5 persone
    • Provate l'esperienza unica delle saune a raggi infrarossi con un calore più piacevole e costante
    • Godititi dei tempi di installazione e risparmio di energia grazie al nostro montaggio facilitato
    • Sauna
  • Trolley and makeup cases

    Don't know how to bring all the necessary makeup products with you? Choose one of ProduceShop's irreplaceable makeup cases.

    A real beauty case in suitcase format, the makeup case is the essential accessory for beauticians and makeup artists who want to keep their makeup well-organized and handy. Thanks to the numerous compartments, drawers, and shelves that make them up, our elegant and sturdy makeup cases are the ideal solution if you want to store all your makeup products properly and transport them in one practical container. In addition to mirrors and LED lights, inside you will find a surprising amount of accessories, precious items, and products to make yourself beautiful, such as mascara, eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundation, blush, powder, brushes, and everything you need to always look flawless. Thanks to the wheels and telescopic handle, it can be easily transported like a classic travel trolley and some even transform into makeup stations! Take a look at our selection. You will find both professional models and makeup cases suitable for home makeup artists. Choose your favorite now!

Health and Well-being

Discover Everything You Need for Wellness & Relaxation with Our "Health & Wellness" Category

  • We have a vast selection of massage tables, makeup stations, wheelchairs, orthopedic stools and massage chairs -all selected by our experience team with unbeatable prices and performance
  • We have the best products to reduce stress and provide a great sense of wellbeing
  • Discover our massage tables selection -including folding, stationary, wooden and aluminum models, designed for both professionals and private use
  • Explore our orthopedic stools with or without wheels for perfect comfort throughout the day
  • Find top-notch massage chairs with lots of features to relieve muscular tension and take relaxation to the next level
  • Check out our manicure tables and make-up stations to set up a home beauty corner
  • Browse our selection of wheelchairs and shower stools to make the lives of elderly and disabled people easier
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