• Tools and instruments

    Is DIY work cut out for you? Are you an expert of this branch or are you just great fan? Here at ProduceShop we have solutions for everyone!

    ProduceShop is the best online shop for DIY fans, a great place to find many high-quality accessories, instruments and tools that will do the trick in any situation.

    We offer only the best products at the best competitive prices, to provide you the tools for any project you might have. Our selection will give you the opportunity to carry out accurate and clean jobs in total safety, with excellent performance and the best efficiency you could get.

    In our wide range of products you will only find accessories and tools that have been patented and have passed safety standards, because your safety is our priority. In every package you will also receive technical features, a complete warranty and instruction manual, that will give you all the needed indications to safely operate our tools, without taking the risk of getting hurt.

    If you are looking for a specific product, then you should take a look at ProduceShop to take advantage of our amazing price/quality ratio; you will be overwhelmed by our wide variety of tools and instruments!

  • Tool sets and trolleys

    Our tool boxes, kits and trolleys for both enthusiasts and professionals are made from high quality materials and are the perfect combination between durability and practicality.

    Our selection of boxes, cases and trolleys with tools and utensils by Stark is characterised by the ability to accommodate complete sets; even small kits feature all necessary tools thanks to the optimisation of space.

    Stark, top player in the "Do it yourself" DIY market, has focused its attention on 3 main features: Performance, choice of materials and functionality.

    • Performance: all the tools and instruments are made following the ergonomics of the human body with the aim of facilitating their use and lightening the effort during the work.
    • Choice of materials: the design of the entire Stark DIY line begins with a careful selection of the materials used; the basic material for each tool is chrome vanadium, an innovative material capable of providing strength and durability over time, even in the case of professional and intensive use.
    • Functionality: in addition to the choice of materials, the design has focused on creating boxes, cases and trolleys with added value and optimisation of the size/weight ratio, all Stark products are characterised by their practicality and maximisation of space, to allow the end user to easily handle their tools without unnecessary efforts.

    Ratchet wrenches, screwdrivers, hexagonal wrenches, pliers and many other tools have been tested and selected to ensure a high quality product.

    DIY enthusiasts and professionals will be thrilled to find a solution that can organise and hold their tools in the best possible way!

  • Wheelbarrows and...

    Wheelbarrows and garden trolleys designed and manufactured to help individuals and professionals to move large quantities of materials with minimal physical effort.

    These comfortable wheelbarrows and garden trolleys are designed and manufactured with high quality standards and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These practical and easy to use products will help you transport anything you want in a reliable and practical way, limiting your physical effort.
    All Stark brand products are designed with the aim of helping individuals and professionals do their job simply and safely. 

    Our wheelbarrows and garden trolleys are made of high quality materials, robust and durable, suitable for outdoor use, weatherproof and weather resistant.

    The tires installed on wheelbarrows and garden trolleys are made with an inner layer of extra-resistant rubber to avoid punctures while  the handlebar is designed to be ergonomic even during sudden changes of direction.

    Choosing a Stark wheelbarrow or garden trolley means relying on an innovative and efficient company, able to understand the real needs of customers and create professional level products with competitive prices.

  • Modular metal shelves

    Stark has designed and built a line of shelves, for individuals and companies, that areperfect for organizing tools and utensils in an orderly and practical manner.

    Stark metal shelves are designed and manufactured with high quality materials to ensure a robust, durable and stable product. They are built to support heavyweight material without affecting the stability and strength of the structure.

    The line of shelves includes different sized models that are great for multiple applications; all our shelves can be assembled both vertically and horizontally, to allow customers with reduced space efficient and tidy storage.
    Choosing a Stark shelf means relying on an innovative and efficient company, able to understand a customer's needs and distribute professional products at competitive prices.

  • Garden composters

    The composter or more known as a composter is definitely useful in the field of gardening because it represents the most convenient solution for decomposing all organic waste such as kitchen waste, fruit, vegetable and pruning waste in an autonomous, simple and ecological way.

    Through the biological process that involves the decomposition of organic waste placed inside it, the composter manages to create a fertilizer rich in nutritional properties that will improve the quality of your soil without spending a penny. For your part, obviously only small procedures will have to be carried out, but mother nature will take care of everything, transforming the organic mix into precious and fertile humus.

    Very useful for those who have an outdoor space such as a garden, a terrace or a balcony, thanks to the composter it is possible to use vegetable and food waste through an innovative and completely ecological way, also significantly reducing its environmental impact. In this section you can choose the composter that best suits you, among models made with metal or plastic frames resistant to atmospheric agents, solutions that are easy to install and with variable capacities and shapes to adapt to any type of living environment.

  • Electric garden tools

    Whether you choose to take care of the garden as a pure hobby or do it as a profession, gardening requires the use of tools and accessories that are essential for the maintenance of your green space.

    Within this section you will find a wide assortment of garden power tools designed for the care and maintenance of the garden with an exceptional quality-price ratio and able to ensure an excellent cutting result. Powerful and reliable equipment and devices suitable for numerous activities, designed for gardening lovers and at the same time easy to use even by less experienced people.

    Many products characterized by practicality and manageability are at your disposal to ease the daily work and meet the needs of everyone: high quality garden tools powered by plug or battery, from pruning tools such as hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, brush cutters, blowers and all what will facilitate the task of keeping your green area healthy, cared for and tidy with minimum effort and great speed.

  • Garden greenhouses

    Garden greenhouses are a practical and ideal solution to combine business with pleasure: growing flowers, fruit and vegetables in the outdoor spaces of your home will become a pleasant pastime with which to engage in free time.

    Do you have a green thumb? Do you have a corner of land available and would you like to turn it into a vegetable garden? A high quality garden greenhouse is the answer to your needs. This house-shaped structures are essential to protect plants from bad weather (wind, cold, rain, etc.) and to maintain a constant temperature, thanks to the thick transparent polycarbonate walls that allow the passage of sunlight, thermally insulate the interior. and are able to withstand a considerable load, such as that of snow in winter (max 55 kg per square meter); the aluminum frame makes these garden greenhouses light and at the same time resistant. The best models also have a hinged door at the entrance and a ventilation system, often obtained by means of windows with a vasistas opening in the upper part.

    The interior of the greenhouse is large and spacious: using pots, shelves or dividers it will be possible to create various areas, perhaps depending on the type of cultivation or the peculiar characteristics of certain plants. The sloping roof and the side gutters ensure proper water drainage, avoiding the formation of puddles. Assembly is easy, within the reach of anyone with a minimum of manual skills, with the sliding and interlocking system that greatly simplifies operations.

    On this page you will find a selection of the best garden greenhouses available on the market, carefully chosen by ProduceShop at the end of a long and complex research process. The items presented here have aesthetic and structural characteristics that place them at a higher level than the competition: they were made exclusively with high quality materials, to last over time and offer the buyer the best possible user experience.

  • Wall and cupboard safes

    Keep your valuables and documents safe with our selection of safes

    • Protect your possessions and personal effects with our effective solutions against theft.
    • Furniture, wardrobe or wall-mounted, compact or extra large, our safes offer materials, innovative locking systems and thicker profile than standard, to guarantee maximum safety, reliability and anti-theft resistance.
    • High security standards to meet the needs of private, professional and commercial use.
    • Our products are European certified, making them the reliable choice for the storage of valuable items.
    • Browse our range to find the right safe for your needs.

    A selection of different safes

  • Armoured gun cabinets

    Secure Gun Storage Solutions

    For home gun owners, ProduceShop has a wide selection of gun safes and gun cabinets for the safe storage of long guns, handguns, and other items that should be kept out of the hands of unauthorized individuals.

    • We offer the most reliable security and storage solutions for firearms from respected Italian safe manufacturer Stark.
    • Our gun safes and cabinets come in a discreet style that blends in well with any interior.
    • They feature unrivaled construction quality and reliable locking mechanisms, and are tested and compliant with laws concerning gun storage.
    • We have a wide variety of gun safes in a range of sizes and shapes to meet your specific storage requirements.
    • The gun safes are designed with rifle racks, ample shelving, and different compartments to conveniently fit rifles, pistols, and ammo.
  • Barbecues

    Discover the world of barbecues with a wide range of ProduceShop branded products!

    With sunny days, there is nothing more enjoyable than cooking outdoors using a barbecue. BBQ offers a unique opportunity to savor the unmistakable taste of roast meat cooked on the grill or smoked. Not only meat, with good barbecue everything becomes more appetizing and delicious, in addition to authentic taste, including fish and vegetables. Whether you are a professional pitmaster or an amateur griller, ProduceShop has the perfect barbecue for you. Our extensive range of barbecues can satisfy the needs and tastes of any grilling enthusiast. Each barbecue in this section is designed to allow you to get the best out of your grilling and to cook every dish quickly and easily. Our professional barbecues hold up very well against the most renowned brands in the industry and are appreciated for their high-quality materials, surprising functionalities, and unbeatable quality-price ratio. Choose between the convenience of a stainless steel gas barbecue, the traditional cooking of a charcoal barbecue or the versatility of a portable electric barbecue. Also, take a look at our wide range of essential and always useful barbecue accessories. Discover all our offers and models of barbecues for a perfect grill!

  • Cassapanche and trunks.

    Do you have a beautiful garden but many accessories to organize? Choose a storage bench or trunk from our catalog and the problem will soon be solved!

    Storage benches and trunks are the perfect furniture to neatly store everything you use most often when you're outdoors in the garden. Inside, you can store all sorts of items, such as cushions, tablecloths, lanterns, toys for children, inflatable mattresses. But not only that. If they are big enough, outdoor trunks can also contain gardening tools, work tools, pool accessories, recycling bins and even children's bicycles. In addition to serving as a box for storing items, some models of outdoor storage benches are built to support the weight of one or more people and can therefore be used as real benches. Among the models we have selected, we offer storage benches and trunks by Keter, a guarantee of aesthetics and resistance. The trademark of the brand is resin, the most suitable material for outdoor and humid environments and therefore perfect for gardens, balconies, terraces, but also for garages, cellars, laundries and storerooms. Thanks to the resistance and impermeability of the material, they do not fear rain or sun and keep the content inside always dry, clean and well ventilated. On our online store, wooden storage benches and trunks could not certainly be missed, which with their natural appearance give a pleasant touch to the environment without fearing atmospheric agents. Therefore, choose among the many garden storage box models the one that best suits your tastes and organize your green space with style!

  • Firewood

    Firewood for Heating Systems

    We provide high-quality firewood of various essences, with a high calorific power, for those who love using or own alternate heating systems to classic gas or diesel boilers. We offer robinia, oak, hornbeam and beech firewood (among the most used on the market), as well as acacia, birch, walnut, larch, olive, and more. Our firewood is exclusively sourced from Italian woodlands and is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. The wood is cleaned, adequately dried, and cut in various sizes and shapes suitable for fireplaces and stoves to heat homes, as well as for the ovens in restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias to cook food. In quintals, the firewood is often provided in practical and stackable cardboard boxes and on pallets for bulk orders, all at the most advantageous market prices.

    • Options: robinia, oak, hornbeam, beech, acacia, birch, walnut, larch, olive
    • Sizes: different sizes and shapes suitable for fireplaces and stoves
    • Packaging: quintals, practical and stackable cardboard boxes and on pallets
  • Mosquito screens

    Protect Your Home From Mosquitoes and Insects With Our High Quality Window Screens

    • Our window screens come in a variety of sizes and colors, making life at home easier.
    • Install our screens on any type of door or window frame, even if your wall is irregular or offkilter.
    • If space is limited, choose pleated screens that fold and unfold like an accordion for frequent use.
    • Vertical screens keep mosquitoes from entering the house through windows and blinds.
    • We offer a selection of roller, side and horizontal, recessed and high end window screens, suitable for any need or dwelling.
  • Outdoor cabinets

    Keep your garden or balcony neat with one of our outdoor cabinets!

    Most of our outdoor cabinets are made from durable, attractive materials. Not only do they blend into any outdoor space, but they also keep the contents inside dry and well-ventilated. You can place them in the corner of the garden, on the terrace or balcony, in the shed, garage or wherever you need to store and organize items. Inside you can store gardening products, cleaning products, food rations, DIY tools, lounge cushions and much more. On our online catalogue you can find resin outdoor cabinets, the best option for outdoor use, UV and rain resistant and requiring minimal maintenance. You can also find outdoor wooden cabinets for a more natural touch, compact cabinets, tagliagente cabinets, extra-large cabinets and other models with various features. Browse our online catalogue, you will find great offers for all budgets!

  • Bag and container holders

    Raccolta Differenziata: Contenitori per la Raccolta dei Rifiuti

    Organizza e separa correttamente tutti i rifiuti con la nostra gamma di contenitori per la raccolta differenziata. Troverai facilmente l'ideale tra i nostri prodotti:

    • Portasacchi per la spazzatura
    • Armadi a scomparti con ripiani
    • Mobili contenitori con buste semi rigide
    • Bidoni per l'immondizia
    • alt

    Tutti realizzati in materie prime durevoli e progettati con colori diversi percettivamente identificabili del rifiuto che contengono. Impiegabili sia in spazi pubblici che privati (all'interno di condomini, negozi, scuole, ospedali, cinema, ecc.) garantiamo un uso reliable ed ecosostenibile.

  • Radiator covers

    Radiator covers are the perfect solution if you want to elegantly hide the radiators in your home without reducing the heating.

    Our radiator covers combine style and functionality to the fullest. They not only mask dated or unattractive radiators, but they also become true furniture accessories that enhance every room. Made with high-quality materials and designer finishes, the wooden radiator covers we offer adapt to all types of interiors, from classic to modern. Moreover, they can be installed quickly without obstructing the circulation of the hot air emitted by the radiators. Discover our entire selection and choose the ideal model for your home or public space from a wide variety of sizes.

Bricolage and DIY

Are you a great fan of bricolage and DIY (Do-It-Yourself)? Let us inspire you with our wide range of tools, accessories and instruments that are perfect to decorate, create, repair or simply design real masterpieces with your hands, without any help. ProduceShop is one of the most valuable and reliable companies in Europe when it come to furniture and bricolage and it selects the best products to guarantee high-quality products to customers at the best price possible.

Bricolage and DIY have been never out of fashion. Although the new technologies have almost totally taken over our lives and increased the possibility for us to buy every kind of product, from furniture to drones, there is something inherently satisfying about handmade and handcrafted projects.

We could say that the DIY is one of the most appreciated hobbies in Europe, after football. Tools and accessories are required for any type of serious work and unfortunately, it's not always possible to purchase everything needed without speding a fortune. 

ProduceShop meticulously selected  the best products on the market, only made from high-quality materials, precisely to satisfy any kind of customer need. By emplying high quality materials, we always guarantee extremely high safety and efficiency standards, even in case of intensive and long-term use. All products in this catalogue have been produced, customised and tested according to our loyal customers' needs.

Thanks to our unbelievable set offers, you too will create amazing work! With a complete set of tools you will be able to craft and realize new wonderful ideas that will impress all of your friends and relatives.

ProduceShop: "There is literally nothing in this world that you cannot do".

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