• Christmas Trees

    The perfect Christmas trees made by Eco-Xmas, the most ecological, beautiful and affordable product on the market.

    You can spend the perfect Christmas without concern by getting one of these ecological, synthetic and 100% recyclable Christmas Trees.

    Easy to assemble and disassemble, for easy off-season storage, these trees are extremely realistic and durable; these will last you many years!

    Safety first: flame retardant and non toxic, these artificial trees are a perfect solution for those who want a magical looking Christmas tree without worrying what to do with it after.

  • Tables and Chairs

    Browse our selection of tables and chairs, the perfect solution to decorate bars, hotels, restaurants and clubs.

    These are Made in Italy, high-quality products that are resistent, stackable and also suitable for professional use. Our tables are all built using the highest standards and are also suitable for outdoor use. Premium materials like glass, polypropylene and Polyrattan, make these tables strong and durable over time.

    Our new polypropylene and polycarbonate chairs from Grand Soleil are very elegant and robust while coming at a very affordable price! These elegant pieces are ideal for bars and businesses, but you can also use them to decorate a dining room, a living room or a kitchen. There are many models and colours available, you just have to choose yours.

    These chairs are a sold at an incredible price, what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite!

  • Couches and Sofa Beds


    Browse our couches and sofa bed collection. An easy and yet economical solution to decorate your own house with style and practicality.

    Carefully designed to decorate your loving house, our couches and sofa beds are available in different colours and materials, from eco-leather to microfibre. Unexpected guests? Check out our sofa beds: they are the smartest solution to hide extra beds in your house; you can easily turn a nice looking couch into a double bed in just a few simple steps.

    All of our couches and sofa beds are extremely high quality, and yet, come in at a very reasonable price, especially considering competitor brands; we are the producers and distributors of all our products, so that we can cut all unnecessary expenses, and provide you with a much more alluring final price.

  • Bedroom Furniture

    Welcome to our selection of bedroom furniture: well begun is half done!

    The bedroom is perhaps the most intimate and sacred place of our home. Make it cosy, comfortable and relaxing in order to have get better sleep and improve your physical health and psychological well-being. In the last few years, according to interior design and industry, the bedroom has become not just a place to rest but also a place to relax, read a book and take a break after a long day at work.
    In this gallery we provide several furniture solutions for bedrooms, all high-quality and with modern design, adaptable to any taste and style.

    From roomy cabinets made of solid oak, to multi-purpose chests of drawers, large night tables and comfortable beds to decorate your bedroom or that of your children. There is quite a lot to choose from.

    The quality of our furniture is very high, we only choose top raw materials for the best build quality that wil last a long time. We have the opportunity to offer all this at a great price since we are producers as well as retailers of all our products. Buy with confidence, upgrade your bedrooms today!

  • Reclining armchairs

    Every single relax armchair designed by Le Roi du Relax is the result of an accurate and careful research that joins many branches together: safety, ergonomics, functionality, design and quality.

    Take care and improve the quality of your free time, decorating your beloved interiors with a high-quality, modern relax armchair to lean back and wind down at any time of day. Wellness and comfort together in one single product: choose your reclining relax armchair that completely suits your needs now!

    In this category Le Roi du Relax presents a wide range of reclining, upholstered, space-saving and extremely comfortable relax armchairs at unbeatable prices. Our armchairs are the perfect investment to improve your daily relax needs because everyone knows it: wellness and mental health are priceless!

    Sitting down and standing up became harder and harder? Thanks to its manual reclining system, our prestigious Le Roi du Relax relax armchair is the ultimate solution to your problems. Let yourself be cuddled by the smooth and soft upholstery and totally enjoy your relaxing moments watching TV or resting. During a break at work or in the evening, any moment is perfect for enjoying some relax!

  • Pouf Beds

    ProduceShop has selected the best Pouf bed currently on the market in terms of aesthetics, comfort, practicality and quality of materials.

    Pouf beds are the perfect product for those who have space limitations or for those who often host friends and family and want a practical product that can be transformed, if necessary, into a comfortable bed and an elegant pouf when stored.
    The selected poufs are all made with high quality materials and are fitted with mechanical systems that are easy to operate. The included mattresses are thicker thicker than average to guarantee comfort and relaxation in any situation.
    Choosing one of the poufs means relying on a serious and professional company whose main objective is to find the best products on the market and easily offer them to customers to meet and exceed expectations.

  • Table and bar stools set

    By testing numerous solutions, ProduceShop has selected the best table sets with stools currently in production, putting together a list of high quality products offered at competitive prices.

    Our bar stools and table sets are perfect for both private users and for managers of bars, bistros and pubs who are interested in high quality, stable, robust and durable products that will whistand even the most intensive use.
    These characteristics are guaranteed by the detaled design and innovative production processes that ensure a complete lack of defects.
    The refined design and the renowned reliability of our products is also guaranteed by the high quality of the materials used; our tables sets are able to meet the qualitative, functional and aesthetic needs.

    Relying on ProduceShop means choosing an expert and professional partner capable of analyzing market demands and selecting the best tables and stools sets currently on the market at the best possible price.

  • Dining chairs and...

    When you modernise your bistro or bar, you must choose the perfect dining chairs and tables. Take a look at our catalogue to find the product that mostly suits your needs and your taste, choosing between a wide range of materials and combinations.

    When furnishing a bistro, bar, restaurant, hotel or pub, you should keep in mind several important elements: how will it be used, how much room you have at disposal and what kind of venue you need to renovate. Product prices for new furniture must also be carefully considered, especially if you are searching for a complying certified product for professional/public use that must be sturdy and long-lasting for your customers' bustles.

    Amongst our designs and variants you will be able to choose many types of materials, such as colourful polypropylene or transparent polycarbonate, synthetic rattan or wood and metal. Similarly you will be able tp choose different combinations of tables and chairs, to create the perfect dining set for your bistro, bar or restaurant. Our different types of tables, such as round or square table tops, chromed metal or wooden, are all of the highest quality and are designed to match our chairs.

    Don't waste any time and check out our great catalogue of high-quality tables and chairs. Ready to amaze your customers?

  • Pillows and cushions

    The pillow is not a simple rectangle of fabric stuffed with soft material, but it is a real companion that generously supports our head for about a third of our life, and like our mattress, it is a crucial element that significantly determines the quality of our sleep and rest.

    When choosing a pillow, the most important characteristics to take into consideration are undoubtedly the right height, followed closely by an adequate consistency, both essential elements for optimal comfort.

    By sleeping on the wrong pillow you are risking neck and back pains that could eventually become something worse; if the pillow is too soft, the neck collapses inside it, while if it is too rigid the problem is reversed; in both cases the cervical spine is forced into an unnatural position.

    Materials are also very important in choosing a good pillow and going for a Memory Foam system is the most beneficial from a comfort point of view.

    Thanks to specially designed foams, Memory Foam cushions are able to adapt to the shape of the head and neck of the user by exploiting body heat it; when you turn around during sleep, the internal composition of the pillow receives the weight of the head in a progressive manner, following its every movement and returning to its original shape gradually and steadily; in this way the Memory Foam ensures an anatomically correct position reducing pressure points to a minimum and promoting blood flow.

    Find out more of the health benefits you get by choosing a correct pillow!

  • Contract furniture

    When we talk about contract furniture we refer to a products with specific style designed and produced on demand for specific contexts. It is a new trend for made in Italy furniture, manufacturing while being closely linked to the environment and to the client's requests. This type of furniture is mostly common within the Hospitality sector.

    Contract furniture is mainly aimed at public areas, hotel complexes and commercial premises such as shops, restaurants and cafes that need functional furnishings for exhibition and hospitality purposes: it is a type of furniture completely designed to spec, according to the customer's specific requests and the technical and architectural needs of the environment.

    The client who adopts this new furnishing formula is solely responsible for defining the type of environment to be set up and his own needs; based on the type of clientele that will use the space to be created.

    Being in possession of a piece of furniture made in the contract furnishing style means having a unique product of its kind, made in a tailored way, and designed to optimize and enhance the space in which it will be placed.

    Take a look at our online catalog and find the contract style element that best suits your needs at an excellent value for money.

    ProduceShop selects only the best products for each category based on qualitative and aesthetic characteristics with the aim of distributing on the market only items capable of fully satisfying the needs of its customers.

  • Poufs and containers

    Conceived as a support element for legs and feet, today the pouf is presented as an optional and multifunctional furniture complement. From the bedroom to the living room, it's easy to find room for a stylish pouf.

    The pouf can be chosen in combination with the armchair or sofa, or be an additional element in a different style from the rest of the furniture in order to give a touch of originality and contrast.

    Having a pouf at home means being able to have an additional seat to be used when the need arises: in modern homes for example, characterized by more or less reduced spaces, a pouf can be a quick and functional solution to accommodate a guest without having to resort to the use of a traditional chair.

    Modern pouf pieces can also be a great useful resource. Other than using them as a stool or table, some of them also feature a practical compartment!

    Even our outdoor spaces can be furnished by the pouf; some of our offerings feature materials that are as resistant to weather and sun, making them suitable for outdoor lounges equipped with swimming pools.

    Give a touch of panache and innovative comfort to your room, choose the pouf you want from those available in the catalog below!

  • Kitchen furniture

    The kitchen and dining room are the heart of the house. These are the environments where we meet with the family to enjoy meals together, to celebrate special occasions and entertain ourselves with friends.

    The dining room is the environment where almost all domestic work is concentrated and some of the first aspects to consider when furnishing or designing this environment is functionality and practicality. While choosing furniture for a dining room one must be focused not only on the aesthetic aspect, but must have the right balance between hospitality and usability: if you want a beautiful dining room, you must not forget its main function, to welcome guests. in the most comfortable way possible.

    Dining room furniture is undoubtedly determined by the the singles pieces: the dining table, the protagonist of the design, which decides the character of the setting with its shape and size; the chairs, which can be combined with the style of the table or follow a more eclectic style; and finally the other complementary furnishing elements such as the sideboard which is always useful with its compartments to house various kitchen ameneties.

    Thanks to our wide selection it will be possible to furnish and customize the dining room as you wish: if space is not one of your problems, opt for a large rectangular table that can accommodate more people, if instead you prefer to furnish with a more optimized style, create a coherent set of matching table and chairs or, if you are a lover of moder design, you can choose between various compositions of contemporary design.

    Take a look at the catalog, our collection will be able to respond to any style need and will help you find the right solution to enjoy your dining room in a more pleasant way.

  • Shoe cabinets

    Collecting shoes is inevitable, we all love them. A shoe rack has become a necessity in any house, it's the best way to store multiple pairs, out of sight and in a tidy, organized way.

    As beautiful as they are, shoes are used for walking everywhere and can bring dirt into the closet, where other clothing are present.

    For this reason a shoe cabinet is the perfect ally. It is an extremely versatile storage cabinet that not only performs the function of keeping one's shoes tidily, but also contributes to optimizing the use of confined spaces, placing itself easily in almost any room of the house and is especially suitable to decorate both the living area of ​​the entrance and the sleeping area of ​​the bedrooms.

    It is a piece of furniture that can hold a large number of shoes without taking away excessive space and stands out mainly in open and closed compositions. In terms of aesthetics, closed shoe racks are much more welcome than open ones, in fact the complete camouflage of this complement with the rest of the furniture makes the presence inside the living spaces less intrusive and also more pleasing to the eye.

    Furthermore, closed shoe racks are more robust and durable and are chosen by customers above all for the greater tidy effect they give to the environment.

    Discover our exclusive selection of the best modern shoe racks in the catalog: within our range of offers you will certainly find the furnishing accessory that best suits your needs and which will help define the style of your home!

  • Closets and wardrobe

    The wardrobe is one of those indispensable pieces of furniture in any home. Dedicated to the storage of personal items such as clothes, shoes and much more, it allows you to keep a more organized and tidy environment!

    Who has never opened the wardrobe or wardrobe wishing for more room, more comfort and practicality, or simply better aesthetics?

    With our assortment of cupboards and wardrobes, clutter will be a thing of the past! Our collection is enriched by large wardrobes made with clothes rods, shelves, drawers and doors of all kinds and sizes, arranged in different positions, for a remarkable range of choices whose functionality is matched by design.

    Although the most important feature of wardrobes and closets is that of spacious containers, nowadays wardrobes have gained a new function within home, furnishing: decorating and adding style to an environment.

    The modern wardrobe closet is destined to respond to functional and aesthetic needs, lending itself to a thousand and more interpretations of furnishing style. This is why our wardrobes, while being versatile, are capable of fitting into multiple furnishing contexts ranging from the most classic and traditional style to the most contemporary and tendy.

    Each material has its right place in a home, which is why in our catalog you will find classic wood closets, which complete the sleeping area in a refined and welcoming way, and designer wardrobes with metal finishes that are meant to furnish of modern environment

    If you want to take advantage of the entrance wall or a space in the corridor to organizing coats, shoes and bags, the best solution is the multipurpose wardrobe which, with its reduced depth, is able to organize everything out of sight while being slim and elegant.

  • Living room furniture

    In the field of interior design, the living room is one of the spaces that mostly characterizes and defines a home, allowing for the most freedom in style choices.

    The furnishing of a home always starts from the right living room, for this reason the correct choice of furniture for the living area is indispensable for every type of home, from the most classic to the most modern. A well thought out living room is able to transform a home, creating a welcoming environment and providing your family and guest with an inviting and peaceful atmosphere to be in.

    The living area is a fundamental part of the house that must be well organized taking into account the inhabitant's life style and the needs of any guests. Furniture elements dedicated to conversation such as sofas are almost a requirement, as are comfortable armchairs for relaxation and walls equipped to arrange a TV or different decorations. Sideboards for storing dining sets, practical bookcases for displaying literature, and versatile chests of drawers for storing objects of daily use are also great additions to a living room environment.

    From modern to classic style, from minimalism to industrial design, there are so many furnishing ideas for the living room. We aimed to select only the best furnishing accessories that are able to fit effectively into any living area, while contributing, with their extreme versatility, in creating an environment with a refined aesthetic, and capable of housing you and your family in the best possible way.

    Discover our assortment: our collection will surely inspire you to choose furniture for your living room so that you can feel at home from the first moment!

  • Carpets

    In the living room, dining room or bedroom, next to a comfortable sofa, combined with elegant furniture and decorative paintings, carpets have become an indispensable element to make a room welcoming.

    As well as furniture or home decorations, the rug manages to divide the space, creates a welcoming atmosphere, gives an original and modern touch to your favorite room and in addition, gives an incredible feeling of comfort and safety on the floor.

    With a carpet, every space of your living room becomes a place of relaxation in which to take a break in the evening after a hard day. Whether long or short-haired, plain or patterned, classic or modern, on our site you will find a wide range of home rugs made with high quality materials, all available in different patterns as well as in many shapes and shades of color, for the sole purpose of satisfying every need both of a functional and aesthetic taste but also of price, to better adapt to your furniture.

  • Tv stand furniture

    The TV cabinet is one of the main and indispensable furnishing elements of the living area, it gives support to the TV and at the same time furnishes the living room by offering storage compartments useful for inserting electronic platforms and multimedia accessories such as the home cinema system, video game console decoder or simply everything useful for the living area.

    Today the TV cabinet not only performs a practical function but also has a decorative value, capable of providing style and instilling character to the environment. When furnishing the living room where the whole family gathers, it is important to choose the right design to match the style of the furniture with the TV in possession. Our TV cabinets are ideal for any type of television and are available in different sizes to adapt to your wall and suitable for all spaces, from the smallest living rooms to the most spacious lofts, without ever losing sight of the attention to detail and attention to functionality.

    With the wide variety of models in our catalog you will have the opportunity to choose TV cabinets equipped with an open compartment, drawers with sliding or flap doors where you can neatly store all the daily accessories, and made with high quality finishes, starting with from the TV cabinets in white, anthracite or slate colors, with a matt or glossy finish, neutral shades and easy to match with an essential and contemporary style of living furniture. If, on the other hand, you love the natural touch of wood, you can opt for models with modern lines that will be able to give the room a current and very welcoming look.

    And to furnish this corner of the living room with a practical and at the same time aesthetic solution, among the different styles with which to set the choice of your TV cabinet, in our catalog you will find not only low and high TV cabinets but also the equipped walls, present in various and many types characterized by an impeccable design and of the highest quality.

    Take a look at our exclusive collection of TV stands and choose the perfect model for the walls of your home!

  • Sideboards and cupboards

    Sideboards and cupboards are furnishing accessories that find their natural place in the living area of ​​a home.

    Usually positioned in the kitchen or living room, these pieces of furniture perform an important function: they are in fact intended to accommodate everything that needs to be stored, such as glasses, plates, tablecloths and much more. Sideboards and cupboards therefore contribute to increasing the order of the rooms, offering useful space for arranging all those objects that, once used, can be safely put back in their place.

    But what is the substantial difference between sideboard and sideboard? The crux lies in the height: the first, in fact, is generally lower than the second, defined by a more vertical than horizontal development.

    These furnishing accessories therefore perform a "container" function: therefore, behind the doors there must be an optimized space equipped with shelves. In addition to the internal capacity, another factor must also be considered: these furniture can be comfortably used as a support surface and it is possible to host a television, ornamental plants, ornaments or any other furnishing object on them.

    Choosing a sideboard or sideboard with a modern and refined design means adding a touch of class to your home and, for this reason, ProduceShop has selected the best models, characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio and made with first choice materials.

  • Paintings and prints

    Paintings and prints have always been a very popular solution to complete the furnishing of a home: ProduceShop has selected for you the best models on the market to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

    Have you finally finished furnishing your home? Aren't you forgetting something? Don't the walls seem a bit bare to you? If the answer to this last question is yes, paintings and prints are for you! Entrance, kitchen, living room or bedroom, whatever, these furnishing accessories can be placed practically anywhere and allow you to give a personal touch to the overall style of the rooms.

    Available in a large variety of sizes, shapes and subjects, the paintings and prints offered on our site are mainly made on canvas and, inside the package, there are the relative accessories for the suspension, in order to avoid loss of time and further financial outlays to the end user. Ordered, shipped, delivered, hung: easy isn't it?

  • Drawers

    You know, in a house there is never enough space available: for this reason, the chest of drawers represent a piece of furniture of fundamental importance for tidying up and giving a precise location to objects and clothes that are not used.

    There are many models on the market, with very different characteristics and peculiarities: ProduceShop has therefore selected only those that meet specific needs in terms of design, quality of materials used for construction and capacity. The drawer units on this page were chosen at the end of a long research process, aimed at guaranteeing the maximum satisfaction of the final customer.

    To choose the chest of drawers, a number of factors must be taken into account, such as the maximum size of the cabinet and the amount of objects to be stored in it. In recent years, the market has offered models of various sizes and shapes: tall and narrow drawers, low and long, square, shallow and much more. After having carried out this preliminary analysis, it is possible to move on to the evaluation of practicality: how many shelves should the chest of drawers have to perform its task effectively? The answer to this question will determine the number of drawers needed and, only at this point, will it be possible to consider the aesthetic criterion: style, color and material are important elements in the choice, since the new piece of furniture must integrate harmoniously with the rest of the furniture.

  • Kitchen trolleys

    Are you looking for a simple and smart way to always have everything you need to prepare your dishes at hand? Just choose a kitchen trolley, the perfect addition to organize dishes, utensils or condiments that will accompany you in the dining room or out in the garden with everything you need for a great meal!

    In addition to being easy to move where you want thanks to the sliding wheels, the kitchen trolleys offer an extra surface for smaller objects or decorative ones, which is why they are indispensable not only in the kitchen for the kitchenette, but also in the dining room. as a lunch box, in the bathroom or in the bedroom for accessories and linen, where it will make the organization of spaces in the house even easier and more functional.

    Choose one of the many kitchen trolleys in our assortment: folding, space-saving, on wheels or with fixed feet and equipped with shelves, shelves, drawers, bottle holders ... you will never want to do without!

  • Clothes hangers

    Tired of having clothes and coats lying around the house, perhaps stacked on top of each other? Put an end to the clutter and choose a coat rack!

    Comfortable, high-quality and not bulky, the hangers on our site can be placed anywhere and are perfectly suited to the style of your furniture. You can find different types of hangers that will be useful for your daily routine to quickly and tidily arrange jackets, coats and other accessories once you enter and thanks to their trendy design and style they will embellish not only the entrance, but also the other areas of the house, from the living room to the bedroom, as well as the office or an important waiting room. Among the most versatile in this section you will find the floor hangers which, in addition to combining aesthetics and practicality, can be transported to any corner you need or want to make the decor of your living room more pleasant, taking up very little space.

    Browse our online catalog and choose from a wide range of models of coat hangers with a modern or more classic design: it will help you to always have everything you need at your fingertips so that when you have to leave the house to go to work, you will have the coat is immediately ready and you will no longer have to dig through the mountain of clothes on the chair to look for it!

  • Ceiling fans

    Fans - Beat the Heat without Breaking the Budget

    During hotter months, getting relief from the heat can be a challenge. Keep the air flowing and your energy bills low with one of our well-designed ceiling fans. Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans use very little electricity and boast of a silent motor. It runs efficiently so you can settle in for a peaceful evening in the living room, sleep soundly, work comfortably and keep areas of your home cool and well-ventilated. And don't forget, you can use it even in winter too. Reverse the direction of the blades to redistribute warm air evenly throughout the room, so you don't have to turn up your home's thermostat – and your energy bills.

    Most of our ceiling fan models feature LED lighting, which means improved illumination and low power consumption. You can control all the features with the included remote control – adjust the speed of the blades, set the timer and control other functions.

    Make your stay in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or any other area in your home comfortable and beat the heat with one of our attractive, efficient and multi-functional ceiling fan models.

  • Stools

    Tall, short, fixed, adjustable, swivel, with or without backrest, stackable...we are obviously talking about stools, the trendiest piece of furniture of the moment.

    Stools are essential for breakfast, chats, a quick lunch, a snack, and generally when you don't have much time. Inevitable in front of a bar counter, stools are perfect around the island of a large kitchen, but also when you want to use the snack bar of the peninsula instead of the classic dining table. Their versatility is truly unbeatable, to the point that there is no space where a stool cannot be useful. Trustworthy furnishings for small rooms, you can use them outdoors to enjoy a drink in the lounge area, hide them under the high table top to save space, or make them the centerpiece of the living area by choosing a design from our catalog. Take a look at our wide selection of stools. You will find dozens and dozens of unique and inimitable models, with a wide choice of shapes and refined materials, from wood to metal to plastic. Original stools with polypropylene seats, faux leather or padded, with one-piece backrests, quilted in capitonné, covered with patchwork patterns or colorful fabric. All designed to bring comfort and personality to any furnishing context, from modern Scandinavian-style open spaces to industrial-style bar corners and even the most traditional living rooms. Explore our offers and choose the stool that best suits your tastes.

  • Wall clocks

    Partly for utility, partly out of habit, wall clocks are an inevitable presence in practically all homes.

    Despite the fierce competition from smartphones and other digital devices, always having a fixed reference point where you can check the time is still a practical and convenient alternative. Furthermore, to the function for which they were designed, these furnishing accessories also add the aesthetic aspect, allowing you to break the monotony and focus attention with modern and captivating designs or with particular colors and shapes.

    Choosing a wall clock today may not be a simple operation: there are many models available on the market, each with its own unique characteristics, and you must carefully consider your needs before proceeding with the purchase. First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the destination: bedroom, corridor, kitchen and living room are the most popular locations but there is no lack of possible solutions. As far as style and size are concerned, here it is personal taste that guides preferences and the freedom to dare and experiment is not limited.

    The modern wall clocks signed by dESIGNoBJECT represent an excellence in this sector: the result of a fine craftsmanship, they are 100% Made in Italy items with attention to the smallest details to ensure maximum customer satisfaction in terms of construction quality, aesthetics and operation. . After being designed and built with first choice materials, each watch is screen-printed by hand in order to fully respond to the fundamental criteria of originality and uniqueness. Their design, be it innovative, vintage, industrial or whimsical, adapts perfectly to any domestic environment and enhances the general character of the room with its presence. The mechanism is silent and reliable, perfect for not disturbing with that annoying and thumping ticking that characterized the older timepieces.

    Discover on this page our selection of the best wall clocks currently on the market: at your disposal you will have a wide range of colors, styles and sizes to choose from!

  • Tables

    The table is undoubtedly the protagonist of family moments.

    Nothing makes us feel as united as sitting around a set table together with friends, guests and relatives to eat and chat happily. The table is not only an essential piece of furniture in the house, but an important part of every family. For this reason, for your special occasions, ProduceShop offers you the opportunity to choose from dozens and dozens of dining table models ready to accommodate all the people you care about, for lunch, dinner or celebrating the most beautiful festivities of the year. The tables you find in our catalog are ideal for both the kitchen and the dining room. In addition to guaranteeing you a solid surface to consume everyday meals, our tables decorate the living area even when you don't have guests. Be inspired by our vast collection. We have tables of every style, type, and material that meet all tastes and budget requirements. Round, square, rectangular tables, space-saving measurements or extra-large ones that are unique in their appearance and always different. Wood tables with timeless charm, modern design tables that mix colors and unique forms to enhance the environment, metal tables that evoke industrial atmospheres, tables with the iconic Tulip style, white tables for Provençal or shabby chic kitchens, tables with an irresistible marble effect. But also coffee tables, outdoor tables to enjoy outdoor spaces, folding tables and extendable tables to easily add seating when needed. Discover our entire selection of tables. Your dining area will never have been so beautiful!

  • Magnetic boards and...

    Magnetic whiteboards and wall organizers are a perfect solution for tidying up your home and finding a precise place for reminders, notes, shopping lists and much more.

    "Hang all", this may be an appropriate definition to describe this type of furnishing accessories: the wall-mounted holders are an extremely versatile item, designed to ensure maximum freedom of use. They can be used as key rings, document holders or postmen: these are just some of the countless possibilities offered. On a magnetic board, using practical clips, you can fix post-its, scattered sheets or photographs, so that you always have them in view and don't forget about errands to do, deadlines or business appointments. Furthermore, some models are writable (with a special marker) on the entire surface and are undoubtedly the favorite of children, free to draw on them and let their imagination travel. In addition to being useful and comfortable, these bulletin boards contribute, with their unique style (modern / vintage / whimsical / industrial), to enhance the general character of the room that hosts them.

    The magnetic boards and organizers signed by dESIGNoBJECT are made with artisan techniques on high quality materials and are screen-printed by hand: these peculiarities increase the uniqueness and originality of each single item. The design is 100% Made in Italy and allows these decorative furnishing accessories to be placed in any home environment without particular difficulties. The package includes all the accessories (clip with magnet, marker, etc.) necessary to fully exploit the functionality of the object.

    Saying stop to clutter is easy with a magnetic board or an organizer: discover all the models available in this section and choose your favorite!

  • Beds And Mattresses

    What's the secret to waking up happy and well-rested? Sleeping well, of course. And what better way than to rest on a comfortable mattress? For your sweet dreams, ProduceShop offers a complete and varied selection of high-quality beds and mattresses to sleep peacefully all night long.

    The bed and mattress are essential components of peaceful and serene sleep. The size of the bed, the type of bed frame, the hardness, and the quality of the mattress materials contribute greatly to improve the well-being and nightly rest of each of us, so they must be chosen very carefully. The selection of beds and mattresses we have chosen offers sweet nights and restful mornings to all members of your family. Take a look at the vast assortment. You will certainly find the bed and mattress that perfectly meets your requirements for comfort, space, and budget. We have single beds, double beds, box beds, queen size beds, king-size beds, all almost always complete with an orthopedic bed base to turn a good night into a 5-star rest. And not just beds! To ensure you get a tailor-made comfort and recover your energy spent during the day, you can choose from an endless series of different mattresses for materials, dimensions, and height. You will have at your disposal ergonomic spring mattresses, latex mattresses, adaptive memory foam mattresses, water foam mattresses, and more or less differently supported areas that ensure the maximum comfort to the whole body during sleep. But design also deserves attention. That's why we offer you a wide choice of modern shapes, fabrics, and styles to furnish the bedroom as you’ve always dreamed at convenient prices. Get comfortable and start dreaming even before falling asleep with ProduceShop's collection of beds and mattresses!

  • Stabilised moss paintings

    Stabilized Moss Frames provide an eco-friendly and unique way to add a splash of colour to walls while still staying on-trend.

    • Fully made in Italy with superior materials.
    • Minimal maintenance.
    • Breathtaking, wherever is placed.
    • 100% handmade craftsmanship gives ample room for creativity and skill.
    • Elevate surfaces and shape atmosphere with a comforting atmosphere, thanks to sound-absorbing, fireproof, antibacterial, antistatic qualities.
    • Stabilization process with 100% natural products is essential to keep plants’ life from fading over time.
    • Wide selection of modern and innovative design.
    • Choose your favourite and decorate your home in an unique way!
  • Heating

    When decorating a home, people often forget one thing: temperature.

    Just as choosing furniture is important, it is equally important to pay attention to heating your environment, especially in winter when colder temperatures begin to be felt and simply because we spend more time indoors. Rely on the great selection of high-quality and specific heating products from ProduceShop. In this section of our catalog, you'll find a complete range of intelligent and sustainable solutions suitable for heating the spaces where you live in a pleasant, uniform way, while fully respecting the environment and human health, and benefiting your wallet. Our products ensure a comfortable climate in the winter season and are designed to be installed in domestic housing, residential buildings, business premises, public facilities, and commercial activities. Among the various electric heating solutions we offer, you can choose, for example, infrared heaters. Easy to install on the wall, ceiling, or floor, and available with different degrees of power and various functionalities, they represent the ideal alternative to quickly heat both indoor and outdoor spaces at an affordable price. Do you dream of having a fireplace at home but worry about the idea of cleaning ashes and soot? Forget piles of firewood and flues. With a modern LED electric fireplace or a bioethanol fireplace, you can heat your home in an ecological and efficient way without fear of smoke and bad odors. You can recreate the cozy and warm atmosphere of the classic fireplaces of the past, and in any room of the house. Protect yourself from the cold with our wide assortment of low-energy-consuming heating appliances. Take advantage of our offers and buy easily from home.

  • Bright furnishings

    Modern and unique, illuminated furniture is becoming increasingly popular and it's not uncommon to find armchairs, tables and bar counters featuring this sought after technology.

    • Easily recognizable thanks to their unique design, these pieces of furniture offer an alternative to classic furnishings to be taken into consideration when setting up a local or, why not, giving your home a modern touch.
    • Usually made of high-quality polyethylene, a material that guarantees exceptional weather resistance, these items can be placed both inside and, depending on their degree of protection and waterproofing, outside.
    • When it comes to power supply, some models are equipped with a cable while others rely on a rechargeable battery, capable of providing several hours of autonomy to LED / RGB bulbs.
    • Whether it's an armchair, a divan, an ice bucket or a bar counter, choosing an illuminated accessory is a winning solution in any case: in addition to the indisputable functionality of the product, the aesthetic beauty that only their carefully designed details can bring out.
    • On this page of our website you can find a selection of the best furniture of this type: most of the items present here are 100% Made in Italy and this certification, as we know, is a guarantee of absolute quality. Find your favorite model and give a touch of extra to any environment!
  • Bottle and ice bucket...

    Organize your wine bottles in a practical, elegant, and above all, correct way with one of ProduceShop's exclusive wine bottle holders.

    In our online catalog, you'll find a vast assortment of wine bottle holders suitable for creating your personal wine cellar. Choose from wood, steel, wall-mounted, column, suspended or free-standing wine bottle holders, depending on the number of bottles you want to store. Our wine bottle holders are ideal for wine lovers, design enthusiasts, and the restaurant world. With shelves, racks, and many convenient features, they will best accommodate your wine collection while stylishly decorating every corner of your home. Take a look at our collection. Additionally, to keep and serve sparkling wines, white wines, champagnes, and rosés at the right temperature, we recommend purchasing an ice bucket. Discover the models offered by SLIDE. Available in many versions, they will immediately capture your attention with their unique and modern shapes. Take advantage of the extra discounts to add a touch of class to your dinners and to perfectly preserve your wines with our range of wine bottle holders and ice buckets.

  • Wall shelves and shelving

    Shelves and Racks are the perfect solution to maximize space and get extra surfaces to store different accessories.

    • Just finished decorating your home and don’t want the walls to be too empty? Choose one of the modern wall shelves available on our shop and start filling them with your favorite books, flowers, decorations and much more!
    • No need to worry about the optimal load limit: all our shelves are made with premium materials and guarantee maximum stability and durability.
    • From classic shelves to the trendiest models, you’ll surely find the right one for your taste. Our team is here to help you and make your life easier!
    • Don't miss your chance to add a touch of style to your home - add a shelf to your wall!
    A white shelf with books and decorations
  • Chairs
    Often, lunch or dinner are the only moments when we sit at the table. But we don't just sit to eat. In addition to the pleasures of the table, it is the conversations, stories, and laughter together that make these moments unforgettable. But one thing is certain. Whether it's in the kitchen, dining area, living room, inside a bar, a restaurant, or on the terrace, the important thing is to be sitting comfortably. With our extensive selection, you will surely find the chair that best meets your needs in terms of comfort and furnishings. Modern design chairs, in polypropylene or metal, in Scandinavian style, classic wooden chairs, upholstered, ergonomic, stackable, sled chairs, with or without armrests, in many colors, fabrics, and fine finishes, bright, transparent... As you can see, the choice is not lacking. Feel free to browse through the thousands of offers in our online shop. Among the many chair brands that combine aesthetics and durability, we suggest taking a look at the original AHD chairs. Suitable for every type of table and environment, both indoors and outdoors, they stand out for their attention to detail, functionality, high-quality materials, and timeless design. Discover our entire range of chairs. There really is something for every taste and budget. Don't miss out: the choice of your ideal chair begins at ProduceShop!
  • Design Armchairs

    Choose the irresistible charm of designer armchairs selected by ProduceShop to furnish your living room with style.

    If you are looking for an armchair that is not just a place to doze off, then you are in the right place. Here you will find a wide selection of designer armchairs in line with the latest trends in furnishings, capable of enhancing any type of living room and neglected corner of the house at first glance. The armchairs we have selected satisfy every need, both in terms of comfort and, above all, furnishings, and express the concept of design and ergonomics to the fullest. Padded, soft and enveloping for ultimate relaxation, our armchairs are made to the highest quality standards with a charm that never goes out of style. They boast unique shapes, unusual colors, refined materials, and unique and original style details that make all the difference. They tastefully decorate relaxation zones, reading corners, waiting rooms, public spaces, and even open spaces, adding an extra touch of personality at an incredible price. Discover all our proposals and find the armchair that makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. You will have numerous fabrics, shapes, colors, styles, and materials to choose from. Be inspired by our collection and dress your environment with design!

  • Pannelli...

    Do you live in a particularly busy area of the city? Are you looking for a way to soundproof the walls of your home or business? Decorative sound-absorbing panels are the ideal solution.

    Sound-absorbing panels isolate the environment acoustically. Thanks to their ability to absorb sound waves, they reduce noise, reduce reverberation, and significantly improve the quality of sound within the room. Our acoustical sound-absorbing panels combine aesthetics and functionality. They are easy to install and suitable for both domestic environments and public places, as well as commercial workplaces. Based on your needs, you can decide to fix them to the wall, floor, or ceiling to prevent sound and noise from spreading. The interior sound-absorbing panels we offer are made of eco-sustainable raw materials and available in an infinite number of colors. In addition to excellent insulation and sound absorption, they also guarantee great resistance to moisture and fire. Beautiful and elegant like pictures, they decorate spaces like a design object, immediately giving a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Make your environment a quieter but also more elegant place. Take a look at our selection of decorative sound-absorbing panels for interiors to find the most suitable one.

  • Complete and modern...

    Discover the range of complete kitchens from ProduceShop.

    From the most modern and linear to the traditional ones, our complete kitchens are designed to meet all your needs in terms of space, budget, taste, and style. The kitchens we offer are made with high-quality materials, durable and long-lasting, and carefully designed to make your everyday life in the kitchen more practical and comfortable. Complete with all the necessary basic components, the kitchens we offer come with open elements, cabinets with doors and drawers, hanging cabinets, worktops, and sink. They guarantee long-lasting durability and an always impeccable appearance. Additionally, they are equipped with cutting-edge accessories, such as easy-opening systems and silent and intelligent drawers for optimal space management. You just need to choose the combination you like the most among the many options and add the mixer tap and the appliances you prefer to bring your recipes to life. Choose from a wide variety of finishes, colors, and sizes for the kitchen of your dreams. Whether it's a large kitchen, a small one, or one with an elegant island, you will definitely find the perfect solution for you here.

Home Furniture

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Here you will find our designer chairs for your interior decoration. These products are also well suited to furnish commercial spaces such as your club, restaurant, hotel or coffee house.

Our indoor chairs from Grand Soleil are inspired from beautiful Italian designs, and molded from high quality, strong and durable materials, such as polycarbonate and polypropylene; they are so sturdy that they happily recommend them for outdoor use as well.

Our collection also includes tables of all sizes, for your own home or for professional use, along with stools in all shapes and colours.

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