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  • Single Mattresses

    When it comes to furnishing a bedroom, the mattress is the centre piece around which you build the rest. A high quality, comfortable mattress will always ensure an adequate and deep rest, a requirement when dealing with busy work days. Our single mattresses from Time2Dream, thanks to their high resistant structure, support the whole body, adapting to movements and relieving the pressure on the shoulders and hips; this will provide for deeper and extremely restful sleep, reducing stress points and improving circulation, thus avoiding the postural problems of everyday life. A single mattress from Time2Dream is the best choice for those who need to furnish their bedroom, a guest room or hotel rooms, and that are looking for a mattress with high quality seams, that is 100% made in Italy, and is antibacterial / anti-mite. The range of Time2Dream single mattresses includes the famous memory foam technology and the brand new Waterfoam structure with flexible polyurethane foam core; to top it off, we also offer the choice of removable liner, in fabric or even 100% aloe vera!

  • Queen Size Beds

    ProduceShop has selected a wide range of bed frames, to make your room the place where "dreams" come true.

    Our queen-size beds offer unique designs and many different styles, colours and materials to choose from. 

    Our wide range of LLB queen-size beds includes versatile, space-saving beds, suitable for small spaces like guest rooms or hotels. Additional drawers and cot lifting systems offer practical solutions for storing everything you need for bedding.

    LLB queen-size beds come in a variety of versions: upholstered, fully fabric-covered beds that are perfect for those who want to relax or enjoy a good book in comfort.

    The selection of ProduceShop queen-size beds will satisfy all your needs, offering you a unique range of proposals. Functional and comfortable beds, modern or classic styles, technological innovations like structures equipped with LED lights. Bring your bedroom to life by changing the look of the room with one of our beds!

    All you have to do is add the mattress that best suits your needs to bring home one of our best products.

  • Grand Soleil Italian...

    Indoor Designer Chairs, Made in Italy using high quality materials. Ideals for decorating your own home or your business, restaurant and club.

    Pick one of our modern polycarbonate and polypropylene chairs from the Grand Soleil collection: they are stackable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, available in different colours and shapes, and also certified for professional use.

    You can choose traditional colours, such as white or black, or brighter colours, such as red or acid green, or maybe you prefer transparent chairs with their elegant design. Choose your model among those available, such as the Paris and Gruvyer chair, made of polypropylene, B-Side, Femme Fatale or Cristal Light chair, all made of transparent polycarbonate.

    Each model is designed for a specific environment: the Paris is ideal for kitchen and living rooms, while other models are more apt for offices, conference rooms, bars, dining rooms or restaurants.

    Each chair can be purchased individually or in big stocks. Our big deals are ideal for those who want to decorate their bar/club/restaurant with class but saving on the budget at the same time, and also for those who need strong, fireproof and durable chairs.

    Grand Soleil chairs can be used both indoors and outdoors, they are less expensive than other similar models, while offering the same quality and an original Italian design at a much more reasonable price!

  • Intex Single and...

    Intex inflatable mattresses, sofas and airbeds: great comfort, smart practicality and low prices.

    This category includes a wide range of Intex high-quality products at very reasonable prices.

    Our line of Intex airbeds and mattresses, of which we are official distributors for the Italian and European market, definitely ensures the best value for money. Many customers buy inflatable sofas, chairs, mattresses and cushions to furnish their home, both indoors and outdoors. These products are an ideal solution for unexpected guests, or even to add an extra bed only when needed, saving valuable space.

    High quality and the durable materials allows for both indoor and outdoor use, even camping and during holidays in general. These high quality products can be easily inflated and deflated and, above all, they provide maximum comfort, especially when compared to those of our competitors.

    Thanks to the structure of Intex cells, special technologies employed and quality materials, these are really longer-lasting products.

  • Christmas Trees

    The perfect Christmas trees made by Eco-Xmas, the most ecological, beautiful and affordable product on the market.

    You can spend the perfect Christmas without concern by getting one of these ecological, synthetic and 100% recyclable Christmas Trees.

    Easy to assemble and disassemble, for easy off-season storage, these trees are extremely realistic and durable; these will last you many years!

    Safety first: flame retardant and non toxic, these artificial trees are a perfect solution for those who want a magical looking Christmas tree without worrying what to do with it after.

  • Stools for Exhibition...

    ProduceShop offers a wide range of high quality stools that are ideal for public use and recommended for public events such as fairs, conferences and congresses.

    Trade fair stands are the most important public venue for a company because it's the time where customers meet suppliers and collaborators. Proper communication enhances the company's mission, it represents its philosophy, its logo. You want to be ready to host those who are interested and ProduceShop is here to help!

    Our stocks of stools are all ready to be shippedand are made from only high-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and functionality with utmost safety and aesthetic sense. All our stools are easy to handle, durable, studied and made to ensure maximum effectiveness for public use.

    These offers are limited in time and are rotating based on the availability of the product. Choosing our stools means relying on a leading company in the industry, able to meet the needs of every type of customer both in terms of assistance and usability.

  • Double Mattresses

    The double mattress is considered to be the staple of our home, it is the place where we spend the most time and the place where we recharge our batteries; a good night sleep and great rest is pivotal to our well being, ProduceShop is here to make your life better!

    The double bed is the best solution for a couple as it allows for ample room and support. Double beds typically come in 3 sizes, small double, queen size and king size, respectively 120, 160 and 180 cm in width.
    The Time2Dream line offers mattresses that, thanks to their high support structure, provide great comfort to the whole body, adapting to movements and relieving pressure on the shoulders and hips while enabling a deep and extremely restful sleep, reducing pressure points and improving circulation, thus preventing the frequent postural problems of everyday life.

    Choosing a Time2Dream double mattress is the best option for those who need to furnish their bedroom, a guest room or hotel rooms. 100% made in Italy with high quality seams, resistant, antibacterial / anti-mite with medical care.
    Time2Dream double mattresses benefit from memoryfoam and waterfoam technolgy while offering othe specific, special features such as an alone vera fabric cover.

  • Single Beds

    ProduceShop presents the new LLB single beds, ready to meet all your needs and demands.

    Meticulous attention to detail and constant research have allowed the famous brand LLB to provide you with a broad catalog of comfortable and functional single beds that are also stylish and visually appealing.

    The single beds are perfect for space optimization and to take advantage of every inch of the bedroom surface. If you are looking for a comfortable and functional bed for the youngest, LLB is the best solution for you!

    Our single beds meet all requirements for comfort, functionality and ergonomics while perfectly conforming to the style, the space available and the characteristics present in each bedroom.

    Our single beds in LLB catalogue are therefore suitable for both boys and girls who need a cosy and practical place to sleep, and for adults who need to rest to best face their working day.

    Our single beds also fully respect and meet the needs of businesses and are a great option for hotels, B&Bs and hostels.

    Let yourself get carried away by the elegance of our new LLB single beds. ProduceShop has the answer to everything!

  • Designer Chairs

    Stylish and esclusive design chairs for your house and your business, made only with high quality materials; the best way to combine class and durability.

    ProduceShop is always designing and producing new styles of chairs following the newest trends. The wide range of classy design products is built using strong and durable materials, to provide a smart ergonomical design which is comfortable and resistant yet beautiful and elegant. 

    Our design chairs are all ready to ship, even in large quantities, and they are perfectly suited to decorate your house and your business, such as restaurants, clubs, pubs. A perfect chance to add a nice touch of class to any existing interior.

    Check out all the available colours and styles!

  • Intex Inflatable...

    Intex inflatable sofas, armchairs and beanbags all show a modern and fresh design, while delivering comfort and reliability, thanks to the high qualitiy of their fabric.

    The perfect product to enjoy a nice moment of relax at home, indoor or outdoor. All you need to do is just inflate any of these, have yourself a comfortable sit, and enjoy a movie or a good book for as long as you wish. Intex designed and produced all of these inflatables just thinking of your relax and good comfort.

    Made using brand new innovative materials and technologies specifically developed by Intex for the field of inflatable furniture, such as the Fiber Tech, an intertwined layered texture made of polyester, these sofas and chairs are not only comfortable, but also built to last over time, indefinitely. This association made Intex the leader in the field, and most of these products you will find even more comfortable than the traditional furniture you are so much used to. Put them in your living room or your patio, in your bedroom or in the garden by the pool, as you wish, and you will find yourself immediately at ease.

    Their stylish and modern design makes these inflatable sofas and chairs a welcome addition in any room of your choice, and in any setting. Intex has definitely nothing to envy to the classy design of most posh brands on the market of traditional furniture. Extremely light and easy to move around the house, they will never get on your nerves. You can inflate them or deflate them in a matter of moments, making them also very easy to store away when not needed. You will not be able to do so with your traditional sofa. If you are worriied about the safety of your baby, you can put one in his room for decoration, since he really cannot get hurt by an inflatable chair, and it will provide a much comfortable sit at any age.

    A very complete product, with so many advantages, and you can get it for the best price here, as we are an offcial dealer and distributor.

  • Chairs for Events

    The perfect chairs to furnish your stand at fairs, exhibitions, conferences or any kind of public events.

    This selection of design chairs is specifically made to meet your needs when events planning. Design and style are made to impress, but their strenght and praticality makes them the perfect choice for anyone in need to stage an event in a short time.

    These chairs are all stackable, made in extremely strong plastic fiber while being also comfortable and economical, a very good deal if you need to buy in large numbers. If you are planning an event, any kind of event, you will find that there is no better option. We spent years in designing to provide the best solution to events planners; this is the result.

    Are you woindering why are our prices for event furniture are so cheap? The reason is quite simple, and that is because ProduceShopDesign is a market leader with immediate availability of products, even in large quantities.We are able to provide first choice products wthout mediators, so that our prices are as low as they can be. By choosing us, you will engage with a dedicated company, always meeting the client's demands and always raising our own standards with increasingly better products. Make your choice, place your order, and in a few working days you will receive your products.

  • Mattress Toppers

    Our mattress toppers are the perfect complement to your existing mattress. By adding a more comfortable and soft cushion, they can be useful to maintain body temperature and provide additional comfort for when your matress is a bit too firm.

    The toppers are thin mattresses that can be added to your traditional mattress to make your sleep even more pleasant; they are found in various sizes both single and double. The Time2Dream line offers high quality toppers designed to improve your sleep using medical care certification. The structure of the mattress toppers is made of Memoryfoam and is equipped with removablenatural Aloe Vera lining. All toppers are also equipped with practical elastic straps to make it adhere perfectly to the mattress below.

    The Memoryfoam system will envelop your body for a never experienced sleep. All our products are 100% made in Italy.

  • Small Double Beds

    Small double beds are among the most popular size, they also known as "French beds", or single beds that are slightly larger than the traditional ones.

    The small double bed is generally 120 cm wide and it is widely used in the bedrooms of children who want more space, in the furnishing of single people or in hotel rooms. This choice is inspired by the need to spread wider than on a single bed, enjoying much more space and freedom.

    Our selection of very respectable small double beds: upholstered, classic, modern, simple and with a storage is the perfect solution for you!

    The reasons behind the choice of a small double bed can be numerous: space in the bedroom may not be enough for a queen-size or a king-size bed or you just want to give your children a more spacious bed, in which they can roll around and turn without problems.

    ProduceShop has selected a wide variety of small double beds, which meets the most diverse needs: from eco-leather models to fabric beds with a storage; discover them all, you will surely find the one that best suits you!

  • Kitchen and Bar Stools

    Swivel stools with a stylish design, perfectly suited for pubs, bars, clubs and kitchens. Strong and durable, yet comfortable and classy.

    Here you can browse our range of kitchen and pub stools for decorating your business, or even your own kitchen with a nice touch of style. Certified for professional use, they all show a nice looking Italian design, but they are all also practical and convenient, a perfect value for money.

    Ergonomical and durable, our stools are the best bargain for anyone willing to decorate a public business with sttyle while saving budget for better uses. Made using steel, alluminium, and eco-leather, they are heigh-adjustable and come with a comfy footrest.

    You won't find a more comfortable sit or a smartest solution that combines class and durability at such a price!

  • Small Double Mattresses

    Are you tired of sleeping on a narrow single bed? Do you want to turn around without the fear of falling off? The small double mattress is the ideal solution for you.

    These Time2Dream mattress are perfect for those who need comfort without taking up too much space. The small double mattress are ideal for sofa beds because they are perfectly adaptable to the bed structures that fold and close in a sofaᅠallowing you gaining space without reducing comfort.

    The Time2Dream Queen Size mattresses are practical, orthopedic and certified by the Health Service. Our mattresses also feature a core with a Waterfoam or Memoryfoam sheet to guarantee a deep and restful sleep.

    Models with removable covers and in Natural Aloe Vera are also available on request.

  • Stocks of Chairs

    This is ProduceShop's range of stock offers of high quality 100% Made in Italy design chairs for the interior design of restaurants, bars, hotels or clubs.

    These stocks of chairs are all ready to be shipped at a moments notice! They are all made using only high quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and functionality along with maximum safety.

    All our offerings feature stakable, easy to handle, strong chairs that are built to guarantee maximum efficiency for public use, as stated by the posessed certification.

    By choosing our chairs, you will be choosing a leading company in this field, able to meet the needs of every type of customer, both in terms of assistance and usability. All our stock options are ready to ship with express free shipping!

  • Tables and Chairs

    Browse our selection of tables and chairs, the perfect solution to decorate bars, hotels, restaurants and clubs.

    These are Made in Italy, high-quality products that are resistent, stackable and also suitable for professional use. Our tables are all built using the highest standards and are also suitable for outdoor use. Premium materials like glass, polypropylene and Polyrattan, make these tables strong and durable over time.

    Our new polypropylene and polycarbonate chairs from Grand Soleil are very elegant and robust while coming at a very affordable price! These elegant pieces are ideal for bars and businesses, but you can also use them to decorate a dining room, a living room or a kitchen. There are many models and colours available, you just have to choose yours.

    These chairs are a sold at an incredible price, what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite!

  • Couches and Sofa Beds

    Browse our couches and sofa bed collection. An easy and yet economical solution to decorate your own house with style and practicality.

    Carefully designed to decorate your loving house, our couches and sofa beds are available in different colours and materials, from eco-leather to microfibre. Unexpected guests? Check out our sofa beds: they are the smartest solution to hide extra beds in your house; you can easily turn a nice looking couch into a double bed in just a few simple steps.

    All of our couches and sofa beds are extremely high quality, and yet, come in at a very reasonable price, especially considering competitor brands; we are the producers and distributors of all our products, so that we can cut all unnecessary expenses, and provide you with a much more alluring final price.

  • Kitchen and bar chairs...

    Kitchen and restaurant chairs: stackable, easy to clean and highly durable, perfect to decorate with style, practicality and affordability your business as well as your house.

    Here you may find our selection of restaurant and kitchen chairs. We carefully selected the best chairs that are stackable, ergonomic and washable, well suited to be placed in professional settings. You may find all our range of transparent chairs, made with advanced and highly resistant polycarbonate.

    We are always on the lookout for new stylish and modern chairs, so to meet all kinds of demands and to fit in all sorts of interiors. At the same time we identified all the main features that make a chair perfect for a bar or restaurant, so to combine elegance, comfort and practicality: smart chairs with good looks.

    A bar chair must not be simply stackable but it has to be able to add style and beauty to a place. Our selection of kitchen and restaurant chairs include an ample range of high quality Made in Italy furniture, excellent products made with innovative materials showing strong vivid colours, like the polypropylene chairs or the transparent chairs in polycarbonate. Perfect for any restaurant or club, these chairs will make for a luxurious choice for your kitchen or living room as well.

    All this is also valid for kitchen chairs: to place a restaurant chair in your kitchen, even if it won't suffer from heavy usage like in a bar, has many advantages. Think about cleaning your kitchen or living room, even the chairs themselves. It will be easier and you won't need to compromise beauty over practicality.

    Browse this selection of kitchen, bar and restaurant chairs, you will definitely find the right one for you!

  • Kitchen Counter Stool

    Kitchen counter stools are a solution which is increasingly more popular in our houses. Typical of our decoration styles, they spread all over the world as an alternative to chairs for anyone with a breakfast counter in their kitchen.

    Stylish, comfortable and practical, kitchen counter stools allow you to add character and an original note to a traditional kitchen decor without loosing anything in terms of comfort and practicality. Those with little time for breakfast may enjoy a quick meal by the counter, which provides all the necessary space for a quick sitting.

    All our range of counter kitchen stools is carefully selected to offer only the best. All our kitchen stools are height adjustable and swivel, they come in many colours and styles to satisfy all sorts of tastes and to match all kinds of interiors, from the more elegant and traditional to the more modern and sophisticated.

    The wide range of materials employed does not sacrifice what is most important in a kitchen stool. Polypropylene seats, just like eco leather, is a choice dictated by efficiency. A kitchen stool, used mostly during meals, is subject to stains and to get dirt, especially if you consider how much children and kids prefer stools to chairs. Since these kitchen stools are all made of easy to cleanable materials, this won't pose a problem as a regular sponge with a kitchen cleaner will do the job just fine.

    You may find a stool which is made just for you. We have kitchen stools with a padded seat that have nothing to envy to an armchair, polypropylene stools that are easy to clean and with bright colours, stools with a eco leather seat that is soft to the touch and highly durable at the same time. In terms of style you may find vintage stools, modern looking stools created with highly advanced 3d printing techniques, vintage barbershop stools and much more.

    Explore our selection and you will find the right stool for your taste or for your most specific needs. You may well add a nice touch of style to your kitchen without sacrificing comfort and practicality.

  • Bedroom Furniture

    Welcome to our selection of bedroom furniture: well begun is half done!

    The bedroom is perhaps the most intimate and sacred place of our home. Make it cosy, comfortable and relaxing in order to have get better sleep and improve your physical health and psychological well-being. In the last few years, according to interior design and industry, the bedroom has become not just a place to rest but also a place to relax, read a book and take a break after a long day at work.
    In this gallery we provide several furniture solutions for bedrooms, all high-quality and with modern design, adaptable to any taste and style.

    From roomy cabinets made of solid oak, to multi-purpose chests of drawers, large night tables and comfortable beds to decorate your bedroom or that of your children. There is quite a lot to choose from.

    The quality of our furniture is very high, we only choose top raw materials for the best build quality that wil last a long time. We have the opportunity to offer all this at a great price since we are producers as well as retailers of all our products. Buy with confidence, upgrade your bedrooms today!

  • High and Dining Tables

    The secret to creating the perfect vibes in your public place is to choose the perfect table that will do the trick. ProduceShop has put together this great selection of tables for you to find exactly the one which surely suits you and the personality and atmosphere of your club, whether a pub, restaurant or bistro.

    A well furnished space is the key to encourage and invite customers to enter your public place. One of the most important pieces is certainly the table. As the main element, around which customers will gather, chat and talk, drink or eat something and spend a relaxing or exciting night together, the proper table must be choosen right away.

    In this rich selection, ProduceShop is offering high-quality options of high and dining tables for your bar and cafe, all made of first-choice materials, with a refined and polished design and extremely attractive prices.

    These are products, that will make your club, pub or bistro spread its wings and fly to a new level.

    The main features that distinguish the products of our leading company are as follows:

    Comfort: bistro and bar tables are not simple pieces of furniture, but also comfortable elements in your public place that are also light and easy to move.

    Design: "the eye must be fed". Choose high, coffee and dining tables to perfectly suit your bistro, bar or pub interior while drawing your customers' attention.

    Solidness and sturdiness: when you buy a table from our website, you are sure to get a high-quality product, made from first-choice raw materials and showing a 100% Made in Italy design, which guarantees high durability and firmness even in case of intense professional and public use;

    Cleanability: choose a product that is easy to clean and does get ruined easily.

    Find out more on our bar and bistro high tables, coffee and dining tables and boost your public place today!

  • Reclining armchairs

    Every single relax armchair designed by Le Roi du Relax is the result of an accurate and careful research that joins many branches together: safety, ergonomics, functionality, design and quality.

    Take care and improve the quality of your free time, decorating your beloved interiors with a high-quality, modern relax armchair to lean back and wind down at any time of day. Wellness and comfort together in one single product: choose your reclining relax armchair that completely suits your needs now!

    In this category Le Roi du Relax presents a wide range of reclining, upholstered, space-saving and extremely comfortable relax armchairs at unbeatable prices. Our armchairs are the perfect investment to improve your daily relax needs because everyone knows it: wellness and mental health are priceless!

    Sitting down and standing up became harder and harder? Thanks to its manual reclining system, our prestigious Le Roi du Relax relax armchair is the ultimate solution to your problems. Let yourself be cuddled by the smooth and soft upholstery and totally enjoy your relaxing moments watching TV or resting. During a break at work or in the evening, any moment is perfect for enjoying some relax!

  • Transparent Chairs

    Check out our offer of transparent chairs for your house or for your business, all Made in Italy using ultra-resistant and crystal clear polycarbonate.

    Transparent chairs are an increasingly more popular piece of furniture, highly interesting due to the quality of the polycarbonate with which they are manufactured. This is an incredibly resistant material with a crystal clear solid composition, completely waterproof and extremely durable that, thanks to advancements in technology, has become way less expensive to produce than in the past few decades. 

    Today we also offer coloured transparent chairs, like ruby red transparent chairs or sapphire blue transparent chairs. There are now even black transparent chairs, which are crystal clear with a shade of smoke, even more elegant than the traditional ones.

    There was a time when transparent chairs were expensive and exclusive, especially around the second half of the past century when they began to spread. Today we are now able to manufacture the very same transparent chairs, sometimes the very same models, the iconic ones, at reduced manufacturing costs. The quality of the polycarbonate has even increased since those first iconic models.

    Transparent polycarbonate is indeed now highly durable, resistant to wear, UV and bumps, perfectly suited even for those busy bars and restaurant with customers coming and going all day long.

    The ample selection of transparent chairs include everything, from the more traditional and simple to the more modern and complex. Indeed, we offer transparent chairs for all contexts and tastes, some are perfect to be placed in a modern kitchen and some in a traditional living room, other for classy establishments and parlours. Just consider that the combination of transparent chairs and antique wooden table is now highly sought after in home interiors. You may find a transparent chair for your needs no matter what they are.

    Transparent polycarbonate chairs are also well fitted for bars and restaurant: we selected transparent chairs that are stackable, easy to clean, resistant to wear and highly durable, all features that make them perfectly fit in a professional environment. There is no environment that transparent chairs won't match, from the kitchen to a high class restaurant, from the living room to a classy bistrot.

    Just take a look at these jewels and you will find your perfect match.

  • Pouf Beds

    ProduceShop has selected the best Pouf bed currently on the market in terms of aesthetics, comfort, practicality and quality of materials.

    Pouf beds are the perfect product for those who have space limitations or for those who often host friends and family and want a practical product that can be transformed, if necessary, into a comfortable bed and an elegant pouf when stored.
    The selected poufs are all made with high quality materials and are fitted with mechanical systems that are easy to operate. The included mattresses are thicker thicker than average to guarantee comfort and relaxation in any situation.
    Choosing one of the poufs means relying on a serious and professional company whose main objective is to find the best products on the market and easily offer them to customers to meet and exceed expectations.

  • Table and bar stools set

    By testing numerous solutions, ProduceShop has selected the best table sets with stools currently in production, putting together a list of high quality products offered at competitive prices.

    Our bar stools and table sets are perfect for both private users and for managers of bars, bistros and pubs who are interested in high quality, stable, robust and durable products that will whistand even the most intensive use.
    These characteristics are guaranteed by the detaled design and innovative production processes that ensure a complete lack of defects.
    The refined design and the renowned reliability of our products is also guaranteed by the high quality of the materials used; our tables sets are able to meet the qualitative, functional and aesthetic needs.

    Relying on ProduceShop means choosing an expert and professional partner capable of analyzing market demands and selecting the best tables and stools sets currently on the market at the best possible price.

  • High Tables for Stools

    ProduceShop has selected a wide choice of high tables and stools, perfect for bars, public places or a bar area in your home.

    Our high tables and stools selected are made of high quality materials, sturdy, resistant and easy to clean, with the aim of providing the end customer with a high quality product that can meet the needs of both private and public use.

    The selected products are the result of numerous tests to check performance in terms of quality and aesthetics. Design, stability and durability of the materials used are just some of the characteristics of this selection; our objective is to provide the market only with products that are able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

    ProduceShop confirms its commitment in offering superior products at competitive prices.

    Buying a product from our website means relying on a reliable and experienced partner, which has a qualified team, able to select the best high tables and stools currently on the market, thanks to a synergy with its customers and our suppliers.

  • Bar Stools

    This is our selection of bar stools, elegant, stylish and affordable but also practical and durable.

    Our selection of bar stools is meant to meet all the fundamental requirements of professionals in the horeca and hospitality sector, allowing for a proper business image for the public and for a smart and correct management of bars, restaurants and hotels, while providing ergonomic and comfortable furniture for customers to spend time on. The quality of their composition, their design and their features are especially designed for classic and contemporary bars, all this without sacrificing functionality and practicality. Each bar stool in this selection is meant to be a long term investment for the patron, who will be able to purchase highly durable and ergonomic stools that are also stylish and elegant.

    All our bar stools are made from sturdy materials like polypropylene, polycarbonate, eco leather and chromed steel. This way, all our bar stools will be both washable and durable in time. All bar stools in this section are tall enough for bar counters and, in most cases, even offer adjustable height to match different bars or tables.

    While sitting on our bar stools the customer will feel like spending more of his or her time there. A comfortable seat is a strong asset for any bar, pub or restaurant and the perfect way to increase customers' loyalty. Furthermore, with a strong aesthetic taste, we only picked the most stylish bar stools, some with modern design bar stools or vintage look, others that look like they came straight out of the 50s and some with that fashionable barbershop look.

    A bar stool with a padded seat should be as comfortable as an armchair but also aesthetically pleasing to attract passing people. In the summertime a beachfront or pool bar will get some high plastic stools that are completely waterproof but also beautioful to look at; at the same time a more fashionable business may find modern design stools, like those in transparent polycarbonate or with a 3D printed seat, to add a sense of contemporary elegance to the place.

    Materials like polypropylene and polycarbonate are recent developments that won't suffer from wear, meaning that they will keep their bright colour troughout the years while sporting low production costs, which leads to an affordable final price. Our bar stools are indeed the best possible choice to not sacrifice value over money while still getting a quality product that is also functional and highly durable over time.

  • 2 Seater Sofa Beds

    Our 2 seater sofa beds are designed to guarantee extreme stress-relieving comfort, both as sofa and as bed. These are all practical products with a refined and classy design, perfectly suitable for every interior furniture style. Our sofas are only made from the highest quality materials.

    With our sofa beds will have the chance to choose between different design solutions and different finishes. Our sofa beds are available in different materials: fabric, eco leather or microfibre. When choosing one of our sofa beds, you can be sure that you are ordering an affordably priced, high-quality product, that will give your home a touch of style and elegance.

    Don't let this unbelievable chance get away, order now and get yourself a wonderful 2 seater sofa bed. Your guests will appreciate it!

  • Breakfast Bar and...

    Kitchen and bar stools with modern design and high-quality materials such as wood and chromed steel, adjustable height, low and full backs.

    In this category you will see more than fifty different models of bar stools, each of them at an unbeatable price. We have a wide range of bar stools, from those made with natural wood to those in chromed steel; all will perfectly suit your kitchen, bar or bistro furniture. With their unbelievable design and refined shape, with the adjustable seat and different models of backrest, you will always be allowed to choose the best for your needs.

    Take a look at our special category and catalog and choose the best stool at a great price. Start furnishing and decorating your rooms and public places with these products, the best, space saving chairs available!

  • Dining Room Chairs

    The dining chair is the piece of furniture, that mostly combines comfort and design; they represent the pinnacle of design research.

    In our catalogue you will see a perfect juxtaposition between the use of advanced materials, such as the polypropylene and polycarbonate, elegant and stylish designs and rustic, traditional wooden structures.

    The dining chair is fundamental to the dining room, and when you choose it, you must take into account all your needs and preferences.

    Our vast offering will surely peak your interest, within it you will certainly find the perfect design which is compatible with your furniture style.

    Make your dining room a special place again. Find out more!

  • Dining Room Chairs

    Our dining chairs are perfect to furnish and decorate both outdoors and indoors.

    Whether in gardens, pools, bistro dining rooms, bars, hotels, verandas or else... you will get chairs, that are stackable, solid, light and handy to move. Our chairs are made of only high-quality materials like polyrattan or resin, or even polypropylene or polycarbonate, which perfectly suit every furniture. In our catalogue you will find solid and robust wooden chairs, with plain or straw seat.

    With our stock you could spare more than buying high quantity of single chairs, and you could also make profit from the sale of single chairs.

    In addition you could also take advantage of our certified chairs, perfect for intensive public use.

    Don't waste any more time, choose the perfect chair for your bistro or bar and make your customers happy with a designer, elegant and sturdy product!

  • Colourful Dining Chairs

    We could say that colours and shades are almost unlimited... just like the designs and colours of our chairs! Check out our recommendations!

    With over 75 designs of colourful chairs, ranging from classic to modern design, you will be able to furnish your kitchen or living room with great charming style. These dining chairs are perfect for all and every environment; a great choice for restaurants or a bistros that are looking for a way to add a touch of renovation and colour to wow their customers.

    In our collection there are many chairs made from different materials: polypropylene, polycarbonate, wood, metal, straw or fabric. You will find chairs to satisfy any kind of taste, need or desire.

    Choose our solid and high-quality chairs at the best price, thanks to our discounts up to 50% off. You only will find this many styles and colours here, on ProduceShop!

  • Dining chairs and...

    When you modernise your bistro or bar, you must choose the perfect dining chairs and tables. Take a look at our catalogue to find the product that mostly suits your needs and your taste, choosing between a wide range of materials and combinations.

    When furnishing a bistro, bar, restaurant, hotel or pub, you should keep in mind several important elements: how will it be used, how much room you have at disposal and what kind of venue you need to renovate. Product prices for new furniture must also be carefully considered, especially if you are searching for a complying certified product for professional/public use that must be sturdy and long-lasting for your customers' bustles.

    Amongst our designs and variants you will be able to choose many types of materials, such as colourful polypropylene or transparent polycarbonate, synthetic rattan or wood and metal. Similarly you will be able tp choose different combinations of tables and chairs, to create the perfect dining set for your bistro, bar or restaurant. Our different types of tables, such as round or square table tops, chromed metal or wooden, are all of the highest quality and are designed to match our chairs.

    Don't waste any time and check out our great catalogue of high-quality tables and chairs. Ready to amaze your customers?

  • Folding beds

    Who has never hosted friends or relatives at home for the weekend? Whether it's sudden guests who show up at the door, or planned trips, the dilemma is always the same: finding temporary accommodation and a bed for your guests to rest comfortably.

    Nowadays there are various solutions that allow you to have a very comfortable bed with a comfortable mattress at a moments notice without sacrificing space.

    Folding beds are very useful on unexpected occasions when you need an extra bed for occasional guests; the camp bed is even ideal to optimize living in a small single studio apartment or if you have a holiday home to rent!

    Furnishing a small house is always a challenge, for this reason it is better to rely on versatile and multifunctional furnishing accessories, such as a piece of furniture with an integrated single foldaway bed, a perfect emergency solution to keep the mattress away from dust. During the day, these beds are hidden in a common piece of furniture to be used in the living room as a support surface, but just open the front panel and voila, a single bed complete with slatted base and mattress is ready for the night!

    Enough said, folding beds are truly a practical item to have in your home. You never know who might surprise you with a visit!

    Choose the model you like best and add it to your cart, order and receive the item from the comfort of your home!

  • Dining Chairs

    A great addition to your dining room or living room, these chairs will be one of the most important elements of your home furniture.

    It is extremely important to choose comfortable, relaxing and functional chairs as they end up being an essential part of every, both professional and domestic, living room or dining room.

    Our wide assortment of dining chairs will guarantee a solution to every home.

    From ergonomic designer chairs made from polypropylene, to original and one-of-a-kind wooden ones, from fabric chairs to stackable, transparent polycarbonate designer chairs: our collection will satisfy and fulfil every need you may have.

    Never choose between style, elegance, comfort and luxury again: our incredible collection only offers chairs, that will be both comfortable and stylistically captivating and unique. Elegant shapes and sturdy structures will grant curb appeal and incredible realiability, even in case you end up using them for your bistro or restaurant.

    Visit our collection and choose your style you preferm knowing you are not renouncing to comfort and durability. Our chairs will surely give an added touch of charm and elegance to your living room.

  • Pillows and cushions

    The pillow is not a simple rectangle of fabric stuffed with soft material, but it is a real companion that generously supports our head for about a third of our life, and like our mattress, it is a crucial element that significantly determines the quality of our sleep and rest.

    When choosing a pillow, the most important characteristics to take into consideration are undoubtedly the right height, followed closely by an adequate consistency, both essential elements for optimal comfort.

    By sleeping on the wrong pillow you are risking neck and back pains that could eventually become something worse; if the pillow is too soft, the neck collapses inside it, while if it is too rigid the problem is reversed; in both cases the cervical spine is forced into an unnatural position.

    Materials are also very important in choosing a good pillow and going for a Memory Foam system is the most beneficial from a comfort point of view.

    Thanks to specially designed foams, Memory Foam cushions are able to adapt to the shape of the head and neck of the user by exploiting body heat it; when you turn around during sleep, the internal composition of the pillow receives the weight of the head in a progressive manner, following its every movement and returning to its original shape gradually and steadily; in this way the Memory Foam ensures an anatomically correct position reducing pressure points to a minimum and promoting blood flow.

    Find out more of the health benefits you get by choosing a correct pillow!

  • Wooden Chairs

    Our wide range of wooden chairs includes many different styles and designs, from classic to modern and revolutionary shapes, so that any taste and necessity can be fulfilled.

    Wood is a noble and high-quality material, the ultimate raw material for the production of high-quality furniture.

    It's a natural element and the perfect choice to realise and create both traditional and classic decor.

    As some of the most famous interior designers have shown, these chairs will amaze everyone thanks to the unbelievable design of the legs. Most of our chairs are just original style icons. As for these designer chairs, wood can be also used to produce traditional, classic and rustic chairs, that became part of our life through the centuries.

    Beechwood elements such as chair legs are meticulously designed, seasoned and produced according to artisan fundamentals.

    These chairs represent some of the best products for anyone looking for a traditional and classic chair made of wood, straw or fabric.ᅠ

    Visit our website and have a look at our catalogue, in which you will find many different designs; choose the one you prefer and make your venue magic.

  • Mattresses for children

    Today we offer you our selection of mattresses for children, made of memory or waterfoam for the nocturnal well-being of the little ones.

    Sleeping well is essential to face the day with the right load of energy: children are no exception and, for this reason, the choice of the mattress for their bed must be made with awareness. There are several parameters to take into consideration and, in the next lines, we will list them, analyzing the most important aspects.

    Babies sleep more hours than an adult and, consequently, will spend most of their day in bed: it is therefore inevitable that the mattress will have to adapt to the weight and shape of the body, as well as correctly support the spine, which is still in phase. of development. As for the size, it is necessary to evaluate according to age: ProduceShop has selected for you two standard sizes (70x140 and 80x160 cm), ideal for accompanying the little one during his growth and often also used by cot manufacturers. In this regard, it is essential to check that there are no empty spaces between the mattress and the structure, in order to prevent the child from getting stuck in it. Finally, the recommended thickness must be at least 12 cm, in order to ensure optimal comfort.

    Speaking of materials, the choice is wide (latex, coconut fiber, wool, etc.) but we advise you to opt for memory or waterfoam, non-toxic, breathable and hypoallergenic foams. These mattresses are designed to smoothly adapt to the silhouette, offering the correct support to the spine; they are also versatile and light, easy to move to change the sheets or for other needs.

    In this section of our site you will find a wide range of mattresses for children of various sizes, characterized by different construction technologies but united by a high quality rate that places them in a higher range than competing items, while maintaining a highly competitive final price. Discover all our proposals and choose the solution that best suits your needs!

  • Polycarbonate Chairs

    Our transparent polycarbonate chairs are real design products to add characteristic elements of your own styleto your home!

    Our collection offers a wide variety of designs, styles and colours. Through their modern style, transparent polycarbonate chairs can suit every kind of furniture set and design, creating interesting and captivating combinations.

    The chairs in our catalogue are real masterpieces: they easily combine a unique and wonderful design thanks to an elegant crystalline look and an incredibly sturdy and long-lasting structure.

    Our transparent chairs are an alternative piece of furniture to colourful plastic chairs or classic and traditional wooden chairs and they appear to be the perfect choice for all who want to take advantage of their living room, waiting room, dining room or restaurant, giving a contemporary touch to any place. Our wide choice of transparent chairs included many designs, from simpler and more elegant shapes, to curvier and more linear styles. 

    Also available in colours such as transparent blue, red or charcoal grey.

    Discover our huge collection of transparent polycarbonate chairs and find the most suited to your needs.

  • Single and Double...

    The mattress is considered to be the real heart of any bedroom and you must therefore pay attention when choosing it. ProduceShop offers various different models that are characterised by type of structure, materials and cover fabrics.

    Our mattresses offer uniform support for a comfortable and restful sleep. Among the most appreciated qualities of these mattresses are their elasticity, resistance and strong antibacterial properties, which make them particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies.

    Our selection of mattresses respects the highest production standards and only features models free of toxix substances to ensure a 100% safe rest. Moreover, the choice of 100% Italian materials is a further guarantee of the quality of the products offered.
    Each mattress is designed with specific ergonomic and technical features to optimally respond to any physiological need during rest. 

    Tired of sleeping badly? We offer you a wide range of mattresses that can adapt to your body weight and position, with a completely personalised support to guarantee the perfect sleep experience.

  • Single and Double Beds

    Sleeping well is essential to wake up rested and full of energy to face the frenzy of everyday life. That's why it's important to choose the right bed: comfortable, beautiful, cozy and especially large enough to allow you to stretch and relax as you should. In our range of bed frames you will find many different styles to choose the most suitable bed for you.

    In our catalogue of beds you will be spoilt for choice: double beds, single beds, container beds and small double beds, all in various materials and finishes!

    When we talk about attention to detail, high quality materials and manufacturing wisdom we do so with a guarantee from ProduceShop: all materials used in production are highly selected, up to the padding and the perfect mechanisms for lifting the slats. A modern bed must be both comfortable and useful while being equipped with compartments to store everything you need. ProduceShop does not stop here: we has always been synonymous with design; our team of experts in the field, designers and interior decorators are constantly working to ensure that every bed is incomparable and extraordinary; we even offer a bed with integrated LED lighting for a unique atmospheric effect.

    In addition, many of the models proposed here are equipped with front opening or drawers that uncover large storage compartments for extra space-saving or for storing blankets and linen.

    Do your bedroom a favour and check out our catalogue!

  • 3 Seater Sofa Beds

    Dilemma: you've got one spare room and you'd like to use it as an office, but you also want to be able to host friends and family who come to visit for the weekend.

    ProduceShop has your solution: invest in one of our great sofa beds that can be used for seating in the day and sleeping at night.

    You're looking for the one - the sofa of the century - that comfy spot where you'll watch movies while munching on popcorn for years to come. Might we suggest the amazing eco leather TOPAZIO? Or the ever-cosy microfiber ZAFFIRO? The choice is going to be tough, we understand. Come in and just take a little peek at our 3 seater sofas, you will not regret it.

    Discover some of the best stylish-but-cozy sofa beds for your home on our official website!

  • Contract furniture

    When we talk about contract furniture we refer to a products with specific style designed and produced on demand for specific contexts. It is a new trend for made in Italy furniture, manufacturing while being closely linked to the environment and to the client's requests. This type of furniture is mostly common within the Hospitality sector.

    Contract furniture is mainly aimed at public areas, hotel complexes and commercial premises such as shops, restaurants and cafes that need functional furnishings for exhibition and hospitality purposes: it is a type of furniture completely designed to spec, according to the customer's specific requests and the technical and architectural needs of the environment.

    The client who adopts this new furnishing formula is solely responsible for defining the type of environment to be set up and his own needs; based on the type of clientele that will use the space to be created.

    Being in possession of a piece of furniture made in the contract furnishing style means having a unique product of its kind, made in a tailored way, and designed to optimize and enhance the space in which it will be placed.

    Take a look at our online catalog and find the contract style element that best suits your needs at an excellent value for money.

    ProduceShop selects only the best products for each category based on qualitative and aesthetic characteristics with the aim of distributing on the market only items capable of fully satisfying the needs of its customers.

  • Armchairs and recliners

    ProduceShop has selected the best armchairs and recliners on the market, according to quality, functionality and aesthetics.

    Drawn up by our experts in the sector, this careful selection is dedicated to those who are looking for an comfortable, high quality armchair without getting lost looking at endless lists. Our strict choice is based on design functionality, aesthetic features, comfort and ergonomics, durability and choice of materials.

    In addition to an elegant piece of designer furniture, an armchairs can be a very useful choice for those who have limited space and would like a multi-functional product, something that is able to transform from a comfortable armchair to a practical bed while still maintaing high standards of comfort.

    Choosing a recliner and armchair offered by ProduceShop means relying on a leading company with years of experience in this market. Choosing ProduceShop means choosing long lasting quality at an affordable price!

  • Electric Armchairs

    ProduceShop has selected the best electric armchairs on the market, reclining models with one and two motors, additional footrests and different design choices. Truly the best offer on the market.

    This selection was drawn up by our interior designers with the aim of satisfying all customers looking for a reliable electric armchair that is able to recline to the lying position with minimum encumbrance, in a sinuous and silent way.
    These electric armchairs are a product designed for relaxation and assistance, they are in fact ideal for the elderly, thanks to the innovative motorized lifting system, helping the user reach an upright, standing position in a comfortable way.

    These electric armchairs are not only an elegant piece of furniture, but also a widely used product for its functional characteristics: able to recline down to 180 degrees, they perfectly maximize comfort and relaxation. The small footprint of these chairs is perfect for those who want a comfortable product but have limited space.

    All electric armchairs proposed by ProduceShop have been subjected to functional and quality tests to ensure maximum reliability and safety.

  • Rocking Armchairs

    ProduceShop has tested and selected the best rocking chair models for you, analysing and classifying numerous models according to quality and functionality standards, with the aim of helping its customers in a simple and correct choice.

    The choice of a rocking chair can be very complicated: within the sea of offers, which are the best?

    ProduceShop has selected the best rocking chairs currently on the market, analysing strengths and weaknesses of each product, selecting characteristics and functionalities that are able to satisfy all customers' needs.

    The selection was carried out by experts in the sector, who not only evaluated the design, but also researched information on the materials used for a superior ergonomic comfort and ease of use.

    Our rocking chairs have been subjected to all functional and quality tests and therefore represent the maximum in reliability and safety.

  • Modern Design Armchairs

    The modern design armchair is the undisputed queen of the living room.

    Thanks to the high-performance materials and fabrics, modern design armchairs furnish your home with style, and, combined with the right furniture they represent the perfect synthesis between modern aesthetics and comfort. What could be more relaxing than lying on your favorite armchair after a long day of work and maybe lifting your legs on a comfortable pouf?

    Would you like a eco leather design armchair for classic luxury? Or do you prefer a soft reading armchair to immerse yourself in a book while resting your feet comfortably on a matching pouf? Perhaps you find it practical to have an armchair in the bedroom to rest your clothes on, or maybe you want to surprise your hotel guests or students in your residence with a versatile and professional-looking armchair bed.

    If you want to make the most out of the space available and change the look of your living room with a modern design armchair, let yourself be conquered by our high quality products, comfortable and long lasting: within our assortment you can choose from a wide range of contemporary style models designed to be eye-catching, capable satisfying your desire for daily relaxation.

    If being comfortable is your absolute priority and you want to create a welcoming and convivial environment within your living room, then we are sure that our modern design armchairs will best satisfy your desire.

  • Electric Reclining...

    Sitting on a comfortable recliner after a days work is one of the joys of life. A much needed relax to soothe your senses and mood.

    When it comes to a reclining chair, comfort is the top priority: a valid ally to your well-being, with this chair you can help prevent circulatory problems and muscle tension, ensuring maximum rest for the body and support for the back and neck in an anatomically correct way.

    Nowadays, more and more people are opting for this type of chair for their living room; along with the additional health benefits, the recliner is distinguished from other classic armchairs for its greater comfort and its functional design that satisfies every need. The small footprint and minimized space requirements of these chairs allow them to be placed wherever you want without added bulk.

    Recline the backrest, listen to your favorite music, watch a movie, read a book or just take a nice nap... these are all the small pleasures that only an armchair recliner can allow!

    You might think that buying a recliner can be very expensive; ProduceShop will surprise you, we are able to offer the best products at the best price.

  • Armchairs for the Elderly

    There always comes a time in life when our loved ones get older and are no longer able to move as they were used to. What can we do for them when they lose agility and confidence in movement? Even sitting down and getting up can be a difficult task.

    With advancing age, walking difficulties increase and the act of sitting down in your favorite chair might be tiring and difficult.

    Relaxation and rest are necessary conditions in the life of each of us and become increasingly more importance as we get older: over the years, for many people it becomes almost essential to have proper support that allows every muscle the possibility to relax in total tranquility.

    Those who have greater mobility difficulties, such as the elderly and the disabled, will surely enjoy a comfortable lift chair designed specifically for their physical condition. A chair with lifting technology is huge help when standing up, especially for those who are home alone and that cannot risk falling and getting injured.

    ProduceShop offers the best armchairs for the elderly equipped with the most efficient lifting and elevating system, able to accompany the necessary movements to regain an upright position, and at the same time guarantee a correct seating that is, not only incredibly comfortable, but also beneficial to the musculoskeletal system.

  • Poufs and containers

    Conceived as a support element for legs and feet, today the pouf is presented as an optional and multifunctional furniture complement. From the bedroom to the living room, it's easy to find room for a stylish pouf.

    The pouf can be chosen in combination with the armchair or sofa, or be an additional element in a different style from the rest of the furniture in order to give a touch of originality and contrast.

    Having a pouf at home means being able to have an additional seat to be used when the need arises: in modern homes for example, characterized by more or less reduced spaces, a pouf can be a quick and functional solution to accommodate a guest without having to resort to the use of a traditional chair.

    Modern pouf pieces can also be a great useful resource. Other than using them as a stool or table, some of them also feature a practical compartment!

    Even our outdoor spaces can be furnished by the pouf; some of our offerings feature materials that are as resistant to weather and sun, making them suitable for outdoor lounges equipped with swimming pools.

    Give a touch of panache and innovative comfort to your room, choose the pouf you want from those available in the catalog below!

  • Kitchen furniture

    The kitchen and dining room are the heart of the house. These are the environments where we meet with the family to enjoy meals together, to celebrate special occasions and entertain ourselves with friends.

    The dining room is the environment where almost all domestic work is concentrated and some of the first aspects to consider when furnishing or designing this environment is functionality and practicality. While choosing furniture for a dining room one must be focused not only on the aesthetic aspect, but must have the right balance between hospitality and usability: if you want a beautiful dining room, you must not forget its main function, to welcome guests. in the most comfortable way possible.

    Dining room furniture is undoubtedly determined by the the singles pieces: the dining table, the protagonist of the design, which decides the character of the setting with its shape and size; the chairs, which can be combined with the style of the table or follow a more eclectic style; and finally the other complementary furnishing elements such as the sideboard which is always useful with its compartments to house various kitchen ameneties.

    Thanks to our wide selection it will be possible to furnish and customize the dining room as you wish: if space is not one of your problems, opt for a large rectangular table that can accommodate more people, if instead you prefer to furnish with a more optimized style, create a coherent set of matching table and chairs or, if you are a lover of moder design, you can choose between various compositions of contemporary design.

    Take a look at the catalog, our collection will be able to respond to any style need and will help you find the right solution to enjoy your dining room in a more pleasant way.

  • Shoe cabinets

    Collecting shoes is inevitable, we all love them. A shoe rack has become a necessity in any house, it's the best way to store multiple pairs, out of sight and in a tidy, organized way.

    As beautiful as they are, shoes are used for walking everywhere and can bring dirt into the closet, where other clothing are present.

    For this reason a shoe cabinet is the perfect ally. It is an extremely versatile storage cabinet that not only performs the function of keeping one's shoes tidily, but also contributes to optimizing the use of confined spaces, placing itself easily in almost any room of the house and is especially suitable to decorate both the living area of ​​the entrance and the sleeping area of ​​the bedrooms.

    It is a piece of furniture that can hold a large number of shoes without taking away excessive space and stands out mainly in open and closed compositions. In terms of aesthetics, closed shoe racks are much more welcome than open ones, in fact the complete camouflage of this complement with the rest of the furniture makes the presence inside the living spaces less intrusive and also more pleasing to the eye.

    Furthermore, closed shoe racks are more robust and durable and are chosen by customers above all for the greater tidy effect they give to the environment.

    Discover our exclusive selection of the best modern shoe racks in the catalog: within our range of offers you will certainly find the furnishing accessory that best suits your needs and which will help define the style of your home!

  • Closets and wardrobe

    The wardrobe is one of those indispensable pieces of furniture in any home. Dedicated to the storage of personal items such as clothes, shoes and much more, it allows you to keep a more organized and tidy environment!

    Who has never opened the wardrobe or wardrobe wishing for more room, more comfort and practicality, or simply better aesthetics?

    With our assortment of cupboards and wardrobes, clutter will be a thing of the past! Our collection is enriched by large wardrobes made with clothes rods, shelves, drawers and doors of all kinds and sizes, arranged in different positions, for a remarkable range of choices whose functionality is matched by design.

    Although the most important feature of wardrobes and closets is that of spacious containers, nowadays wardrobes have gained a new function within home, furnishing: decorating and adding style to an environment.

    The modern wardrobe closet is destined to respond to functional and aesthetic needs, lending itself to a thousand and more interpretations of furnishing style. This is why our wardrobes, while being versatile, are capable of fitting into multiple furnishing contexts ranging from the most classic and traditional style to the most contemporary and tendy.

    Each material has its right place in a home, which is why in our catalog you will find classic wood closets, which complete the sleeping area in a refined and welcoming way, and designer wardrobes with metal finishes that are meant to furnish of modern environment

    If you want to take advantage of the entrance wall or a space in the corridor to organizing coats, shoes and bags, the best solution is the multipurpose wardrobe which, with its reduced depth, is able to organize everything out of sight while being slim and elegant.

  • Dining tables

    The dining table brings the family together on all occasions. Due to its role and size, the table is mainly placed in the room dedicated to lunches and dinners, making it one of the most used pieces of furniture in every home.

    The table is an essential element that performs both a practical and a decorative function; it represents the key piece that defines the character of the dining room furniture through its size, shape and style.

    One of the most popular models of all time is the wooden table, a material capable of inspiring warmth and hospitality from the first glance while lending itself to infinite transformations in terms of shapes and finishes. The solid wood table is undoubtedly the perfect model to complete a large living room, whether traditional or more modern, as in the case of oak, a resistant and versatile wood that comes in various shades, from the most natural ones that are linked to tradition. , to the darker and more modern ones that give a distinctive edge to the design of the dining room.

    For the undecided, however, the white dining table is always the best idea: it goes well with everything, illuminates the environment and its neutrality makes it ideal for lovers of minimal style and Scandinavian atmosphere.

    It all depends on the style you want to adopt. A rectangular table with four perimeter legs fits into virtually any environment, allows you to surround it with more seats and is ideal for giving an elegant look to the dining room, while a square-shaped table will be more intimate and will be perfect for couples and small spaces. A table with a central pedestal is instead suitable if you want a space-saving solution which, thanks to its round shape and the absence of edges, can accommodate a large number of diners in a small space, opening up to conviviality.

    In this section you will be able to discover many models of dining tables for every space and style requirement, for large and small environments, all designed with different styles and various materials, to amaze and welcome guests in a unique room in step with the times.

  • Living room furniture

    In the field of interior design, the living room is one of the spaces that mostly characterizes and defines a home, allowing for the most freedom in style choices.

    The furnishing of a home always starts from the right living room, for this reason the correct choice of furniture for the living area is indispensable for every type of home, from the most classic to the most modern. A well thought out living room is able to transform a home, creating a welcoming environment and providing your family and guest with an inviting and peaceful atmosphere to be in.

    The living area is a fundamental part of the house that must be well organized taking into account the inhabitant's life style and the needs of any guests. Furniture elements dedicated to conversation such as sofas are almost a requirement, as are comfortable armchairs for relaxation and walls equipped to arrange a TV or different decorations. Sideboards for storing dining sets, practical bookcases for displaying literature, and versatile chests of drawers for storing objects of daily use are also great additions to a living room environment.

    From modern to classic style, from minimalism to industrial design, there are so many furnishing ideas for the living room. We aimed to select only the best furnishing accessories that are able to fit effectively into any living area, while contributing, with their extreme versatility, in creating an environment with a refined aesthetic, and capable of housing you and your family in the best possible way.

    Discover our assortment: our collection will surely inspire you to choose furniture for your living room so that you can feel at home from the first moment!

  • Carpets

    In the living room, dining room or bedroom, next to a comfortable sofa, combined with elegant furniture and decorative paintings, carpets have become an indispensable element to make a room welcoming.

    As well as furniture or home decorations, the rug manages to divide the space, creates a welcoming atmosphere, gives an original and modern touch to your favorite room and in addition, gives an incredible feeling of comfort and safety on the floor.

    With a carpet, every space of your living room becomes a place of relaxation in which to take a break in the evening after a hard day. Whether long or short-haired, plain or patterned, classic or modern, on our site you will find a wide range of home rugs made with high quality materials, all available in different patterns as well as in many shapes and shades of color, for the sole purpose of satisfying every need both of a functional and aesthetic taste but also of price, to better adapt to your furniture.

  • Tv stand furniture

    The TV cabinet is one of the main and indispensable furnishing elements of the living area, it gives support to the TV and at the same time furnishes the living room by offering storage compartments useful for inserting electronic platforms and multimedia accessories such as the home cinema system, video game console decoder or simply everything useful for the living area.

    Today the TV cabinet not only performs a practical function but also has a decorative value, capable of providing style and instilling character to the environment. When furnishing the living room where the whole family gathers, it is important to choose the right design to match the style of the furniture with the TV in possession. Our TV cabinets are ideal for any type of television and are available in different sizes to adapt to your wall and suitable for all spaces, from the smallest living rooms to the most spacious lofts, without ever losing sight of the attention to detail and attention to functionality.

    With the wide variety of models in our catalog you will have the opportunity to choose TV cabinets equipped with an open compartment, drawers with sliding or flap doors where you can neatly store all the daily accessories, and made with high quality finishes, starting with from the TV cabinets in white, anthracite or slate colors, with a matt or glossy finish, neutral shades and easy to match with an essential and contemporary style of living furniture. If, on the other hand, you love the natural touch of wood, you can opt for models with modern lines that will be able to give the room a current and very welcoming look.

    And to furnish this corner of the living room with a practical and at the same time aesthetic solution, among the different styles with which to set the choice of your TV cabinet, in our catalog you will find not only low and high TV cabinets but also the equipped walls, present in various and many types characterized by an impeccable design and of the highest quality.

    Take a look at our exclusive collection of TV stands and choose the perfect model for the walls of your home!

  • Electric fireplaces

    The feeling of being in front of the classic wood-burning fireplace but without having to fight with smells and smoke and having to worry about cleaning the ashes and soot.

    All this is possible thanks to our latest generation electric fireplaces, designed to satisfy the desire of those looking for a device capable of heating the rooms of the house and at the same time ideal for those who want a piece of furniture that integrates perfectly and gifts. elegance to the environment.

    In an electric fireplace the flame is artificial and is generated by LED lights that illuminate the reproductions of burning wood logs, guaranteeing an extremely realistic visual effect. The entire system can be configured manually or through the remote control with which you can choose between different levels of heat, shades of light or deactivate the heating function to enjoy only the flame effect even in the mildest and hottest months.

    Forget piles of wood and flues and discover our exclusive collection of electric fireplaces: the most practical solution to create a real eye-catcher and to enjoy a welcoming and warm atmosphere in any room of the house!

  • Sideboards and cupboards

    Sideboards and cupboards are furnishing accessories that find their natural place in the living area of ​​a home.

    Usually positioned in the kitchen or living room, these pieces of furniture perform an important function: they are in fact intended to accommodate everything that needs to be stored, such as glasses, plates, tablecloths and much more. Sideboards and cupboards therefore contribute to increasing the order of the rooms, offering useful space for arranging all those objects that, once used, can be safely put back in their place.

    But what is the substantial difference between sideboard and sideboard? The crux lies in the height: the first, in fact, is generally lower than the second, defined by a more vertical than horizontal development.

    These furnishing accessories therefore perform a "container" function: therefore, behind the doors there must be an optimized space equipped with shelves. In addition to the internal capacity, another factor must also be considered: these furniture can be comfortably used as a support surface and it is possible to host a television, ornamental plants, ornaments or any other furnishing object on them.

    Choosing a sideboard or sideboard with a modern and refined design means adding a touch of class to your home and, for this reason, ProduceShop has selected the best models, characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio and made with first choice materials.

  • Console and coffee tables

    Give a touch of class to domestic environments with coffee tables and consoles: this type of furnishing accessory integrates perfectly into any room, while at the same time being beautiful to look at and extremely functional.

    The items selected by ProduceShop are characterized by some peculiar characteristics that make them the perfect solution for the most diverse needs, in practical and aesthetic terms. Made with excellent quality materials, with solid structures and designed with an elegant and refined design, these tables and consoles will integrate harmoniously and without problems with the rest of the furniture and with the overall style of the home.

    The undoubted strength of these furnishing solutions is in fact versatility: they can be used to perform a myriad of different tasks and, consequently, find their place in the most varied spaces, from the corridor to the entrance, from the living room to the bedroom. from bed; the possibilities for customization are almost unlimited.

    ProduceShop therefore offers a large catalog of coffee tables and consoles, carefully selected by our experts to meet the most diverse tastes: scrolling through the pages you will find furniture with a classic, modern or shabby chic style, of various sizes, materials and colors. For those who often find themselves having to face space problems, we have also expanded our offer, adding to the fixed models also extendable tables that can be opened and closed at will in relation to the number of guests.

  • Paintings and prints

    Paintings and prints have always been a very popular solution to complete the furnishing of a home: ProduceShop has selected for you the best models on the market to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

    Have you finally finished furnishing your home? Aren't you forgetting something? Don't the walls seem a bit bare to you? If the answer to this last question is yes, paintings and prints are for you! Entrance, kitchen, living room or bedroom, whatever, these furnishing accessories can be placed practically anywhere and allow you to give a personal touch to the overall style of the rooms.

    Available in a large variety of sizes, shapes and subjects, the paintings and prints offered on our site are mainly made on canvas and, inside the package, there are the relative accessories for the suspension, in order to avoid loss of time and further financial outlays to the end user. Ordered, shipped, delivered, hung: easy isn't it?

  • Drawers

    You know, in a house there is never enough space available: for this reason, the chest of drawers represent a piece of furniture of fundamental importance for tidying up and giving a precise location to objects and clothes that are not used.

    There are many models on the market, with very different characteristics and peculiarities: ProduceShop has therefore selected only those that meet specific needs in terms of design, quality of materials used for construction and capacity. The drawer units on this page were chosen at the end of a long research process, aimed at guaranteeing the maximum satisfaction of the final customer.

    To choose the chest of drawers, a number of factors must be taken into account, such as the maximum size of the cabinet and the amount of objects to be stored in it. In recent years, the market has offered models of various sizes and shapes: tall and narrow drawers, low and long, square, shallow and much more. After having carried out this preliminary analysis, it is possible to move on to the evaluation of practicality: how many shelves should the chest of drawers have to perform its task effectively? The answer to this question will determine the number of drawers needed and, only at this point, will it be possible to consider the aesthetic criterion: style, color and material are important elements in the choice, since the new piece of furniture must integrate harmoniously with the rest of the furniture.

  • Kitchen trolleys

    Are you looking for a simple and smart way to always have everything you need to prepare your dishes at hand? Just choose a kitchen trolley, the perfect addition to organize dishes, utensils or condiments that will accompany you in the dining room or out in the garden with everything you need for a great meal!

    In addition to being easy to move where you want thanks to the sliding wheels, the kitchen trolleys offer an extra surface for smaller objects or decorative ones, which is why they are indispensable not only in the kitchen for the kitchenette, but also in the dining room. as a lunch box, in the bathroom or in the bedroom for accessories and linen, where it will make the organization of spaces in the house even easier and more functional.

    Choose one of the many kitchen trolleys in our assortment: folding, space-saving, on wheels or with fixed feet and equipped with shelves, shelves, drawers, bottle holders ... you will never want to do without!

  • Clothes hangers

    Tired of having clothes and coats lying around the house, perhaps stacked on top of each other? Put an end to the clutter and choose a coat rack!

    Comfortable, high-quality and not bulky, the hangers on our site can be placed anywhere and are perfectly suited to the style of your furniture. You can find different types of hangers that will be useful for your daily routine to quickly and tidily arrange jackets, coats and other accessories once you enter and thanks to their trendy design and style they will embellish not only the entrance, but also the other areas of the house, from the living room to the bedroom, as well as the office or an important waiting room. Among the most versatile in this section you will find the floor hangers which, in addition to combining aesthetics and practicality, can be transported to any corner you need or want to make the decor of your living room more pleasant, taking up very little space.

    Browse our online catalog and choose from a wide range of models of coat hangers with a modern or more classic design: it will help you to always have everything you need at your fingertips so that when you have to leave the house to go to work, you will have the coat is immediately ready and you will no longer have to dig through the mountain of clothes on the chair to look for it!

  • Equipped walls

    In recent years, equipped walls have become increasingly popular, by virtue of the refined aesthetics and the marked functionality that these furnishing accessories give to the living area.

    These sets are usually composed of a TV cabinet and a variable number of wall units and shelves: the customization possibilities are almost infinite and everything depends on your preferences and needs. By choosing an equipped wall, it is possible to optimize the available space, exploiting the vertical surfaces in order to obtain additional storage compartments for storing various objects and furnishings. Design and practicality come together in a single product, designed to enhance the living room with its presence. Visually light and not demanding, this solution is based on the harmonious coexistence of the contrast between full and empty spaces.

    As regards the dimensions, the equipped walls have a width that varies between 180 and 250 cm while the development in height can be more or less marked, occupying a small or large portion of the rear wall; the depth, on the other hand, is between 40 and 80 cm and has gradually decreased over the years, thanks to the advent of flat screen televisions, which are much less bulky than traditional models.

    From a structural point of view, there is an embarrassment of choice for materials: also in this case it is necessary to evaluate the alternatives and favor elements that ensure solidity and ease of cleaning. The wood, solid or blockboard, is undoubtedly popular, it is used above all for the wall units and is declined in different versions thanks to the lacquering (matt or glossy). As robust as it is aesthetically valuable (just consider the great success of industrial design in recent times), metal forms the supporting skeleton of every equipped wall, whether it is used for assembled structures, hinges or shelves. Timeless charm and preciousness make glass an always up-to-date option, especially for the creation of doors or shelves. Finally, a further touch of class is ensured by the resin finishes, on all laminate, melamine and polycarbonate, materials used to give the surfaces shine.

    As for the style, however, the choice is absolutely personal and must be made taking into consideration the general character of your home, thus opting for a piece of furniture that is harmonious with the distinctive features that characterize the rest of the furniture.

    On this page you can find our selection of equipped walls, the result of a long and laborious research process carried out by the ProduceShop team of experts to ensure its customers products of excellent quality at a competitive price.

  • Ceiling fans

    Despite the presence on the market of cooling systems suitable for regulating the temperature in homes, the expensive ceiling fan is still one of the most popular living comfort solutions that cannot be done without at least for one reason: the very low energy consumption.

    Unlike classic air conditioners which involve high costs in economic terms and which often also cause unwanted pain, our ceiling fans consume very little electricity, thanks above all to the silent and efficient motor that allows you to rotate the blades at different speeds and without make hardly any noise; in this way they help to relax with pleasure in the living room, to sleep undisturbed and to work peacefully despite the high temperatures, keeping the house always cool and well ventilated. But not only. In addition to being able to use them in the summer to cool off, thanks to the latest reversible function it is possible to use the fan all year round, even in winter. By changing the direction of the blades counterclockwise, the hot air that naturally tends to rise upwards, will be directed towards the floor and redistributed more evenly throughout the room; in this way there will no longer be any need to increase the degrees on the thermostat, much less to spend more on heating. Most of our ceiling fans are also equipped with an LED lighting system, so it can be used instead of traditional chandeliers or ceiling lights to illuminate the rooms of the house with an even lower energy consumption, and thanks to the remote control in supplied, you can adjust the speed of the blades, set the switch-on and switch-off times and conveniently manage all the functions remotely.

    Make your stay in the living room, bedroom or kitchen more pleasant and keep the hot summer heat away by choosing the ceiling fan that best suits your home from our different models.

  • Wall clocks

    Partly for utility, partly out of habit, wall clocks are an inevitable presence in practically all homes.

    Despite the fierce competition from smartphones and other digital devices, always having a fixed reference point where you can check the time is still a practical and convenient alternative. Furthermore, to the function for which they were designed, these furnishing accessories also add the aesthetic aspect, allowing you to break the monotony and focus attention with modern and captivating designs or with particular colors and shapes.

    Choosing a wall clock today may not be a simple operation: there are many models available on the market, each with its own unique characteristics, and you must carefully consider your needs before proceeding with the purchase. First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the destination: bedroom, corridor, kitchen and living room are the most popular locations but there is no lack of possible solutions. As far as style and size are concerned, here it is personal taste that guides preferences and the freedom to dare and experiment is not limited.

    The modern wall clocks signed by dESIGNoBJECT represent an excellence in this sector: the result of a fine craftsmanship, they are 100% Made in Italy items with attention to the smallest details to ensure maximum customer satisfaction in terms of construction quality, aesthetics and operation. . After being designed and built with first choice materials, each watch is screen-printed by hand in order to fully respond to the fundamental criteria of originality and uniqueness. Their design, be it innovative, vintage, industrial or whimsical, adapts perfectly to any domestic environment and enhances the general character of the room with its presence. The mechanism is silent and reliable, perfect for not disturbing with that annoying and thumping ticking that characterized the older timepieces.

    Discover on this page our selection of the best wall clocks currently on the market: at your disposal you will have a wide range of colors, styles and sizes to choose from!

  • Magnetic boards and...

    Magnetic whiteboards and wall organizers are a perfect solution for tidying up your home and finding a precise place for reminders, notes, shopping lists and much more.

    "Hang all", this may be an appropriate definition to describe this type of furnishing accessories: the wall-mounted holders are an extremely versatile item, designed to ensure maximum freedom of use. They can be used as key rings, document holders or postmen: these are just some of the countless possibilities offered. On a magnetic board, using practical clips, you can fix post-its, scattered sheets or photographs, so that you always have them in view and don't forget about errands to do, deadlines or business appointments. Furthermore, some models are writable (with a special marker) on the entire surface and are undoubtedly the favorite of children, free to draw on them and let their imagination travel. In addition to being useful and comfortable, these bulletin boards contribute, with their unique style (modern / vintage / whimsical / industrial), to enhance the general character of the room that hosts them.

    The magnetic boards and organizers signed by dESIGNoBJECT are made with artisan techniques on high quality materials and are screen-printed by hand: these peculiarities increase the uniqueness and originality of each single item. The design is 100% Made in Italy and allows these decorative furnishing accessories to be placed in any home environment without particular difficulties. The package includes all the accessories (clip with magnet, marker, etc.) necessary to fully exploit the functionality of the object.

    Saying stop to clutter is easy with a magnetic board or an organizer: discover all the models available in this section and choose your favorite!

  • Stabilized vegetable...

    Preserved plant paintings represent a sustainable and original alternative to give a touch of color to the walls of the house without sacrificing design.

    Entirely made in Italy with superior quality materials, these decorative elements require minimal maintenance and guarantee a remarkable scenic effect, whatever their location. These natural works of art are produced with craftsmanship with attention to the smallest detail that leaves ample room for maneuver to the creativity and skill of the performer. Ideal for enhancing surfaces and modulating the atmosphere in any environment, these framed paintings give an enveloping feeling of peace and well-being, thanks to the sound-absorbing, fire-retardant, antibacterial and antistatic properties of the plant covering.

    At the base of each piece of furniture there is the stabilization process, carried out with 100% natural products and essential for the conservation of plants: thanks to this particular treatment, in fact, mosses, flowers and lichens stop growing and, consequently , they will no longer need water or sunlight. Their qualities are thus able to remain unchanged over time, without losing the liveliness of color and softness to the touch.

    In this section you will find a wide selection of models, each featuring a modern and innovative design: choose your favorite and decorate your home with originality!

  • Bright furnishings

    Original and innovative, bright furnishings are becoming increasingly popular and it is not uncommon today to come across armchairs, tables and bar counters featuring this sophisticated technology.

    Easily recognizable thanks to their unique design, these furnishing accessories represent an alternative to classic furniture to be taken into consideration when you want to set up your own public place or, why not, give a touch of modernity to your home. Objects of this type hardly go unnoticed and, on the contrary, everyone will be amazed by observing the mastery that has shaped sinuous shapes, delicate lines and visionary concepts.

    Usually made with high quality polyethylene, a material that guarantees exceptional resistance to bad weather, these furnishings can be placed both indoors and, depending on their degree of protection and impermeability, outdoors. Furthermore, as regards the power supply, some models are equipped with a cable while others rely on a rechargeable battery, capable of ensuring several hours of autonomy for the LED / RGB bulbs.

    Whether it is an armchair, a sofa, an ice bucket or a bar counter, choosing a luminous piece of furniture represents a winning solution in any case: the undoubted functionality of the product is also combined with the aesthetic beauty. that only their design with attention to the smallest details is capable of making them stand out.

    On this page of our site you will find a selection of the best furniture belonging to this type: most of the items present here are 100% Made in Italy and this certification, as is well known, is a guarantee of absolute quality. Find your favorite model and give an edge to any environment!

  • Wine racks

    Wine racks are a category of refined and original furnishing accessories, perfect for adding a touch of class to any room in the house and, of course, for always having your favorite vintages at hand.

    Elegant mix of design and functionality, these decorative accessories are real displays where you can neatly store wine bottles before uncorking and tasting them, in the company of partners, friends or relatives. There are different types on the market and, on this page of our site, you will find the best models, carefully selected for you by our team of experts at the end of a long and laborious journey, aimed at identifying only the options capable of fully satisfying the customer needs.

    Versatility is the watchword in this case and, to satisfy the most disparate requests, we have decided to offer column, wall and suspended bottle racks. All models are made with superior quality materials, to ensure maximum load stability and exceptional durability. The products collected here are 100% Made in Italy and this certification is a guarantee of maximum reliability and attention to detail. Discover all the available versions and choose your favorite: cheers!

  • Wall shelves and shelves

    Shelves and shelves are a perfect solution to rationalize and fully exploit the space available, obtaining additional shelves where to place the most disparate objects.

    You're finally done decorating your home, what a satisfaction! But wait, aren't you forgetting something? But of course, don't you see how bare the walls are? To remedy this problem, a few shelves will be enough which, thanks to its modern design, will be able to enhance every single square centimeter. Before starting to fill them, however, pay attention to the maximum load of each (to avoid disasters). As for shapes and colors, feel free to dare and indulge your personal taste.

    There are an infinite number of models on the market and choosing the one that best suits your needs could be complicated. Don't worry, our team of experts has one goal: to make your life easier. For this reason, it has selected the best wall shelves here, furnishing accessories made with superior quality materials to 100% meet customer needs and ensure stability and durability. The versions available here are characterized by a sober but original style, capable of integrating perfectly into any context and adding a touch of liveliness to the surrounding environment.

    In short, you just have to choose your favorite model and start filling it with books, flower vases, knick-knacks or any other object: now the walls are much less empty, aren't they?

Home Furniture

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Home Furniture

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Elegance Set Made of a 90x90cm Beige Square Table and 4 Colourful Chairs

Elegance Set Made of a 90x90cm Beige Square Table and 4 Colourful Chairs

£474.95 -£25.00 £449.95
In stock
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  • -£25.00
Enjoy Set Made of a 150x90cm Black Rectangular Table and 6 Colourful Chairs

Enjoy Set Made of a 150x90cm Black Rectangular Table and 6 Colourful Chairs

£599.95 -£100.00 £499.95
In stock
  • On sale!
  • -£100.00
Lot of 16 Transparent Design Chair in Polycarbonate Made in Italy for the Kitchen Living Rooms Femme Fatale

Lot of 16 Transparent Design Chair in Polycarbonate Made in Italy for the...

£2,049.95 -£200.00 £1,849.95
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  • -£200.00
Set of 18 Ice Grand Soleil Chairs made of Polypropylene for Restaurant and Bar

Set of 18 Ice Grand Soleil Chairs made of Polypropylene for Restaurant and Bar

£1,319.94 -£250.00 £1,069.94
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£250.00
Lot of 18 Cristal Light Design Transparent Plastic Chairs Made in Italy for Home Interiors

Lot of 18 Cristal Light Design Transparent Plastic Chairs Made in Italy for...

£1,659.95 -£130.00 £1,529.95
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£130.00
Set of 24 Paris Grand Soleil Stackable Chairs for Bars and Restaurants made of Polypropylene

Set of 24 Paris Grand Soleil Stackable Chairs for Bars and Restaurants made...

£1,409.95 -£220.00 £1,189.95
In stock
  • Online only
  • On sale!
  • -£220.00
18 Transparent Stacking Chairs Grand Soleil Dune

18 Transparent Stacking Chairs Grand Soleil Dune

£1,809.95 -£230.00 £1,579.95
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£230.00
Set of 22 Polypropylene Design Chairs Made in Italy with Armrests for Kitchens Restaurants Gruvyer Arm

Set of 22 Polypropylene Design Chairs Made in Italy with Armrests for...

£1,509.94 -£80.00 £1,429.94
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£80.00
Set of 20 BOHÈME Stackable Garden Chair High-Quality Resin Rattan

Set of 20 BOHÈME Stackable Garden Chair High-Quality Resin Rattan

£1,114.95 -£145.00 £969.95
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£145.00
Set of 18 BOHÈME ARM Garden Dining Chair With Armrests Rattan

Set of 18 BOHÈME ARM Garden Dining Chair With Armrests Rattan

£1,099.95 -£140.00 £959.95
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£140.00
Set of 22 Cream Grand Soleil Dinner Chairs Armrests Polypropylene Indoor Bistro

Set of 22 Cream Grand Soleil Dinner Chairs Armrests Polypropylene Indoor Bistro

£1,469.94 -£90.00 £1,379.94
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£90.00
Set of 16 Gruvyer Transparent Stackable Chairs for Restaurants and Bars made of High-Quality Polycarbonate

Set of 16 Gruvyer Transparent Stackable Chairs for Restaurants and Bars made...

£2,099.94 -£150.00 £1,949.94
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£150.00
Lot of 18 Transparent Design Chairs Made in Italy for Restaurants Hypnotic

Lot of 18 Transparent Design Chairs Made in Italy for Restaurants Hypnotic

£1,849.94 -£320.00 £1,529.94
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£320.00
Lot of 20 Design Chairs in Transparent Polycarbonate Made in Italy Home Interiors Joker

Lot of 20 Design Chairs in Transparent Polycarbonate Made in Italy Home...

£2,459.94 -£310.00 £2,149.94
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£310.00
Set of 22 Bistrot Stackable Rattan Garden Indoor Chairs By Grand Soleil

Set of 22 Bistrot Stackable Rattan Garden Indoor Chairs By Grand Soleil

£1,169.95 -£130.00 £1,039.95
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£130.00
Set of 20 Bistrot Arm Garden Stackable Poly Rattan Armchair By Grand Soleil

Set of 20 Bistrot Arm Garden Stackable Poly Rattan Armchair By Grand Soleil

£1,249.95 -£230.00 £1,019.95
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£230.00
Set of 22 Rome Grand Soleil Stackable Chairs made of Polypropylene for bar

Set of 22 Rome Grand Soleil Stackable Chairs made of Polypropylene for bar

£1,289.95 -£100.00 £1,189.95
In stock
  • On sale!
  • -£100.00
Caffè Set Made of a 70x70cm Square Table and 2 Colourful Transparent Chairs

Caffè Set Made of a 70x70cm Square Table and 2 Colourful Transparent Chairs

£529.95 -£90.00 £439.95
In stock
  • On sale!
  • -£90.00
Brown Passion Set Made of a 90x90cm Brown Square Table and 4 Colourful Chairs

Brown Passion Set Made of a 90x90cm Brown Square Table and 4 Colourful Chairs

£489.95 -£50.00 £439.95
In stock
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  • -£50.00
Corner Sofa Bed in Microfiber 3 Seats with Cushions Smeraldo

Corner Sofa Bed in Microfiber 3 Seats with Cushions Smeraldo

£979.95 -£160.00 £819.95
In stock
  • On sale!
  • -£160.00
Corner Sofa Bed with Ample Footstool 3 Seats Madreperla

Corner Sofa Bed with Ample Footstool 3 Seats Madreperla

£1,219.95 -£190.00 £1,029.95
In stock
  • On sale!
  • -£190.00
Sofa Bed 2 Seats in Eco Leather with Reclining Backrest and Storage Ambra

Sofa Bed 2 Seats in Eco Leather with Reclining Backrest and Storage Ambra

£849.95 -£180.00 £669.95
In stock
  • On sale!
  • -£180.00
Corner Sofa Bed with Lounger in Eco Leather Zircone

Corner Sofa Bed with Lounger in Eco Leather Zircone

£664.95 -£115.00 £549.95
In stock
  • On sale!
  • -£115.00
Set of 20 Dinner Design Chair for Restaurants Home Interiors Indoor WEDDING

Set of 20 Dinner Design Chair for Restaurants Home Interiors Indoor WEDDING

£1,184.95 -£135.00 £1,049.95
In stock
  • On sale!
  • -£135.00
Set of 24 Restaurant Chairs for Restaurant and Bar made of Polypropylene

Set of 24 Restaurant Chairs for Restaurant and Bar made of Polypropylene

£1,689.95 -£250.00 £1,439.95
In stock
  • On sale!
  • -£250.00
Set of 20 Garden Giulietta Polypropylene Design Chair Vintage Home Interiors Restaurant

Set of 20 Garden Giulietta Polypropylene Design Chair Vintage Home Interiors...

£1,289.95 -£150.00 £1,139.95
Last ones in stock
  • On sale!
  • -£150.00
Design Sofa in PU Leather 2 Seater ChesterFIELD

Design Sofa in PU Leather 2 Seater ChesterFIELD

£1,154.95 -£195.00 £959.95
In stock
  • -£195.00
Modular Sofa Bed in Fabric with Cushions Sweet Dreams

Modular Sofa Bed in Fabric with Cushions Sweet Dreams

£864.95 -£95.00 £769.95
In stock
  • -£95.00
2 Seater Sofa in velvety fabric Design Chesterfield

2 Seater Sofa in velvety fabric Design Chesterfield

£1,104.95 -£145.00 £959.95
In stock
  • -£145.00
Hanger with Wooden Shelf Modern Design

Hanger with Wooden Shelf Modern Design

£374.95 -£60.00 £314.95
Last ones in stock
  • -£60.00
White Glossy 2 Drawers 1 Door Dresser with a Natural Oak Base

White Glossy 2 Drawers 1 Door Dresser with a Natural Oak Base

£564.95 -£135.00 £429.95
Last ones in stock
  • -£135.00
Multifunctional 6 Drawers 3 Doors Dresser for your Living Room Kitchen Bedroom

Multifunctional 6 Drawers 3 Doors Dresser for your Living Room Kitchen Bedroom

£939.95 -£190.00 £749.95
Last ones in stock
  • -£190.00
White Bedroom Storage Dresser 4 Drawers 2 Doors Cubbies Kitchen Living Room

White Bedroom Storage Dresser 4 Drawers 2 Doors Cubbies Kitchen Living Room

£739.95 -£230.00 £509.95
Last ones in stock
  • -£230.00
Shoe Rack and Storage Organizer Closet Multi-purpose Drawer Natural Oak 16 pairs of Shoes

Shoe Rack and Storage Organizer Closet Multi-purpose Drawer Natural Oak 16...

£549.95 -£110.00 £439.95
Last ones in stock
  • -£110.00
White Dresser with 2 Drawers and oak base

White Dresser with 2 Drawers and oak base

£514.95 -£115.00 £399.95
Last ones in stock
  • -£115.00
Set of 20 Parisienne Stackable Chairs Polypropylene for Restaurant Bar

Set of 20 Parisienne Stackable Chairs Polypropylene for Restaurant Bar

£1,299.95 -£190.00 £1,109.95
In stock
  • -£190.00
Set of 20 White Vintage Chairs For Catering Bars Hotels Restaurants Chiavarina

Set of 20 White Vintage Chairs For Catering Bars Hotels Restaurants Chiavarina

£1,249.95 -£200.00 £1,049.95
Last ones in stock
  • -£200.00
Stock 20 Chairs Bar Polypropylene And Wood Modern Design Barcellona

Stock 20 Chairs Bar Polypropylene And Wood Modern Design Barcellona

£1,339.95 -£190.00 £1,149.95
Last ones in stock
  • -£190.00
Stock of 20 Colourful Chairs Modern Design Hotel Bar Restaurant Outdoor Color

Stock of 20 Colourful Chairs Modern Design Hotel Bar Restaurant Outdoor Color

£1,279.95 -£230.00 £1,049.95
In stock
  • -£230.00
Stock of 20 Chairs With Pillow Fabric Scandinavian Design Tulip Nordica Plus For Restaurants And Bars

Stock of 20 Chairs With Pillow Fabric Scandinavian Design Tulip Nordica Plus...

£1,789.95 -£230.00 £1,559.95
Last ones in stock
  • -£230.00
Stock of 20 Chairs Scandinavian Design Metal Wood Effect Dexer For Bars And Restaurants

Stock of 20 Chairs Scandinavian Design Metal Wood Effect Dexer For Bars And...

£1,629.95 -£260.00 £1,369.95
Last ones in stock
  • -£260.00
Stock of 20 Chairs for Restaurants Bars with Scandinavian Design Komoda

Stock of 20 Chairs for Restaurants Bars with Scandinavian Design Komoda

£2,269.95 -£230.00 £2,039.95
Last ones in stock
  • -£230.00

Here you will find our designer chairs for your interior decoration. These products are also well suited to furnish commercial spaces such as your club, restaurant, hotel or coffee house.

Our indoor chairs from Grand Soleil are inspired from beautiful Italian designs, and molded from high quality, strong and durable materials, such as polycarbonate and polypropylene; they are so sturdy that they happily recommend them for outdoor use as well.

Our collection also includes tables of all sizes, for your own home or for professional use, along with stools in all shapes and colours.