• Queen Size Beds

    ProduceShop has selected a wide range of bed frames, to make your room the place where "dreams" come true.

    Our queen-size beds offer unique designs and many different styles, colours and materials to choose from. 

    Our wide range of LLB queen-size beds includes versatile, space-saving beds, suitable for small spaces like guest rooms or hotels. Additional drawers and cot lifting systems offer practical solutions for storing everything you need for bedding.

    LLB queen-size beds come in a variety of versions: upholstered, fully fabric-covered beds that are perfect for those who want to relax or enjoy a good book in comfort.

    The selection of ProduceShop queen-size beds will satisfy all your needs, offering you a unique range of proposals. Functional and comfortable beds, modern or classic styles, technological innovations like structures equipped with LED lights. Bring your bedroom to life by changing the look of the room with one of our beds!

    All you have to do is add the mattress that best suits your needs to bring home one of our best products.

  • Folding Beds

    Living in a small apartment? Looking for a smart and design solution to gain space? Make your walls more functional by choosing one of our practical Murphy beds.

    Ideal when the space at home seems not enough, the Murphy bed is a type of bed that literally disappears into the cabinet that contains it. Thanks to the assisted lift-up mechanisms, the bed opens and closes with great ease, taking up only a few centimeters of depth when closed. When opened, it instead becomes a regular bed, guaranteeing the same comfort during the night. Perfect, therefore, in studios, two-room apartments, guest rooms, vacation homes, and to save space in children's bedrooms. Compared to the classic sofa bed or cot, the mattress of a Murphy bed lasts longer precisely because it is not folded. And you can even leave it with sheets and blankets. Discover our rich collection of Murphy beds. We have models of every type, style, and size that satisfy the most diverse space and furnishing needs. Single and double Murphy beds are the most requested, but we also have queen-sized, bunk beds, horizontal or vertical Murphy beds that turn the living area into a comfortable sleeping area. Try it to believe it!

  • Children Beds

    Children deserve to have their bedroom stylishly furnished too. Just as they deserve to sleep peacefully and wake up with a smile every day. Choose to have your children sleep sweetly on one of our beautiful children's beds.

    Children prefer to play rather than putting on their pajamas and getting under the covers. Parents know well that every night they tell stories in the hope of making them fall asleep. Why not make the bedtime more fun? To avoid sleepless nights for moms and dads, ProduceShop offers a wide range of children's beds that will gently accompany the little ones during bedtime with sweetness and a touch of fantasy. The beds we have selected are characterized by comfort, ergonomics, functionality, and funny and cute designs, but in this case, we have decided to prioritize safety. That's why we have chosen children's beds made specifically with ecological materials, certified quality, and painted with non-toxic colors that respect the delicate skin of the little ones since their first steps. In our assortment of beds, you will find many types of beds to furnish the bedroom in an original and playful way, such as the famous Teepee beds, for instance, that have a tent shape, which the little Indians will love. But also container children's beds, bunk beds, loft beds up to the educational Montessori beds that are the most sought after at the moment because they help children grow and learn to sleep independently. Choose the children's bed that best suits their and your needs. Create a room tailored to your prince or princess and give them a night full of sweet dreams!

  • Inflatable Mattresses

    Are you looking for a solution to enjoy camping with the right comfort? Opt for a comfortable inflatable air mattress.

    An essential accessory if you're about to set off with a backpack, the inflatable bed is the perfect ally for outdoor adventures as well as for sleeping at home. Simply inflate it, and in no time, you'll have a comfortable mattress to rest peacefully in your tent under the stars or to use when you have guests and want to accommodate them for the night. Some of the models in our catalog even have an integrated pump that saves you the hassle of inflating them manually. When you no longer need it, deflate it and put it in the appropriate bag, chest, or at the back of the closet. As mentioned, you can use it to sleep inside a house, for mountain excursions, or even in the garden to relax while sunbathing or take a nap in the open air. Surprisingly comfortable and insulating, on our online shop, you'll find inflatable mattresses of every shape, kind, and size, all at an excellent price-quality ratio. Double, single, one and a half size inflatable air mattresses from the best brands, such as Intex and Bestway, for example. Find the one that suits you right away!

  • Small Double Mattresses

    Are you tired of sleeping on a narrow single bed? Do you want to turn around without the fear of falling off? The small double mattress is the ideal solution for you.

    These Time2Dream mattress are perfect for those who need comfort without taking up too much space. The small double mattress are ideal for sofa beds because they are perfectly adaptable to the bed structures that fold and close in a sofaᅠallowing you gaining space without reducing comfort.

    The Time2Dream Queen Size mattresses are practical, orthopedic and certified by the Health Service. Our mattresses also feature a core with a Waterfoam or Memoryfoam sheet to guarantee a deep and restful sleep.

    Models with removable covers and in Natural Aloe Vera are also available on request.

  • Single Mattresses

    When it comes to furnishing a bedroom, the mattress is the centre piece around which you build the rest. A high quality, comfortable mattress will always ensure an adequate and deep rest, a requirement when dealing with busy work days. Our single mattresses from Time2Dream, thanks to their high resistant structure, support the whole body, adapting to movements and relieving the pressure on the shoulders and hips; this will provide for deeper and extremely restful sleep, reducing stress points and improving circulation, thus avoiding the postural problems of everyday life. A single mattress from Time2Dream is the best choice for those who need to furnish their bedroom, a guest room or hotel rooms, and that are looking for a mattress with high quality seams, that is 100% made in Italy, and is antibacterial / anti-mite. The range of Time2Dream single mattresses includes the famous memory foam technology and the brand new Waterfoam structure with flexible polyurethane foam core; to top it off, we also offer the choice of removable liner, in fabric or even 100% aloe vera!

  • Small Double Beds

    Small double beds are among the most popular size, they also known as "French beds", or single beds that are slightly larger than the traditional ones.

    The small double bed is generally 120 cm wide and it is widely used in the bedrooms of children who want more space, in the furnishing of single people or in hotel rooms. This choice is inspired by the need to spread wider than on a single bed, enjoying much more space and freedom.

    Our selection of very respectable small double beds: upholstered, classic, modern, simple and with a storage is the perfect solution for you!

    The reasons behind the choice of a small double bed can be numerous: space in the bedroom may not be enough for a queen-size or a king-size bed or you just want to give your children a more spacious bed, in which they can roll around and turn without problems.

    ProduceShop has selected a wide variety of small double beds, which meets the most diverse needs: from eco-leather models to fabric beds with a storage; discover them all, you will surely find the one that best suits you!

  • Intex Single and...

    Intex inflatable mattresses, sofas and airbeds: great comfort, smart practicality and low prices.

    This category includes a wide range of Intex high-quality products at very reasonable prices.

    Our line of Intex airbeds and mattresses, of which we are official distributors for the Italian and European market, definitely ensures the best value for money. Many customers buy inflatable sofas, chairs, mattresses and cushions to furnish their home, both indoors and outdoors. These products are an ideal solution for unexpected guests, or even to add an extra bed only when needed, saving valuable space.

    High quality and the durable materials allows for both indoor and outdoor use, even camping and during holidays in general. These high quality products can be easily inflated and deflated and, above all, they provide maximum comfort, especially when compared to those of our competitors.

    Thanks to the structure of Intex cells, special technologies employed and quality materials, these are really longer-lasting products.

  • Double Mattresses

    The mattress is considered to be the real heart of any bedroom and you must therefore pay attention when choosing it. ProduceShop offers various different models that are characterised by type of structure, materials and cover fabrics.

    Our mattresses offer uniform support for a comfortable and restful sleep. Among the most appreciated qualities of these mattresses are their elasticity, resistance and strong antibacterial properties, which make them particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies.

    Our selection of mattresses respects the highest production standards and only features models free of toxix substances to ensure a 100% safe rest. Moreover, the choice of 100% Italian materials is a further guarantee of the quality of the products offered.
    Each mattress is designed with specific ergonomic and technical features to optimally respond to any physiological need during rest. 

    Tired of sleeping badly? We offer you a wide range of mattresses that can adapt to your body weight and position, with a completely personalised support to guarantee the perfect sleep experience.

  • Single Beds

    Sleeping well is essential to wake up rested and full of energy to face the frenzy of everyday life. That's why it's important to choose the right bed: comfortable, beautiful, cozy and especially large enough to allow you to stretch and relax as you should. In our range of bed frames you will find many different styles to choose the most suitable bed for you.

    In our catalogue of beds you will be spoilt for choice: double beds, single beds, container beds and small double beds, all in various materials and finishes!

    When we talk about attention to detail, high quality materials and manufacturing wisdom we do so with a guarantee from ProduceShop: all materials used in production are highly selected, up to the padding and the perfect mechanisms for lifting the slats. A modern bed must be both comfortable and useful while being equipped with compartments to store everything you need. ProduceShop does not stop here: we has always been synonymous with design; our team of experts in the field, designers and interior decorators are constantly working to ensure that every bed is incomparable and extraordinary; we even offer a bed with integrated LED lighting for a unique atmospheric effect.

    In addition, many of the models proposed here are equipped with front opening or drawers that uncover large storage compartments for extra space-saving or for storing blankets and linen.

    Do your bedroom a favour and check out our catalogue!

  • Mattresses for children

    Today we offer you our selection of mattresses for children, made of memory or waterfoam for the nocturnal well-being of the little ones.

    Sleeping well is essential to face the day with the right load of energy: children are no exception and, for this reason, the choice of the mattress for their bed must be made with awareness. There are several parameters to take into consideration and, in the next lines, we will list them, analyzing the most important aspects.

    Babies sleep more hours than an adult and, consequently, will spend most of their day in bed: it is therefore inevitable that the mattress will have to adapt to the weight and shape of the body, as well as correctly support the spine, which is still in phase. of development. As for the size, it is necessary to evaluate according to age: ProduceShop has selected for you two standard sizes (70x140 and 80x160 cm), ideal for accompanying the little one during his growth and often also used by cot manufacturers. In this regard, it is essential to check that there are no empty spaces between the mattress and the structure, in order to prevent the child from getting stuck in it. Finally, the recommended thickness must be at least 12 cm, in order to ensure optimal comfort.

    Speaking of materials, the choice is wide (latex, coconut fiber, wool, etc.) but we advise you to opt for memory or waterfoam, non-toxic, breathable and hypoallergenic foams. These mattresses are designed to smoothly adapt to the silhouette, offering the correct support to the spine; they are also versatile and light, easy to move to change the sheets or for other needs.

    In this section of our site you will find a wide range of mattresses for children of various sizes, characterized by different construction technologies but united by a high quality rate that places them in a higher range than competing items, while maintaining a highly competitive final price. Discover all our proposals and choose the solution that best suits your needs!

  • Folding beds

    Who has never hosted friends or relatives at home for the weekend? Whether it's sudden guests who show up at the door, or planned trips, the dilemma is always the same: finding temporary accommodation and a bed for your guests to rest comfortably.

    Nowadays there are various solutions that allow you to have a very comfortable bed with a comfortable mattress at a moments notice without sacrificing space.

    Folding beds are very useful on unexpected occasions when you need an extra bed for occasional guests; the camp bed is even ideal to optimize living in a small single studio apartment or if you have a holiday home to rent!

    Furnishing a small house is always a challenge, for this reason it is better to rely on versatile and multifunctional furnishing accessories, such as a piece of furniture with an integrated single foldaway bed, a perfect emergency solution to keep the mattress away from dust. During the day, these beds are hidden in a common piece of furniture to be used in the living room as a support surface, but just open the front panel and voila, a single bed complete with slatted base and mattress is ready for the night!

    Enough said, folding beds are truly a practical item to have in your home. You never know who might surprise you with a visit!

    Choose the model you like best and add it to your cart, order and receive the item from the comfort of your home!

Beds And Mattresses

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What's the secret to waking up happy and well-rested? Sleeping well, of course. And what better way than to rest on a comfortable mattress? For your sweet dreams, ProduceShop offers a complete and varied selection of high-quality beds and mattresses to sleep peacefully all night long.

The bed and mattress are essential components of peaceful and serene sleep. The size of the bed, the type of bed frame, the hardness, and the quality of the mattress materials contribute greatly to improve the well-being and nightly rest of each of us, so they must be chosen very carefully. The selection of beds and mattresses we have chosen offers sweet nights and restful mornings to all members of your family. Take a look at the vast assortment. You will certainly find the bed and mattress that perfectly meets your requirements for comfort, space, and budget. We have single beds, double beds, box beds, queen size beds, king-size beds, all almost always complete with an orthopedic bed base to turn a good night into a 5-star rest. And not just beds! To ensure you get a tailor-made comfort and recover your energy spent during the day, you can choose from an endless series of different mattresses for materials, dimensions, and height. You will have at your disposal ergonomic spring mattresses, latex mattresses, adaptive memory foam mattresses, water foam mattresses, and more or less differently supported areas that ensure the maximum comfort to the whole body during sleep. But design also deserves attention. That's why we offer you a wide choice of modern shapes, fabrics, and styles to furnish the bedroom as you’ve always dreamed at convenient prices. Get comfortable and start dreaming even before falling asleep with ProduceShop's collection of beds and mattresses!

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Single bed box 80x190 upholstered headboard cushion Appia S Promotion

Single bed box 80x190 upholstered headboard cushion Appia S

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Memory Foam 25cm double mattress 160x190cm Memory Gel Veradea Promotion

Memory Foam 25cm double mattress 160x190cm Memory Gel Veradea

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Square and a half mattress Memory Foam 25cm 120x190cm Memory Gel Veradea Promotion

Square and a half mattress Memory Foam 25cm 120x190cm Memory Gel Veradea

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Double mattress with removable cover 20 cm 160x190cm Veradea Giusto Promotion

Double mattress with removable cover 20 cm 160x190cm Veradea Giusto

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