• Dog Kennels

    A kennel for your dog is a gift of great importance as it means dedicating a special place to him, a small corner of his own where he can feel safe and secure.

    For dogs that mainly live outdoors or who can spend most of the day in the garden, the kennel is an important accessory: not only useful for finding coolness in summer and taking refuge from the coldduring winter, a kennel also establishes a protected and familiar place where your four-legged friend can relax, play and feel safe.

    Dog kennels are also useful for those new puppies who enter the house for the first time as it becomes a reference point in which the puppy can feel safe and protected in an environment so new to their eyes.

    From the size of the animal to the materials from which it is built, you must consider many details before choosing the right dog house.

    Most of the kennels that you will find in this section are made of resistant plastic precisely to ensure excellent thermal insulation during all seasons of the year, they are also practical and economical, easy to clean and transport, even ideal for indoor environments.

    If you want to ensure a comfortable and relaxing shelter for your four-legged friend, all you have to do is check out this section where you will find the best kennels available exclusively for your dog.

  • Tables for dog grooming

    Those who love to take care of their four-legged friend, literally showering love and attention, know well that regular grooming is a serious commitment.

    In these cases, the purchase of a folding and transportable grooming table is a solution that can help you take care of the health and appearance of your pet. Whether at home or in a professional salon, a grooming table is an excellent work point as it allows you to quickly and easily position your dog for a complete wash, a nail trim and a nice coat brushing , allowing maximum comfort for you and for him.

    Despite the low weight, the structure of our grooming tables is stable and solid, so that even the largest animal breeds can be supported. The top has an anti-slip and scratch-resistant surface and is equipped with a protective aluminum edge; both the top and the edge are easy to clean and make the table suitable for the care and cleaning of your four-legged friend.

    After use, the grooming table can be folded in a few simple steps so that it can be transported with absolute ease and finally stored without any encumbrance until next use. The noose arm is included with the grooming table, which can be adjusted in height by means of a screw clamp, in order to keep your friend in complete safety for the entire time of grooming.

    Do-it-yourself grooming is no longer impossible!

  • Pet ramp

    The sofa is known to be the object of desire of every pet and the corner of the house that they love most precisely because it is the area in which you can relax in complete tranquility and relaxation, where your four-legged friend can lie down next to it. to you, and let yourself be pampered in front of the TV.

    If your dog has problems getting on the sofa, the ladders solve the problem in the simplest way: with just a few steps he will be able to reach the desired destination without effort! Dog ladders are a very useful accessory for small dogs that cannot overcome very high obstacles, such as getting on a sofa or any other place that is difficult for them to reach, but it is also ideal for older dogs, for dogs that have undergone surgery or otherwise sick, for example with arthrosis problems, for overweight dogs, and are also suitable for puppies, thanks to which they can get on and off much easier.

    In this section you will find different models depending on the needs and the place you want to make more accessible to your furry friend. If you have space problems, there are space-saving versions that allow you to close the ladder and store it in a hidden corner of the house when the family pet is no longer needed. In addition to the ladders you will also find different models of dog ramps, useful instead to facilitate the access and descent of your dog in the car without problems and with less effort since it does not have the normal steps, and if you opt for the resealable version you will not have space problems and you can also leave it in the trunk and then take it out whenever you need it.

    The dog ladder is one of the indispensable accessories that simplify the everyday life of your four-legged friend, it helps him to get on the bed, on the sofa and even in the car, offering him more comfort and independence: a small but great help that your beloved Fido will appreciate for sure!

  • Scratching post for cats

    You know, cats love to sharpen their nails for a long time. To ensure that your cat does not think about getting nails on furniture or sofas, you need to get him a scratching post, the right accessory at home that the owners of the little cats just can't do without.

    The cat scratching post is the ideal solution to give your cat a place of his own where he can scratch, hide, claw, play, climb and enjoy life. By exploring this section you can choose from many different models and colors designed to offer maximum relaxation and entertainment to your feline friend: scratching post for just one cat or for several cats, scratching trees for cats who like to climb and scratching posts in soft plush for cats who love cuddling, with houses to sleep and soft beds to relax but also complete with many games such as dangling balls, mice and climbing stairs and with the inevitable sisal rope column that will save the rest of the house from its claws!

    Our models offer this and much more: choose the scratching post model that best suits your cat and ideal for your home!

  • Carriers for dogs and...

    Whether by car, train, plane or any other means, the pet carrier is the accessory that will make the journey, whether short or long, more comfortable for your four-legged friend and certainly less stressful for you.

    Fundamental when you want to travel and take your pet friend with you or when you need to take him to the vet, the pet carrier is the most comfortable and safe transport solution for all journeys. Depending on the size of your pet, many different models are available on our site, suitable for every situation and with different characteristics and designs. You can choose between models of rigid metal carriers, often recommended for larger dogs, designed to adapt to the size of different trunks and which allow you to travel in maximum safety; or foldable carriers, particularly flexible and not bulky, which can be assembled in an instant, ideal for transporting small or medium-sized dogs and which, if necessary, can be transformed into comfortable kennels to keep at home.

    With our wide range of transport products, your four-legged friend can travel everywhere with you and always feel safe!

  • Cat litter boxes

    Cats are among the cleanest pets.

    By nature, feline friends prefer to bury their feces rather than dogs, which is why cat toilets are also equipped with litter. Essential for hygiene at home, the cat toilets you find here meet every need and requirement of your kitty. Our cat litters stand out for their many convenient features and are perfect for keeping your home environment clean. Closed litter boxes, front or top entry, hygienic boxes, open litter boxes, self-cleaning toilets. Take a look at our entire range. Give your cat a corner of intimacy by choosing the most comfortable solution among the many offered by ProduceShop.

  • Enclosures for dogs...

    Do you want to let your dog wag its tail in the garden but are afraid it will invade the neighbor's space? Buy a dog fence or enclosure from our catalog.

    With an outdoor fence, you can let your four-legged friend happily play and avoid having to keep them on a leash. Our animal fences are useful for both large dogs and for keeping curious puppies safe. They are ideal if you want to give them a protected space where they can move freely without risks. The dog and animal enclosures we offer are solid, reliable, and very practical to use. They are made of a steel structure of various sizes, particularly resistant to weather conditions and very easy to assemble. Thanks to the modular system, you can install the fence as you wish to adapt it to your open space and your dog's needs, including the possibility of choosing the shape. Find here the fence model that best suits your furry friend!

  • Chicken coops

    Do you want to raise chickens and hens in your garden? Take a look at our selection of wooden chicken coops.

    Outdoor chicken coops are a good solution if you want fresh and genuine eggs. Our chicken coops ensure a healthy environment protected from weather conditions and incursions from other animals. They allow chickens and hens to move freely, live, brood, and grow in optimal climate conditions. In our catalog, you will find many prefabricated wooden chicken coops, both raised and on the ground, available in various sizes to adapt to the number of animals you intend to raise. In addition to laying hens, the chicken coops and houses we offer can also accommodate other breeding animals, such as chicks, ducks, geese, and rabbits.


ProduceShop thinks of all animals, large and small, puppies, adults and beyond, and responds to their needs with a wide range of quality products. Are you looking for the most suitable kennel for your dog? Or that accessory you are missing?

In this section you will find beautiful outdoor kennels with an aesthetic and pleasant design to gift your four-legged friend his corner of soft and comfortable paradise.

This section is also dedicated to feeding our four-legged friends with snacks and treats, trendy accessories, hygiene and care products, as well as transporting options, fun games up to clothing items.

In short, everything you could want, at an always unbeatable price!

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