• Gym and Home Gym

    Create your own personal home gym with the numerous gym equipment from ProduceShop’s catalogue!

    In this section dedicated to the world of fitness, you will find the best gym equipment to set up a complete and highly functional home gym. In our online shop, you will surely find the equipment that best suits your fitness goals so that you can work out at home at any time of the day and keep your body and mind in shape without having to subscribe to any gym membership. You will have at your disposal a very wide range of professional quality fitness equipment at discounted prices suitable for any type of cardio, strength, and bodyweight training exercises. Treadmills, multifunction stations, rowing machines, ab benches, exercise bikes, spinning bikes, ellipticals, and everything you need to do your daily workouts comfortably at home as in the gym. In our assortment, there are also tools dedicated to bodybuilding and cross-training, such as dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, trap bars, kettlebells, punch bags, and much more. Select one of the categories below and stay fit by choosing the most suitable home fitness equipment for your training. With ProduceShop, your home becomes your gym!

  • Indoor Cycling

    Too dark outside to bike? Don't feel like going to the gym? With our selection of indoor cycling, you have no more excuses to get back in shape!

    Thanks to our exclusive offers of indoor cycling, you can bring your cardio workout directly into your home and perform your fitness exercises without checking weather forecasts. Of course, biking outdoors surrounded by nature is an invaluable experience. But on one of our stationary bicycles or spinning bikes, you can also read, watch your favorite show, listen to a playlist, and burn lots of fat and calories in a short time. On our online catalog, you'll find a wide range of high-quality indoor cycling bikes to easily perform your cardio sessions indoors, without worrying about rain or cold. For your endurance workout, we offer different models of stationary bikes, mini bikes, spin bikes, ellipticals, and exercise bikes at incredible prices. Click on the category you prefer. Purchase the indoor cycle that best fits your cardio and cardiovascular training.

  • Metal lockers

    Good organization of spaces is essential in every work environment as well as in public and domestic environments. In these circumstances, the use of lockers is an almost obligatory choice and finding the right model for your space and environment to be furnished becomes just as important.

    Metal cabinets are the ideal technical solution to take advantage of every inch of space, width and height, to order, store documents, clothes, objects and much more. Thanks to a wide range of products to choose from, it will be possible to organize different types of environments, from the operational one of a company to the common areas of a sports facility.

    By allowing the optimization of spaces and guaranteeing order, metal cabinets represent the right solution to meet the most diverse needs and in any circumstance. Changing room lockers, for example, are designed to organize small spaces and store clothes and personal items in a safe place within the work environment, the gym or wherever needed. With these practical lockers it will be possible to change clothes to wear work or sports ones directly on site without leaving anything unattended.

    The lockers available on our site have different features and functionalities that often add value in certain sectors. All versions of cabinets available are built with first choice materials such as to make them robust, impact resistant, suitable for frequent use, with the right capacity and easy to sanitize.

    Our locker models guarantee the safe custody of personal items stored inside them thanks to the locking mechanisms secured with key and cylinder lock. In addition, to ensure total safety, some metal cabinets offer a three-point lock as an option, in which locking also takes place at the upper and lower ends of the cabinet.

    We have lockers for small and large budgets. The design, material and appearance of the models we offer give you the possibility, for example, to integrate a filing cabinet into an existing office furniture series or to complete the office set-up through a functional and safe solution. .

  • Winter equipment

    For many people, “winter” means “mountain”: ProduceShop has selected snowshoes, sleds and various other winter equipment for snow lovers.

    Staying at home when it's cold outside is always a pleasure, perhaps with a warm blanket, a movie on television and a nice cup of chocolate. But this is not the case for everyone: the more daring, when the temperatures drop, can in fact try their hand at adventurous mountain walks, using snowshoes (also called snowshoes) so as not to sink into the soft white mantle during their long walks at high altitude. To carry out activities of this type it is necessary to rely on high quality products, able to keep the foot firmly still and to ensure excellent grip on a yielding surface.

    Besides, let's face it, who doesn't like snow? Children in particular love it and, to make them have fun in complete safety, it is not necessary to go up to the mountains, on tortuous and steep paths also made quite dangerous by the frozen bottom: a simple descent (perhaps in the hills) and a quality sled are enough spend a day full of enthusiasm. These items, offered in the latest generation versions, are extremely light and easy to handle, as well as equipped with innovative braking and anti-rollover systems.

    In conclusion, ProduceShop has thought about the fun of young and old with excellent quality products at an extremely competitive price: snowshoes and sleds are just some of the endless entertainment possibilities offered by the mountains. We are waiting for you in the snow!

  • Locker room benches

    A must-have in any sporting facility, locker room benches can also be found in other contexts such as common areas, offices, companies and schools.

    • Designed to provide users with maximum comfort and to let them store personal items in an orderly manner, these furniture items are often accompanied by cabinets in the very same room where valuable items can be kept safe.
    • The most complete models are equipped with a high backrest, a shelf to place any bags, several coat hooks and a shoe rack in the lower section.
    • Generally made of wood and aluminum, a material that is ideal for this specific use, since it is not subject to rust even in humid environments, some of these pieces of furniture may also have a backrest to increase their degree of practicality and comfort.
    • On this page of our website you will find the best locker room benches currently available on the market, carefully selected by our team of experts after an extensive research process aimed at guaranteeing total satisfaction to our customers.
    • The models proposed here are characterized by an unbeatable quality/price ratio and the use of robust, durable first-choice materials. Don't wait any longer: choose the version best suited to your needs!
  • Water sports

    Do you feel like testing yourself against the big blue waves? Or would you rather find your inner zen in the open sea? Here you can find the best sports articles dedicated to water sports to satisfy your craving for salt on your skin, adrenaline, relaxation and fun in the water.

    Practicing a water sport is not only fun but also healthy. Like all fitness activities, sport in fact brings numerous benefits to both the body and the mind. Water sports particularly represent a valid alternative not only to spend family holidays having fun but also to stay fit and feel good about oneself. Swimming, rowing, paddling, diving into deep waters, fishing, surfing, doing yoga, meditating at dawn...the activities that can be done in the water (and on holiday) are endless! Whether it is a relaxing sport or a more adrenaline-fueled and action-packed one, in this section you will find everything you need to experience a unique aquatic experience, completely different from that in a swimming pool. Our catalog boasts a wide range of articles for water sports with unmissable offers and always express shipping. You can choose between kayaks, canoes, boats, tenders, and inflatable rafts to race on the water or navigate far from the beach to discover unspoiled nature. Buy a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board to paddle on fresh or saltwater and go on an adventurous excursion with friends or take a solo dip. Or decide to let yourself be gently carried by the waves of the sea on a comfortable inflatable Bestway mattress. You just have to select the category that suits you best.

  • Basketball

    Do you dream of emulating the American champions of the NBA? Then put yourself to the test right away with our selection of basketball articles.

    Basketball is one of the most popular team sports in the world. If basketball is your passion, here you can find everything you need to practice basketball shooting. In fact, in our online catalog, we offer a complete line of equipment suitable for those who play basketball at a professional or amateur level and for those who simply want to create a basketball corner outside their home. Our basketball hoops are ideal for any indoor and outdoor court and suitable for any budget. If you have a gym, you can choose a regulation basketball hoop complete with a backboard, rim and net. If you want to improve your basketball skills by challenging friends in the garden, you can choose a portable basketball hoop with wheels and weights. You can also choose an adjustable-height hoop, perfect for little Jordans. Don't miss the opportunity. Score with our unbeatable offers!

  • Ping Pong

    Do you feel like challenging your friends to ping pong? Then you're in the right place.

    Officially called table tennis, ping pong is an individual sport that has always involved young and old of all ages. To play, you don't need any particular clothing, but only rackets, balls, and a table with a net that divides the field. Regardless of your level of expertise, here you will find everything you need to play ping pong and improve your smash, starting with the choice of the ping pong table. ProduceShop offers you a wide range of ping pong tables equipped with wheels, foldable, and portable both for indoors and outdoors at a convenient price. Our ping pong tables are of excellent quality. They are made with weather-resistant materials, such as resin and laminates, and are characterized by stable playing surfaces with anti-reflection surfaces. They are ideal for those who want to play a game or two during their free time outside in the garden, courtyard, balcony, or terrace, and perfect for professionals who want to challenge themselves in exciting matches using their rackets. On our shop, you can also find sets of balls, spare nets, coverings, and the inevitable rackets to face each match at its best. Choose the ping pong table you prefer, arm yourself with a racket, get plenty of balls, and get ready to win!

Sports and Fitness

The benefits of a home gym are clear: privacy, comfortable and available access and no more gym bills!

With our free time being increasingly limited, today it is possible to train at home every day thanks to numerous equipment intended for home training.

Choosing to practice home fitness thanks to a home gym is the ideal solution for those who have little time to train and want to be free to dedicate themselves to exercises and body care at any time of day within their own home.

To carry out a complete and correct home workout, however, it is essential to set up your home gym rationally: in many cases, available space represents the most difficult obstacle to overcome, fortunately there are various types of effective but not bulky equipment on the market to optimize space, and that can be easily folded and stored once the work is finished.

Among the essential tools for an effective training session there is undoubtedly the treadmill, one of the cornerstones of aerobic training that allows you to walk and run at different speeds and with different slopes, on a moving treadmill.

An all-in-one solution that is perfect for practicing home fitness is the multifunction bench that allows, thanks to the different support surfaces, to perform a variety of personalized exercises to work effectively on the whole body.

In short, it is really possible to do everything at home! In rhis section you will find everything you need to practice healthy fitness and keep fit at your own pace.

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Power tower fitness station multifunctional bench home gym Yurei

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