• Intex Inflatable...

    Intex inflatable paddling pools, a smart and easy solution for your kids to have fun without spending big.

    Intex inflatable pools offer you the chance to liven up your garden or backyard for the joy of your kids. You won't be spending as much money for a real pool, but your kids will have fun all the same in the summer heat.

    No maintenance required, no work to be done, just fill it with water and kids, and you'll see what fun is about.

    You can pick your favourite from all the different ones, from a simple square or round one, to the more complex ones that even come fit with slides. The high quality material will last over time, so that you can use it many summers to come. All of our inflatable pools are perfectly safe and certified.

    What are you waiting for? Get one and take advantage of our best price and free delivery!

  • Trampolines

    Technology has opened up a whole new world for our children, which means more opportunities to learn but also more time spent indoors. The world has changed a lot since we were children. Out trampolines have changed too! They're safer, and new technology means they can do much more than the old-fashioned traditional trampoline ever could. The sheer joy of jumping holds the same allure, providing hours of entertainment.

    For over 10 years, PlayTown has been building custom trampolines for children and families who want to play and have fun. What used to be available to just professional action athletes and training centers, can now be had in your own backyard!

    While kids jump, PlayTown's comprehensive safety enclosure system evenly distributes any impact throughout the entire system, ensuring that jumpers are securely and safely guided back to the jumping surface. 

    PlayTown prides itself in a complete and competent knowledge of vendor guidelines, safety regulations, and TUV testing; this allows them to produce products with highest possible levels of quality, efficiency, and product safety compliance.

    All of PlayTown trampoline products meet and or exceed TUV safety standards.

    Tightly woven enclosure netting made of durable outdoor materials prevents children from climbing the enclosure netting or getting caught in the enclosure net itself. PlayTown trampolines use extra durable and rust-resistant springs. Extra thick spring pads that attach to both the trampoline frame and jump mat providing long lasting cushion and protection from the springs.

    PlayTown's mission is to empower kids who are dedicated to training to be able to safely learn and achieve their maximum performance. 

    We offer the best in class performance, quality, service and safety, customised just for you and your children. A PlayTown trampoline is like nothing else!

  • Bestway Paddling Pools

    Bestway's swimming pools for kids are as easy to set up as they are fun to play with.

    Just as fun as the grownup's the Bestway swimming pools for kids are made from strong and long lasting plastic fiber, so that you will be able to enjoy them for multiple summers.

    An incredible bargain, considering the price of an actual pool and how easy it is to just set it up in your own garden or backyard. Your kids will love it all throughout summer; the strong and safe construction will allow your kids to play for hours on end.

    Indeed, all our toys and children playhouses and pools are strictly safe and certified. Let your kids stay fresh during the summer while having fun and also staying as fit as jumping around all day will get them.

  • Playhouses for...

    Have you been planning to buy a playhouse for your little one? excellent idea! It's arguably the best thing you can get for your child.

    A playhouse will give your loved one his or her place to let their imaginations run wild. With most parents struggling to keep their children active due to video games and tablets, a playhouse makes a great hideout outdoors where children can get physical with siblings and friends.

    Child development experts agree that outdoor playhouses are excellent tools for encouraging autonomous playing among children. They learn valuable life skills in the process, said skills of which include conflict resolution, negotiation, creativity, decision-making and problem-solving.

    ProduceShop's playhouses for kids are built to withstand the elements for years, large enough to accommodate older kids, and most importantly, grow with your child. Our playhouses come in different styles, but whether plastic or wooden, there are great options for everyone in this list, and for all budgets.

  • Children's pools

    Summer, water and a swimming pool: fun is guaranteed!

    Summer is best bathing season and children can't wait to finally have fun in the water. Going to the beach or taking a dip in the lake are wonderful ideas but there is nothing better than having a swimming pool all to yourself. In fact, which child would not like to be able to cool off on hot summer days while having fun outdoors?

    Our children's pools really satisfy everyone, from children, who love to play in the water, to adults, who can relax and find relief in the hottest hours. ProduceShop offers many types of swimming pools, in different shapes, sizes and characteristics, ideal for meeting any space and age requirement.

    All parents know how much children love swimming pools and in fact they are often the favorite attraction of the little ones at birthday parties. For this reason, in addition to the classic pools, you will find swimming pools that have the appearance of mini water parks, colorful and super-equipped that will definitely impress your children.

    Whether you are looking for a rigid or inflatable pool, in this section you have a lot of opportunities to make your children's summer unforgettable!

  • Table football

    Table football, a timeless game, which today as in the past continues to be the protagonist of passionate matches, conquering adults and children and giving many pleasant moments of leisure in company.

    Have you decided to buy a game table to use at home or are you looking for the perfect foosball table for your bar, sports center or club?

    ProduceShop has selected for you the best table football models on the market, with attention to design, materials and the choice of decorations, in various versions to adapt to any context and be perfect for every need

    You will find indoor football table for leisure and for the home, light but at the same time very sturdy and resistant, to outdoor football for public places or simply for the home garden, fixed or folding models that can be conveniently stored after the '' use going to occupy a minimum space, football designed with or without a coin mechanism to play all the desired games, suitable for all age groups and especially for children and adults who can spend whole days playing.

  • Wooden toys

    Why choose wooden games and toys? Simple, because they are made with a quality natural material and then because they are colored with non-toxic paints and can stimulate the imagination and creativity of even the youngest children!

    Our wooden toys respect the environment because they are made with wood from sustainable development forests and with natural fibers, they are also beautiful to look at, comfortable to handle, products to last a long time and accompany your children's games for a long time. . They do not break the first time they fall to the ground and are therefore indestructible as well as educational!

    The list of products, carefully selected by our staff, is really wide: we offer toys suitable for all ages, for both sexes, and family or group toys, all certified according to the European standard EN71 which establishes all the toy safety rules. You will find a variety of games for babies and motor skills for the first steps, educational toys suitable for learning shapes, numbers, colors, and toys for older children, along with toy cars, dollhouses, trains and toy tracks that offer the possibility to play together and interactive toy kitchens that develop imagination and creativity. Without forgetting the legendary bikes for children without pedals, to stimulate balance and motor coordination!

    Take a look at our catalog with your children, they are really spoiled for choice!

  • Balance bicycle

    Children's bicycles without pedals, also called balance bikes or pedagogical bicycles, were created to allow children to become familiar with the size of two wheels.

    These small miniature bikes look a lot like those of adults and represent a great little step towards independence: they are perfect for developing and improving the child's sense of balance because they offer a great help for coordination and use of the hands and legs without the risk of falling and allow you to gain the confidence to learn to ride a bike more easily when you are older. The wheels and adjustable saddle ensure comfort on board and the handlebar ensures maximum freedom of movement while pushing the small vehicle with your legs.

    Our balance bikes are the perfect gift for the little ones who have not yet learned to ride: available in many models with different colors and proposals in numerous variations to satisfy the tastes of boys and girls, they represent an invitation to leave the house and start exploring the world around you.

    On board a truly unique balance bike, safe, stimulating and always fun, it will be easier for the child to switch to a bike with pedals and will be able to choose freely and in total safety which corners of the house to explore and feel like the king of the park. or the garden, without forgetting to wear a helmet, so that he can have fun in total safety!

  • Slides, swings and...

    Scopri la nostra selezione di giochi da giardino di alta qualità, realizzati dal brand specializzato PlayTown con materiali certificati e conformi agli standard europei in termini di sicurezza e solidità.

    • Il divertimento è fondamentale per la crescita dei bambini: quando il clima lo permette, giocare all'aria aperta è un'ottima attività con la quale fare esercizio fisico e sperimentare la propria fantasia.
    • Per questo motivo, allestire un parco giochi nel giardino domestico è una pratica da valutare.
    • Cominciamo con una valutazione degli spazi: è importante definire la superficie a disposizione da destinare ai giochi e ricordare di considerare la cosiddetta “safe area”, una distanza di circa 2 metri che serve a proteggere i piccoli da eventuali interferenze esterne.
    • Inoltre, sono necessarie le precauzioni per ridurre al minimo il rischio: è basilare scegliere modelli con maniglie, copriviti arrotondati e controllare con attenzione i materiali, certificati e conformi agli standard europei.
    • Sorvegliamo i bambini durante la loro attività e selezioniamo i giochi in base alle età: c'è l'imbarazzo della scelta, dalle corde per arrampicata alle rampe inclinate, dai grandi classici (scivoli e altalene) a svaghi alternativi come sabbiere e pareti da scalata.
    • Scegliamo prodotti robusti e stabili, realizzati in legno di conifera trattato a pressione con autoclave, per una protezione da intemperie e umidità. Cementiamo gli ancoraggi e assicuriamo la massima solidità della struttura.
    • Nella nostra sezione troverai i migliori giochi da giardino. Essi sono stati selezionati con cura, dopo un lungo lavoro di ricerca volto alla soddisfazione dei consumatori.
  • Inflatable games for...

    Discover the wide selection of inflatable games for children created by ProduceShop.

    As we know, inflatable games are every child's dream. They offer maximum fun for children of all ages, both indoors and outdoors. They're super safe, extra durable, and ready to use in just a few minutes. Based on the available space, you can choose from dozens of models of inflatable games for children from the best brands in the industry, such as Bestway and Intex, which are renowned for the excellent quality of their products. Do you have little space at home? Choose a fun bouncer, ideal for small parties, sleepovers, and rainy days. Do you have a large garden? Opt for a fun inflatable water castle. It's perfect for outdoor summer days, full of obstacles, slides, water cannons, hidden tunnels, and other fantastic games to discover. But the options don't end there! You'll also find pools shaped like cute animals, nets and baskets with balls, baskets with colorful balls, mats, ride-ons, and a thousand other inflatable games for children. With ProduceShop, fun is guaranteed!

  • Outdoor playground

    A playground in the garden is without a doubt the most beautiful gift that every child desires.

    An outdoor wooden playground allows children to have carefree fun and at the same time engage in healthy outdoor sports activities without leaving home. And moreover, on a completely safe structure. The outdoor playgrounds for children that ProduceShop offers are synonymous with lots of fun and maximum safety for all children. All our garden playground structures are in fact carefully designed and attention is paid to every detail to ensure cheerful and safe fun at all times. Our certified wooden play structures comply with current European regulations. They are therefore reliable, stable and long-lasting. But also stimulating, welcoming and above all fun! To make your children happy and let them go wild with their friends, we offer various models of outdoor playgrounds in every size and dimension, easy to assemble and suitable for gardens of any size. You can choose between compact tower playsets with slides and ladders, for example, or larger ones equipped with swings, houses, inclined ramps, sandboxes and climbing walls. The choice is as wide as their adventures. Scroll down the page. We're sure you'll find the outdoor children's playground of your child's dreams!

  • Container furniture...

    Hours and hours spent putting your children's toys back in place? Not anymore! Choose a toy storage cabinet from ProduceShop!

    The toy storage cabinets you can find in our assortment combine design and practicality, making the task of tidying up much easier and more enjoyable for both parents and children. With plenty of baskets, shelves, and compartments, they encourage children to collaborate with their mom and dad in the post-play phase, when everything needs to be put away. They help clear the floor of cars, dolls, stuffed animals, books, small constructions, and neatly store everything that would otherwise be scattered around the room. In addition to being essential for keeping toys well organized and within reach, our toy storage containers are original pieces of furniture that can make your children's bedroom more cheerful, lovely, and, above all, functional. Here you have numerous colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, so you can find the model that best suits the style of the room and your children's preferences. Browse the catalog. Take advantage of the promotions and order with a simple click the toy storage cabinet that will make your children's room more special!

  • Modern toys for children.

    Welcome to our selection of modern toys, designed to stimulate children's imagination and provide hours of safe fun.

    Our modern toys are mainly made of high-quality plastic, which makes them both durable and lightweight, ideal for little hands and curious children to withstand the most exciting adventures. Most of the toys we offer are made of non-toxic, BPA-free plastic to ensure maximum safety and avoid any health risks for your little ones. From fantastic animals to futuristic vehicles, the modern design of our toys immediately captures attention and offers children a mix of fun, learning, and creativity, helping them develop their motor skills as well. Discover our entire selection and find the perfect toy for your child, whether it's for a special gift, a birthday, or simply to add a new element to their collection!

  • Billiard and Carom Tables

    Discover the collection of pool and cue billiard tables by ProduceShop.

    Billiards is the ideal game for those who love precision, strategy, and competition. A billiard table is suitable for different types of games, first and foremost Carom billiards (also known as American Pool), the most fun and engaging for everyone. Whether you are an amateur player or an enthusiast, on our online catalogue, you will find a wide range of billiard tables designed to offer you a sensational gaming experience. Complete with cues, ball sets, and scorekeepers, the billiard tables we offer are made with high-quality materials and utmost attention to detail. They boast solid and sturdy structures, guaranteeing remarkable shooting precision and durability. They are suitable for those who love to have fun and practice with friends and family in the living room at home. But they are also ideal for organizing exciting challenges in bars, game rooms, clubs, and sports and recreational centers. Some can even be transformed into dining tables or converted into ping pong tables. Discover all the available models and choose the most suitable billiard and carom table for your needs.

Games for children

What could be more beautiful for a child than having fun outdoors with friends and immersing in the surrounding world? All children love to experiment, there is nothing more fun for a child than to go wild outdoors and explore.

Outdoor play represents the best idea of fun where children immerse themselves completely in the activity and letting their imagination loose. 

Outdoors you can easily install large toys such as toy houses in which your children can take refuge by inventing fantastic worlds and thousands of adventures in the company of their friends. Children love to play outdoors; these games not only develop creativity but also represent the ideal solution for when there are many children with friends visiting.

One of the most fun outdoor games to tackle in company is undoubtedly the water slide, cheerful and colorful to which you can connect a common water hose, the ideal solution for cooling off and having fun during the summer season.

Toys that represent everyday reality and imitate adults have always been among the favorite gifts, with these toys, children will want to explore and learn about the world. And what better way than on board a flaming electric car or riding a gritty electric mini-bike? Our online shop offers, in addition to a wide range of children's houses, also an assortment of latest generation safe and resistant electric vehicles, designed for small drivers who want to learn to drive.

ProduceShop only selects the best products for each category based on qualitative and aesthetic characteristics with the aim of only distributing items capable of fully satisfying the needs of its customers.

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