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  • Strollers

    To better deal with the movements with your little one, ProduceShop offers you a wide assortment of practical, safe and light strollers, able to make your family's daily life easier.

    Browsing through our online catalog you will find numerous colorful and innovative strollers, suitable for babies of a few months and for children up to 3 years, compact strollers with umbrella closure for families who love to travel and who often use the car, ideal for both holidays and for the city. Comfortable strollers, easy to push and extremely robust, perfect for different types of roads and terrain and all conforming to the highest levels of quality and safety to make you enjoy your time with your child to the fullest.

    Discover the section dedicated to strollers selected by ProduceShop and choose from the many models available the one that best suits your family's daily needs and your child's well-being!

  • Children's tricycle

    Inevitable in the growth of every child, the tricycle is one of the first ride-on toys that is offered to children once they have acquired the skills to walk alone because it teaches them to ride a bicycle in a playful way and to train a sense of balance.

    Loved by boys and girls, the tricycle is a toy really suitable for everyone: we know how important it is for children to play with tricycles, especially from 18 months of age, for this reason ProduceShop has selected only tricycles of proven quality and safety. , approved according to all European regulations and built to last and let your children play in all serenity in the open air instead of at home.

    The tricycles for children you find in this section have a particular feature that makes them unique, unmistakable and with an extra gear, as are the children they are intended for: they are made to help them explore the world around them, get moving. and have fun, alone and with mum and dad. To experience the first rides in complete safety, some of our tricycles are equipped, for example, with a comfortable handle so that parents can push and control the tricycle, supporting the child in his activity; if necessary, the handle can be removed to give the little driver the most complete driving autonomy.

    Choose from the many models of children's tricycles, there are something for all tastes, with storage to carry around their favorite toys, to move with the strength of the legs or with the pedals to increase balance and learn how to use the classic bicycle, but all sharing the same solidity and safety, the same excellence in manufacturing and choice of quality materials and, as always, at the right price!

Childhood and Maternity

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ProduceShop supports all mothers with a careful selection of the best products for babies and maternity wear certified and approved in Europe and Italy, suitable from the first months of pregnancy up to the baby's first years.

From the furniture of the room, to the cots, to the games, passing through the pacifiers, the baby bottles, the baby food sets with cutlery and weaning plates, up to the strollers and the accessories for the baby bath, ProduceShop offers everything you need for care and the happiness of the little ones. Our catalog is full of baby items made with safe and reliable high quality materials, designed to guarantee all the comfort and safety that mothers need, from pregnancy to breastfeeding, and that respond to best meet the needs of newborns starting from the time of baby food, bath and bedtime, up to outdoor adventures.

To offer maximum safety from the first days of your children's life in our catalog you will also find a wide range of solutions for babies and children essential for family outings and ideal for moving easily: modern and light strollers, baby swaddling and baby carriers, baby carrier backpacks and many other accessories designed for every need outside the home, available in different models and colors to satisfy all tastes and at the same time rigorously tested to make outdoor life easier, comfortable and safe.

Discover our vast assortment of baby and maternity items and buy the products that best suit your baby's growth and enjoyment on ProduceShop!