• Roof boxes for cars

    When leaving for a vacation in your car the question always arises: where am I going to put all these things?

    Often, havinf a large trunk does not mean that you have enough space to hold the whole family's suitcases or specialized sports equipment such as skis, bikes, scuba gear or camping kits.

    Nowadays there are multiple solutions to solve the problem of having to load luggage in the passenger compartment, but one above all is the most convincing: the universal roof box for cars.

    The universal roof box for cars represents the most versatile and practical solution for transporting luggage as it allows for extra load capacity placed on the roof. This facilitates travel by ensuring more space in the passenger compartment and makes driving the driver much safer.

    Our models lend themselves to different needs and can vary in design, size, load capacity and mounting method: this is done quickly by attaching to the roof bars of the car positioned on the roof, which are generally sold separately, and which provide the basis for the installation and fixing of the trunk.

    A universal roof box for cars is essential especially if the whole family is leaving together.

    Here you will find the best universal roof boxes for cars, selected exclusively for your transport needs, considering the latest market trends and international standards.

  • Ski and Snowboard...

    The winter period is upon us and for all snow lovers it's the ideal time to organize a pleasant family holiday or simple ski week.

    Winter is the time for those who think that skis are an indispensable holiday companions, who think about loading their ski equipment in the best possible way by installing a convenient ski rack for cars on the roof of the car.

    There are many models on the market, each made to solve the specific loading and transport needs of all types of winter equipment.

    The one most appreciated by snow lovers who do not want to leave their equipment at home is undoubtedly the ski rack for roof bars:

    this model can be easily and quickly installed on the roof bars of your car: it consists of two horizontal bars which, opening like a booklet, allow you to carry skis or snowboards. This rack is designed to be easily usable even when wearing snow gloves, as it is equipped with large buttons for opening and closing. This type is very versatile and can be installed by yourself, through fixing screws that accommodate the thickness and distances of the preassembled roof bars.

    Much more immediate and simple to install is the magnetic ski rack, which literally sticks onto the car roof. Very useful for those who do not have roof bars, this ski rack adheres to the car roof by means of large magnetic plates, with additional safety is provided by the belt that anchors to front module of the car body.

    Both models are available in this section, take a look and choose the one that best suits your needs. Happy sking!

  • Bike carrier for cars

    Bike rides are a very common activity and a great way to keep fit. If you live in a big city, however, the most beautiful cycling routes might not exactly be nearby, and most of us end up using of the car to transport bicycles.

    For those who own a fairly spacious car, it will be sufficient to lower the rear seats to get more space and allow the bike to enter the trunk, with little difficulty. However, not everyone wants to sacrifice all available cabin space to transport bicycles, or you just might have a car trunk that is too small. This is why a universal car carrier becomes the most appropriate choice for most.

    Bicycle racks for cars can be grouped into three types based on their position on the car: the first consists of a bicycle rack to be attached to the roof of the car and consists of a single track in which you house the bicycle: this it is firmly fixed with a frame holding arm that grips the frame of the bicycle and secures it to the support; some models of this first category provide a direct fork attachment and require you to remove and transport the front wheel separately.

    A second category provides for a hooking system at the rear door of the car which, unlike those on the roof, guarantees not only greater ease of loading, but also the possibility of accommodating more bicycles. The last category, on the other hand, provides for anchoring the bike carrier directly to the tow hook, whose presence is essential: it is one of the most expensive types but also the one that guarantees greater stability and safety, with a support base sufficient to place the most bicycles.

    When choosing a bicycle carrier for cars it is important to decide the type you want to adopt and verify its compatibility with the model of your car: in this section you will have the bicycle carrier models for cars selected exclusively to ensure a comfortable and safe transport for your trips out of town.

  • Roof bars

    Are you about to leave for the holidays but you no longer know where to put your luggage because nothing will fit in the trunk? Your next option would be getting a pair of roof bars!

    Our universal roof bars are a fundamental element to have on your car, especially for those who require additional space for their trip.

    Universal roof bars are a practical and versatile solution that satisfies many needs: they are useful for exploiting the car roof while allowing you to place a universal roof box as well as a bicycle rack or a ski rack. 

    They are an indispensable accessory for those who like to go on vacation with their car and want to carry a lot of luggage; just think of ski lovers or cyclists who certainly cannot fit their equipment in the trunk: for them, practically essential.

    Get universal roof racks.

    The universal roof bars are mounted transversely to the roof of your car by means of special fixing attachments that can vary according to the type of car.

    In addition to being essential to increase the transport capacity of your car, universal roof bars represent the simplest and most reliable solution to carry special gear.

  • Snow chains and socks

    When winter approaches, winter equipment is mandatory on many roads.

    In order to travel on the snowy and icy stretches, the car must be equipped with snow tires or there must be chains or other approved anti-slip devices on board, even when the environmental conditions are favorable. In order not to be caught unprepared, both by police checks and by the dangers of bad weather (not only snow but also ice) it is good to equip yourself immediately and with the right accessories.

    Snow chains are used when winter tires are no longer enough to guarantee ideal safety conditions. They are a safety accessory that allows the car to face the road throughout the winter season, without forgetting that in some mountain areas they are mandatory. They are made to wrap the tyres to maintain maximum grip on the snowy surface. Assembly operation is relatively simple with chains that are placed around the two front wheels.

    In addition to chains, you may find snow socks on the market which, for those who have not heard of them until now, are wheel covers made of a special technical fabric that must be applied directly to the tires of the car. By covering the tire tread, the snow socks are able to offer a much greater grip between the wheel and the snowy or icy surface. Snow socks not only simplify the assembly operation but also enhance the stability and the driveability of the car in general.

    If you have decided to buy one of these snow accessories for your car, you should know that their size must be adapted to that of the tires. For this reason ProduceShop provides you with a compatibility table for snow chains and socks in order to help you choose the model that is most suitable for your vehicle and more precisely for your tyre.

    Check out our selection of snow chains and socks to travel the roads safely when they are covered with snow!

  • Car charger

    It may happen that when you turn the key your car does not start: the cause, in all probability, is a flat battery.

    If your car refuses to leave, it may be helpful to have a charger on hand to fix the battery. If, on the other hand, the car has been standing still for a long time, a battery maintainer will allow you to give the battery new life while maintaining the optimal charge level in the long term.

    In our catalog of universal automotive accessories you will find a whole selection of battery chargers and battery maintainers of various sizes and designs, from the most robust and performing to the most compact and portable, for cars, motorcycles, scooters and various vehicles, all equipped with a series of protection and maintenance devices to solve any ignition problems and make the journey by car or motorbike even safer, without running the risk of being left on foot!

  • Car wheel covers

    Are your rims old and worn out? Choose wheel covers and give your car's rims a new look!

    The wheel covers present in our car accessories catalog are universal, suitable for any rim and fit on all types of vehicles. Simple and quick to install and with a refined design, they are produced with the latest generation and high quality materials to make them long-lasting and to personalize your car with a distinctive trait!

  • Car protective covers

    To protect the car from external weather or garage dust, what is needed is the right cover.

    The car cover is the simplest and fastest solution to protect the car from rain, frost and even the sun. An indispensable accessory that provides valid protection even from sand and dust. In our catalog, car covers are available in different sizes and qualities, to meet all needs and to protect the bodywork of your car perfectly.

  • Car seat covers

    Indispensable in order not to run the risk of ruining the car upholstery as well as guaranteeing further comfort for driving and passengers, car seat covers are among the accessories that you cannot do without for car journeys, both short and long.

    In our catalog of car interior accessories you will find the most varied types of protective seat covers that can reduce the wear of the fabric and protect the seats from the risk of scratches and tears. The models are universal and easy to install, they meet all the protection needs of both the front and rear seats and with their modern style they embellish the passenger compartment of each car while enhancing comfort and driving pleasure.

Car and motorcycle

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The car is an indispensable means of transport for many people who use it every day, whether it is for the daily work commute, to go shopping, to make short trips on the weekend or to go on vacation during the holidays with all the family.

The car, however, is only really useful as long as it is reliable and safe and in order to have a good ride, the cabin space must be organized and free of clutter, for better visibility and comfort.

Car accessories perform many functions and greatly simplify the life of those who own a vehicle: some make it easier to take care of the car, others protect it from damage and help ensure the safety of the driver and passengers, others still increase the level of comfort during long journeys.

If you plan to go on holiday or want to organize a family bike ride, the space inside the car is never enough. For these occasions ProduceShop accompanies you on the road with a wide range of bike transport solutions, designed to make your travels more pleasant and above all safer.

Discover the wide selection of roof boxes, roof bars, bike racks and ski racks to find the solution that best suits your needs, to always and comfortably carry everything you want with you!

And if you are looking for accessories for motorcycles and scooters, our catalog also offers a wide range of exclusive products to make the experience of owning a motorcycle unforgettable.

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