• Garden chairs

    Visit our collection of garden chairs and discover all our offers and materials: rattan, polypropylene, polycarbonate and many more!

    Are you looking for a garden chair to furnish and decorate your outdoor spaces like your garden, your veranda and your terrace and you don't know how to choose the perfect one for your needs? ProduceShop has the ultimate article for you!

    Our collection offers a wide variety of materials and designs, that will withstand any kind of bad weather or heat and sun from a hot day. In our catalogue you will find colourful and stackable chairs, perfect for space optimizing during Winter when you may decide to store the furniture. Just take a look at our catalogue and choose the chair, which correspond to your needs, taste, environment or use-case.

    Our offering also includes the perfect garden furniture for your outdoor public place, like an open-air bistro or a pub; we have the solution to every problem.

    Come in and visit our website: the elegance and high quality of our chairs will amaze you.

  • Garden Sofas and...

    Elegant garden furniture for your garden or your business

    Make your own garden cozy and elegant by just adding some of our wonderful garden and outdoor furniture!

    Our outdoor lounges are designed for gardens and bars, or for patios, festivals and many other outdoor events. You can choose from many different models, all ensuring high quality and functionality, and, most importantly, fitting to all budgets.

    We have polyrattan garden sofas and tables for different uses, outdoor lounges with removable cushions and many rattan furniture sets for bars and hotels. Don't let your garden just sit there ignored, make it a livable and welcoming space by simply adding a touch of class and a smidge of comfort.

  • Pergolas and Garden...
    Create a cool and sheltered wellness oasis in your garden with ProduceShop's wide selection of pergolas and gazebos. Our gazebos and pergolas provide a beautiful space to share the pleasure of being outdoors with friends and family, sheltered from the sun and sudden rains. Ideal for garden parties, barbecues, patio, terrace, and poolside, the gazebos and pergolas we offer embellish every outdoor area and create a shaded and always comfortable relaxation area. Much better than an umbrella, they indeed provide reliable protection from wind, rain, weather, and especially from UV rays to allow you to comfortably sit in the cool both day and night after sunset. Our garden gazebos and pergolas combine high quality and design at a truly advantageous price. Beautiful, stable, resistant, and perfectly suitable for outdoor use, you can use them in any season, in spring, autumn, or summer, and leave them fixed and mounted all year round. Browse our online catalog to choose the gazebo or pergola that best suits your needs, such as a folding gazebo for example. Easy to assemble, open, and close in a few minutes, they are suitable for fairs and markets as meeting points. But you can use them on any other outdoor occasion, even just for a short period, and then fold them up and store them without taking up space. Fabric garden gazebos and pergolas with shading cover or adjustable slats, like innovative bioclimatic pergolas, are instead ideal if you want to enjoy the garden in all seasons and shelter your outdoor furniture set. Thanks to durable and resistant materials and high protection factor, they effectively withstand the sun, bad weather, corrosion, and the fabric remains as beautiful as the first day. Choose the perfect gazebo or pergola for your spaces from the many models on offer. We are confident that you will find what suits you!
  • Outdoor Tables

    Outdoor tables made in durable yet beautiful plastic fiber. Classy and convenient.

    Our outdoor tables are designed to be convenient and versatile to meet all kind of demands and needs that you might have.

    They are well suited to a majority of different events, from an outside summer breakfast between family, to a larger gathering, including weddings.

    This makes them a perfect choice for restaurants and clubs hosting outdoor events, since structures like this need a classy look matched by durability and comfort.

    Our vast choice of colors and shapes will surely be compatible with your needs and tastes. Find out more!

  • Garden Houses

    Our garden houses perfectly fit into any open space and have lots of purposes.

    They are an ideal solution for keeping your garden tidy, for your children to have fun in, or for relaxing moments during every season.

    These products can also have a professional use, for example as a shed for construction sites, in which tools can be stored. On our site you can buy prefabricated structures of different types and sizes, suitable for all needs: leisure, bikes and tools storage, dinners, or even children entertainment. There are available in zinc-plated sheet-lattice storage boxes, block-sized houses with doors and windows, or large houses to be used as additional, warm, cozy and robust premises.

    These outdoor cottages are rapidly expanding not only for their excellent value for money but also because they do not cause any legal headache, unlike traditional buildings. Easy to install, comfortable, strong and versatile: buy a pre built structure and immediately enrich your outdoor spaces!

  • Cushions for Garden...

    Here you can find our collection of outdoor cushions to decorate your outdoor living room.

    We have all sorts of waterproof cushions for outdoor furniture. All our cushions are resistant to wear and atmospheric conditions, all are meant to last, even if you leave them out all the time exposed to the sun and weather.

    Our cushions as comfortable as those from your favourite sofa, neither too soft nor too hard. Don't bother wasting time, you won't find a better bargain on the web; just pick the ones for you, and you will be soon relaxing in the comfort of your own garden.

  • Garden Chairs and Tables

    Our garden chairs and tables are a great addition to your own house and an indeal solution for your outdoor commercial activity, such as a bar, bistro or club. Ready for an elegance boosts?

    When deciding what to offer to our customers, we were considering both gardens in private houses and the exteriors of businesses and public places. We design and produce only multi-functional, sturdy furniture that will hold up to daily and professional use.

    A well furnished garden is more welcoming and easier to enjoy, alone or with others. Our polyrattan garden set easily fits the bill when it comes to elegant presentation and comfort. Polyrattan is a fashionable material, nice to look at with its woven effect but also extremely durable, virtually eternal. Waterproof, resistant to weaer and to UV, polyrattan is now the leader of garden furniture materials, both for professional use and for private gardens.

    All our products are stackable, waterproof and easy to clean, all features that are required by professionals, just like the ability to resist wear, particularly handy when you place these garden chairs in a busy setting with customers coming and going all day. At the same time, we wanted these garden chairs and tables to also be elegant, ergonomic and comfortable, just like the furniture that everyone wishes for in their own garden, with the added ability to last for a long time.

    We have garden chairs with metal legs, contemporary design chairs, vintage designs and much more, an ample range of styles that will meet all tastes. Regarding garden tables, you may find them in many sizes, from the classic polyrattan tables, with or without the parasol support. The small sized ones are perfect for bars or for small gardens as a decoration detail.

    Within our selection you will also find ready-made-sets of garden chairs and table, all complete with the relevant pictures so that you may actually see how different models fit together and choose the right one for you.

  • Outdoor Benches and...

    Outdoor benches and tables for pubs, food parlours or public events

    Our sets of benches and tables are meant for any pub, club, food vendor or public event; they are designed to meet the most common need of customers: affordability and quality.

    Our wooden tables and benches are no match to those you can find in economy stores or discount malls, as the structure and quality of the wood in ours are undoubtedly superior. We offer different types of products, provided with tubular frame and 2 or 3 legs option for the benches.

    Smart, functional and durable. An easy solution to many different needs. Get yours today!

  • Garden Deck Loungers

    Summer is here! What better time to get some relaxation? If you need a way to make the most of these wonderful days, then a stylish recliner is just what you need.

    Without a doubt, one of the most essential furniture pieces for outdoor lounging is a comfortable deck chair. Over the years, the deck chairs has come to include a wider selection of designs, from colourful slingback seats to larger styles with reclining backs. Lounger-like deck chairs make relaxing seats by a pool, while foldable and stackable ones can serve as extra garden chairs in a more traditional backyard.

    Whether it's a modern or classic design you're looking for, ProduceShop has created some of the best deck chairs for your garden patio or to take along to the beach.

  • Garden showers

    The outdoor shower is an extremely functional element that is particularly useful in the garden.

    It is often placed near a swimming pool to allow everyone to be able to use it without having to cross the house and is used to cool off during hot summer days and to remove chlorine from the surface of the skin immediately after a good swim. The outdoor shower is an accessory that can also be installed on the lawn or under a porch, providing a comfortable place to wash outdoors and in total freedom.

    Our proposals for garden showers reflect multiple tastes and needs, are made with high quality materials as well as with different shapes and sizes, and thanks to their contemporary design they represent a refined and elegant plus suitable both outside a private house and a professional environment. In this section you will have outdoor showers that can be integrated into any type of open space, streestanding models equipped with hand shower, practical foot washer, with solar collector and also removable showers, to be used occasionally, so that they can be easily moved where best desired, all equipped with double connection to the home water system to allow you to have hot or cold water at any time of day and in unlimited quantities.

    Modern in design and useful in everyday life, among the outdoor showers of our collection the solar showers stand out which, through the rays of the sun, allow you to take advantage of the benefits of the shower at any time independently and without cost for heating the water. , as, thanks to the storage tank, they do not require any connection to electricity.

    Many of the products offered here are Made in Italy and the catalog includes outdoor showers with classic and refined lines, simple or more modern and colorful, but always with an excellent quality / price ratio. A wide range of garden showers carefully selected to offer you exactly what you are looking for.

  • Vases and Decorations

    Vases and decorations for garden and home interior, design items with modern style and perfect tradition to furnish your rooms with elegance.

    ProduceShop has selected the best vases and decorations, ideal for those looking for style and practicality within their home or in their public places. Our vases and decorations with modern and classic style are the solution to add a touch of elegance to your indoor and outdoor environments.

    The products in this section are practical and functional furnishing solutions while being special design items that are destined to become icons of modern furniture.

    The vases and decorations are designed and built to add a touch of color and style to a slightly dull corner or to enrich your garden with refined designer products.

    The vases and decorations selected by ProduceShop are unique furnishing accessories in terms of shapes, colors and design, each vase will become the protagonist of your room by attracting guests' attention, looks and admiration.

  • Garden fountains

    Thanks to its dual practical and decorative function, the garden fountain represents an element that makes the stay in the garden more pleasant and enjoyable. In fact, there is nothing better than a lush green space with a source of water that everyone can draw from, large, small or pets.

    Besides being beautiful to look at, the fountains are also very useful: you can attach the pump to wet the flowers, wash your hands, fill the watering can or the dog bowl and if you intend to stay in the garden to sunbathe, a refreshing splash is what you need to enjoy relaxation!

    Depending on the space available and the various needs, in this section you can choose the fountain model that best suits your outdoor area and according to the style you prefer. Our catalog boasts numerous types of garden fountains made with the right combination of Made in Italy quality materials and durability over time, available in many shapes and color variations able to adapt to all outdoor spaces and allow you to embellish yours. green corner in a highly functional and aesthetic way.

    Every single garden fountain in our collection offers different and interesting options, starting from the classic drinking fountain with bucket and rubber winding tap up to the most modern ones equipped with practical features, such as the incorporated watering spiral that guarantees impeccable care of your own. green space.

    Our garden fountains have an essential design and linear shapes, are made with anti-corrosion materials, resistant to the summer sun and cold winter temperatures, and if you love color, you are spoiled for choice!

  • Mosquito and...

    Goditi la tua serata in giardino senza disturbi di mosche, zanzare o falene con le Lampade Antizanzare e gli Elettroinsetticidi.

    Un'alternativa utile e più salutare agli zampironi, fornelli con piastre e altri sistemi che rilasciano sostanze chimiche.

    Maneggevoli, convenienti, pratici e facili da usare, le lampade antizanzare, dette anche elettriche o elettroinsetticidi, catturano gli insetti (mosche, zanzare, falene, ecc.) e li neutralizzano in modo da godersi ambienti interni ed esterni senza ronzii fastidiosi e ospiti non invitati.

    La nostra offerta di lampade antizanzare incorpora prodotti di ultima generazione, un design accattivante e la migliore filosofia sui costi di ProduceShop.

  • Garden braziers

    Make the most of your outdoor space on warm summer evenings with our exclusive selection of garden braziers.

    Having defined the new protagonists of the outdoors, braziers and garden fireplaces are certainly among the best solutions in terms of aesthetics and heating. In fact, outdoor braziers have the ability to enhance a lush garden and at the same time create an intimate and cozy atmosphere around the crackling fire to spend pleasant evenings in the outdoors all year round. The garden braziers are specially made to bring all the comfort and warmth that characterizes closed environments: wood or charcoal is usually used as fuel and with the addition of special grills they can be used as an alternative to the barbecue for cooking food. Thanks to the different sizes, our braziers can be positioned in any environment that requires light and heat, giving an unparalleled scenographic effect. Ideal not only for gardens, but also for arcades, verandas, panoramic terraces, outdoor areas of bars and restaurants, the braziers adapt perfectly to the space in which you decide to install them, integrating with the surrounding furniture and the outdoor context that they hosts. The manufacturing materials are many, as are the colors and styles, but in all cases they give the environment a unique and modern touch. In our catalog you will find different types of braziers and garden fireplaces, available in many designs, shapes and sizes. To complete the range there are also practical accessories, such as log holders, grids and much more.

    Choose which model best suits your outdoor spaces and surround yourself with the pleasant warmth offered by one of our garden braziers!

  • Birdhouses and nests

    Dedicate a safe and welcoming place to the little birds living in your garden. Discover our range of birdhouses and nests.

    Here you will find wooden models of birdhouses and nests of various sizes, shapes and colors, to offer a comfortable shelter to our feathered friends. Made primarily of resistant and durable wood, the birdhouses and nests that you will find in our catalog allow birds to protect themselves from the rain, to feed, rest, lay eggs, care for and raise their young. They can be mounted in the garden on branches and fences, or on the balcony or the ground thanks to the pedestal. If you also want to provide food for your flying friends, purchase a feeder to fill with seeds, fruit or other delicious treats. Choose the most beautiful birdhouse and nest among the many we have selected for you and your winged friends.

  • Garden swings

    What could be more beautiful for a child than being suspended and swaying on a swing? Make them happy by purchasing one from our online catalog!

    Compliant with all European safety regulations for toys, our swings for children ensure hours of pure fun and carefree outdoor playtime. We have all kinds of swings: single swings, double swings, swings for babies with adjustable seats, those that can be attached to trees and in thousands of colors, simple to install and with rounded edges to allow little ones to have fun in complete safety. Our swings are suitable for any type of garden, large or small, transforming the green space into a fun play area. You can also decide to expand it with a trampoline, an inflatable pool, a colorful house or a water slide. Find them on our website to create a true amusement park in your backyard!

  • Heating cookers and...

    Create a pleasantly heated outdoor area during the winter season with the wide choice of heaters and heating mushrooms from ProduceShop.

    Heaters and heating mushrooms represent the top of our selection for outdoor heating in terms of quality, design, and functionality. Great for heating gardens, terraces, porches, verandas, and outdoor areas of bars, hotels, and restaurants, our heaters and heating mushrooms allow you to make the most of public and private outdoor spaces in the coldest months of the year. Thanks to their latest-generation technology, they extend all the comfort and warmth of closed environments outside, making the environment immediately more comfortable. Browse our catalog to choose the solution that best suits your needs. With a mushroom-shaped heating stove (also called a pyramid), for example, you can seat customers outside and ensure a pleasant warmth when warm summer nights are a thing of the past. On our online shop, you can find different types of electric, gas-powered, and eco-friendlier pellet heating mushrooms, available in various sizes and with many features to increase comfort. If you're looking for a practical and economical solution, opt for an infrared heating stove. Easy to install on walls, ceilings, and floors, and available with different power levels, they're the ideal alternative for heating both indoor and outdoor spaces quickly with minimal energy waste. To complete the already wide range of products, there are also many practical accessories, from wheels for transport to support brackets and tables.

  • Garden parasols

  • Hotel pool garden sun...

  • Gates grilles and...

    Looking for a solution to aesthetically delimit your garden? Take a look at our range of gates, trellises, and fences.

    Gates, trellises, and fences are among the most suitable and common solutions for fencing the perimeter of your garden and dividing open spaces on your property. Made of sturdy and durable high-quality wood, they define spaces in an orderly manner and blend perfectly with the surrounding environment. Easy to install, they also add a natural and pleasant touch to your green area and provide privacy, security, stability, and maximum resistance to weather conditions, thanks to special impregnating treatments. Here you will find gates, trellises, and fences available in different sizes and heights. But also picket fences, borders, artificial ivy, and fences that are ideal if you want to fence off a vegetable garden or flower beds, for example, or to create a protective barrier for your pets. Consult our catalogue to discover all the models and choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Synthetic turf rolls.

    Do you want a green garden all year round? Just choose a roll of synthetic grass from ProduceShop.

    Artificial grass is the right choice if you want a perfectly manicured garden without worrying about maintenance. A carpet of fake grass knows no time or seasons. Thanks to high-quality synthetic fibers that reproduce authentic natural grass blades, it withstands extreme temperatures and any weather conditions. Perfect for decorating open spaces such as terraces, driveways, pool edges, companies, commercial activities, or covering damaged parts of the garden. Unlike real grass, it does not require daily watering and fertilization. Moreover, you can lay it on any surface, choosing the size and shade of green that best suits your needs. Check out our online catalog to discover all the models of synthetic grass rolls we have on offer.

  • Awnings and outdoor...


  • Artificial Hedges

    Looking for a way to enhance your outdoor space? Choose an artificial hedge from our catalogue.

    Artificial hedges are the ideal choice to transform any outdoor area into a constantly green oasis. Suitable for gardens, terraces, and balconies, they are easy to install on railings, gates, walls, fences, pergolas, and partitions. They provide more privacy and protection from prying eyes, significantly improving aesthetics. Our artificial hedges are extremely realistic and natural. Carefully crafted with high-quality synthetic materials, they withstand different weather conditions and maintain vivid colors over time, even with prolonged sun exposure. They require no care, do not attract insects, do not wither, and exude beauty all year round. Choose from a wide range of sizes and available foliage, such as ivy, photinia, laurel, bay laurel, privet, viburnum, and boxwood, the most suitable solution to create your green corner!

  • Bright furnishings

    Modern and unique, illuminated furniture is becoming increasingly popular and it's not uncommon to find armchairs, tables and bar counters featuring this sought after technology.

    • Easily recognizable thanks to their unique design, these pieces of furniture offer an alternative to classic furnishings to be taken into consideration when setting up a local or, why not, giving your home a modern touch.
    • Usually made of high-quality polyethylene, a material that guarantees exceptional weather resistance, these items can be placed both inside and, depending on their degree of protection and waterproofing, outside.
    • When it comes to power supply, some models are equipped with a cable while others rely on a rechargeable battery, capable of providing several hours of autonomy to LED / RGB bulbs.
    • Whether it's an armchair, a divan, an ice bucket or a bar counter, choosing an illuminated accessory is a winning solution in any case: in addition to the indisputable functionality of the product, the aesthetic beauty that only their carefully designed details can bring out.
    • On this page of our website you can find a selection of the best furniture of this type: most of the items present here are 100% Made in Italy and this certification, as we know, is a guarantee of absolute quality. Find your favorite model and give a touch of extra to any environment!

Garden and Patio Furniture

Here you can find our selection of beautiful and yet resistant solutions to decorate your garden or outside of your space, be it your own house or a business, such as a pub or a country bar. Specifically designed for outdoor use, these elegant Italian designs will resist all weather conditions.

All our products are carefully picked, for a high quality selection at an affordable price point.

We only select outdoor furniture which is made to last using state of the art plastic fibers, such as polyrattan. These new materials are made and engineered using the latest technology available, and they show incredible strength and durability. Being water repellent and UV resistant, these items have found their perfect place outside, no matter what the weather has to say. Sun rays won't affect them, and no amount of rain can damage them. Still, these fabrics always shine as new, with their vivid colours.

Their inner strength is only matched by their good looks on the outside. Italian designers gave life to these raw materials and made them into the finest furniture. Such a combination of elegance and durability is hard to find, especially at such a low cost. Don't hold back then, browse our selection and find the best option for your needs.

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