• Plastic garden chairs

    Looking for a modern garden chair? Do you want a Scandinavian-style one? Or an original one for the outdoor area of your premises? In any case, you are in the right place.

    Here you can find a wide selection of plastic chairs suitable for decorating the garden according to your tastes and preferences. Our garden chairs are made with durable, and in some cases, environmentally friendly plastic, capable of satisfying the highest quality standards and guaranteeing perfect outdoor use. Functional, practical, and versatile, the plastic garden chairs we offer are lightweight to move but at the same time, withstand perfectly weather, sun rays, rain, impact, and abrasion. Beautiful to look at, they are also suitable for those who want to complete the outdoor area of the bar, hotel, or restaurant with taste and great personality. The variety of available styles is immense, as are the shapes and colors. Chairs with a classic and timeless line, modern, colorful, Scandinavian-style, sophisticated, minimalist, chiavarian... whatever garden chair you are looking for, we have it. All you have to do is find it!

  • Bright chairs

    Create a magical and suggestive atmosphere with our selection of luminous chairs.

    To extend your evenings or those of your customers, ProduceShop offers you a wide choice of luminous chairs that will make your location truly unique at sunset. You will have renowned brands in the industry, such as SLIDE, LYXO, PLUST, whose furnishings are suitable for both the garden at home and the terrace of a lounge bar, a restaurant, or by the poolside. You can use them in the evening to 'light up' the party and on special occasions without having to resort to other light sources, while also saving energy. But it's not just light! Thanks to the high-quality materials guaranteed for outdoor use, the luminous chairs we offer withstand all weather adversities perfectly without neglecting comfort. Take a look at our assortment. Choose the most suitable luminous chair for your outdoor space among the various models, shapes, designs, and sizes in the catalog.

  • Metal garden chairs

    Looking for a beautiful, functional and everlasting garden chair? Choose a sturdy metal chair.

    Our metal chairs allow you to decorate your outdoor space with taste and withstand everything incredibly, without ever losing quality. You can place them in the garden, on the terrace, on the balcony, on the veranda and match them with any garden table and furniture style. Wherever you decide to place them, they will always guarantee optimal comfort. In our catalog, you will find the most beloved and unmistakable tolix-style chairs, a classic of industrial design, made in many colors and vintage finishes to give a touch of the past to your outdoor. But also chairs with more modern and elegant lines for trendy bars, restaurants, and public places. Discover our selection of metal garden chairs now and add your favorite model to the cart.

  • Zero gravity chairs

    For your moments of relaxation you only want the utmost comfort? Choose without hesitation a Zero Gravity chair from our catalog.

    A Zero Gravity chair is what you need to let go of your daily stress. Thanks to the possibility of reclining the backrest and raising your feet up to the height of your heart, it offers optimal relaxation from every point of view. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, in the garden under the shade or in the sun, comfortably resting your elbows on the armrests and reclining the backrest to lie down completely. And if it's padded, it guarantees extreme comfort. Take a look at our assortment. There are all kinds, materials and fabrics available. Do you need more than one? Just choose a stock of multiple pieces at a super affordable price. More comfort than this!

  • Rattan garden chairs

    Are you looking for a practical, versatile, and fascinating chair to complete your garden decor? There is no better choice than a rattan chair.

    Rattan chairs are perfect for any outdoor setting. They easily match any style of decor, from classic to modern, Scandinavian, country, and give the outdoor space a unique beauty like few others. They are suitable for enhancing gardens, poolside areas, patios, and can also be used to furnish interiors if desired. Our chairs are mainly made of high-quality polypropylene that gives them excellent resistance to daily use and weather conditions, with all the typical elegance of rattan weaving. However, unlike natural rattan, our synthetic rattan chairs (polyrattan) require less maintenance and last much longer, ensuring impeccable performance over time. Discover the entire collection of rattan chairs for the garden in our catalog. Just scroll down the page to choose your favorite from many models and colors available.

  • Garden design chairs.

    Discover the exclusive collection of designer garden chairs from ProduceShop.

    Our chairs provide the touch of elegance and design that is lacking in the garden, on the terrace of a lounge bar, a restaurant or the poolside of a prestigious hotel. Practical and functional for everyday use, they are also beautiful to look at thanks to their modern lines. So beautiful that they can even be used indoors. The chairs we offer are made with high quality materials and specially designed to be outdoors all year round. They are not affected by weather phenomena, sunlight or bad weather, and they don't lose their quality or color. They are lightweight and easy to move around, and many are stackable for easy storage when not in use. Among the many design models, you will no doubt notice the chairs from the Italian SLIDE brand, unique in their style and capable of "dressing up" the outdoor space like no other. But not only that. You will also have many other garden chairs available that can give a unique touch and adapt to any of your outdoor tables. Browse the catalogue to discover them all.

  • Garden chairs Grand...

    Do you manage a bar, a restaurant or a beach resort and are you looking for a chair that combines design and comfort? Rely on the 100% Italian quality of Garden Chairs by Grand Soleil.

    Grand Soleil is one of the historic Italian brands in the production of outdoor chairs for public and private use. For years it has been producing products with materials of strictly Made in Italy quality, not only for outdoor use but also for indoor use in the kitchen, dining room, bars and restaurants. Grand Soleil chairs have a renowned resistance to weather, UV rays, and the wear and tear of time, so much so that they are certified for professional contract use. They are sturdy and extra resistant, yet still light enough to move from one spot to another, and are sometimes stackable. The wide range of Grand Soleil garden chairs offered by ProduceShop is the perfect catalog for your every taste and furnishing need. Browse through all the models and find the ideal garden chair to stylishly furnish the outdoor space of your home or business.

  • Scab garden chairs

    A renowned historical brand of Made in Italy, for more than 60 years, Scab Design has been designing and producing a wide range of high-quality products for outdoor furniture.

    Among the most popular with modern design lovers, this line of garden chairs produced by Scab Design is offered by ProduceShop. The collection consists of chairs with clean and essential shapes, suitable for use in the home, in the Contract sector, Ho.Re.Ca and in line with the latest furnishing trends. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but Scab Design garden chairs also have the highest international ratings for strength and durability. In fact, they are certified with the Made of Makrolon and CATAS marks, attesting to their use in outdoor settings, as well as in public establishments such as bars, restaurants, and hotels.

    If you're looking for a classy, functional, and comfortable chair for your garden or outdoor area, Scab Design is the right answer for you. Browse our online catalog to find the best one that suits your furnishing needs.

  • Garden chairs Slide

    Do you want to furnish the outdoor space of your house, bar or restaurant in a totally unique and original way? Choose one of the many models of garden chairs signed by SLIDE.

    In the design furniture sector for indoor and outdoor spaces, SLIDE represents an international reference point for Made in Italy. What distinguishes its products is the innovative, creative and sometimes ironic design, the result of the collaboration with internationally renowned designers and which ProduceShop offers you here exclusively at the best market price. Garden chairs, as well as all the other outdoor accessories by SLIDE, have essential shapes but with great scenic impact. They are designed for the contract furniture for public places, outdoor events, but also suitable for placing both inside and outside the house, and even for lighting. Consult our catalog of garden chairs signed by SLIDE and choose among the many offers the one that best expresses your personality.

  • Garden and Patio Chairs

    Chairs specifically designed for outdoor use, such as gardens and patios, but also clubs or restaurants.

    Our chairs are perfect for outdoor spaces such as gardens, public and private pools, restaurants, hotels and bars. They are stackable and light, so that they are easy to move around and to stack to save room.

    Made with strong materials for outdoor use such as Polyrattan, resin and plastic, these chairs are really the top convenient choice for those who want to decorate their exteriors with style and quality.

    Our chairs are versatile and suited for professional use thanks to their simple and modern design, realiable and durable construction. All our chairs come quality-certifified, typical of Italian products.

    Available in different colors, with a high or low back, or with the classic woven rattan effect, our chairs perfectly fit well within all outdoor and indoor spaces. Treat yourself well, and pick one of our outdoor chairs to relax outside with your friends.

  • Stock of Outdoor Chairs

    Buy our gorgeous outdoor chairs in stock to save money while renovating your business!

    ProduceShop offers a wide range of high quality chairs, selected with our ten year experience and knowledge in the online decoration market. The stock bundle option allows you to save even more money when buying larger quantities.

    All out chairs are perfect for furnishing outdoor spaces, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, adapting to a variety of furnishing environments such as lounges, kitchens and garden.

    All these items are available and ready for delivery. Our stock options only feature chairs that are stackable, lightweight and easy to handle, designed and manufactured to ensure maximum endurance and comfort for public use.

    ProduceShop is a leading company in the field, able to meet the needs of every type of customer both in terms of assistance and usability.

  • Plastic Stackable Chairs

    Take a look at our wide catalogue of plastic and polypropylene chairs. Our collection offers perfect solutions for any kind of furniture, style and need.

    Simple lines and modern designs make our plastic chairs perfect for your every need. Suitable for modern, classic and country kitchens, from outdoors to indoors these chairs are true do-it-all products.

    Made from polypropylene, a plastic material that is highly used in furniture production, our chairs offer superior sturdiness, resistance to weather conditions and wear.

    The wide variety of designs and prices made this kind of chair one of the most important pieces of furniture, that will suit all interior designs. The polypropylene construction also guarantees a high-quality productat an extremely reasonable price. If you need an elegant and sturdy chair, ProduceShop has what you are looking for. Our chairs are perfect for all, who want simplicity, elegance and beauty at the best price on the market.

    Check out this assortment, you will admire our wide range of polypropylene chairs for all tastes and interior designs, giving you the unique chance to find the best product to meet your needs and renew your furniture style, whether at home or in your bistro or restaurant.

    If your spaces need a touch of personality and elegance, ProduceShop has the chair for you.

  • Stackable Chairs

    Check out our wide selection of stackable chairs for bars, restaurants and homes who need space-saving furniture!

    In our catalogue you will find a large variety of stackable chairs, suitable for any context and furniture style. From designer chairs made of transparent polypropylene and polycarbonate to modern inspired, contemporary and elegant styles, you will surely be able to find something for you.

    Elevate your spaces, choose the perfect chair, style, colour and material amongst our wide range of designs and styles!

    ProduceShop has the chair you were looking for; with these chairs you will be able to save a lot of space for an easy clean-up and storing when you don't need to use them. Visit our catalogue now!

Garden chairs

Visit our collection of garden chairs and discover all our offers and materials: rattan, polypropylene, polycarbonate and many more!

Are you looking for a garden chair to furnish and decorate your outdoor spaces like your garden, your veranda and your terrace and you don't know how to choose the perfect one for your needs? ProduceShop has the ultimate article for you!

Our collection offers a wide variety of materials and designs, that will withstand any kind of bad weather or heat and sun from a hot day. In our catalogue you will find colourful and stackable chairs, perfect for space optimizing during Winter when you may decide to store the furniture. Just take a look at our catalogue and choose the chair, which correspond to your needs, taste, environment or use-case.

Our offering also includes the perfect garden furniture for your outdoor public place, like an open-air bistro or a pub; we have the solution to every problem.

Come in and visit our website: the elegance and high quality of our chairs will amaze you.

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