• Metal chairs
    Looking for a cool and resistant chair to give character to your kitchen? Opt for one of our original metal chairs. The metal chair perfectly combines style and solidity. Beautiful, functional, and timeless, it allows you to furnish the dining room with modern taste, resisting incredibly to everything without ever losing quality. You can match it with any dining table and even place it in the garden, terrace, balcony, or veranda. Perfect for every season. In our online catalog, you will find metal chairs of all kinds, like the unmistakable Tolix-style chairs, a classic of industrial design, available in thousands of colors and vintage finishes to give a touch of the past to your interior. But also metal chairs with more refined and elegant lines, upholstered, in faux leather, or with armrests for the furnishing of trendy bars, restaurants, and public places. Take a look at our assortment. You will surely find the metal chair model that suits you.
  • Bright chairs

    Create a magical and suggestive atmosphere with our selection of luminous chairs.

    To extend your evenings or those of your customers, ProduceShop offers you a wide choice of luminous chairs that will make your location truly unique at sunset. You will have renowned brands in the industry, such as SLIDE, LYXO, PLUST, whose furnishings are suitable for both the garden at home and the terrace of a lounge bar, a restaurant, or by the poolside. You can use them in the evening to 'light up' the party and on special occasions without having to resort to other light sources, while also saving energy. But it's not just light! Thanks to the high-quality materials guaranteed for outdoor use, the luminous chairs we offer withstand all weather adversities perfectly without neglecting comfort. Take a look at our assortment. Choose the most suitable luminous chair for your outdoor space among the various models, shapes, designs, and sizes in the catalog.

  • Zero gravity chairs

    For your moments of relaxation you only want the utmost comfort? Choose without hesitation a Zero Gravity chair from our catalog.

    A Zero Gravity chair is what you need to let go of your daily stress. Thanks to the possibility of reclining the backrest and raising your feet up to the height of your heart, it offers optimal relaxation from every point of view. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, in the garden under the shade or in the sun, comfortably resting your elbows on the armrests and reclining the backrest to lie down completely. And if it's padded, it guarantees extreme comfort. Take a look at our assortment. There are all kinds, materials and fabrics available. Do you need more than one? Just choose a stock of multiple pieces at a super affordable price. More comfort than this!

  • Armchairs

    Do you love spending a lot of time at the table and are you looking for a beautiful (and above all) comfortable chair? Say no more: what you need is definitely an armchair.

    A protagonist both in the dining room and in the kitchen, an armchair is the piece of furniture you can't do without if you want comfort at the table. It guarantees a comfortable and balanced position for the entire body during long lunches and dinners, and it also fits well in other rooms of the house. For example, in front of the desk, it adds a touch of personality as well as an extra level of comfort. Outside, it allows you to have even more comfort during relaxing moments in the garden or on the terrace. In our catalog, you can find many models of armchairs with different designs and materials that will satisfy all your furnishing needs. Modern, classic, metal, with mixed colors in a patchwork style, Scandinavian, stackable, upholstered in solid-colored fabric or transparent polycarbonate to furnish your home inside and out with style and originality. Make room for creativity and be inspired by our collection of armchairs. There is something for every taste and budget!

  • Grand Soleil Italian...

    Indoor Designer Chairs, Made in Italy using high quality materials. Ideals for decorating your own home or your business, restaurant and club.

    Pick one of our modern polycarbonate and polypropylene chairs from the Grand Soleil collection: they are stackable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, available in different colours and shapes, and also certified for professional use.

    You can choose traditional colours, such as white or black, or brighter colours, such as red or acid green, or maybe you prefer transparent chairs with their elegant design. Choose your model among those available, such as the Paris and Gruvyer chair, made of polypropylene, B-Side, Femme Fatale or Cristal Light chair, all made of transparent polycarbonate.

    Each model is designed for a specific environment: the Paris is ideal for kitchen and living rooms, while other models are more apt for offices, conference rooms, bars, dining rooms or restaurants.

    Each chair can be purchased individually or in big stocks. Our big deals are ideal for those who want to decorate their bar/club/restaurant with class but saving on the budget at the same time, and also for those who need strong, fireproof and durable chairs.

    Grand Soleil chairs can be used both indoors and outdoors, they are less expensive than other similar models, while offering the same quality and an original Italian design at a much more reasonable price!

  • Stocks of Chairs

    This is ProduceShop's range of stock offers of high quality 100% Made in Italy design chairs for the interior design of restaurants, bars, hotels or clubs.

    These stocks of chairs are all ready to be shipped at a moments notice! They are all made using only high quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and functionality along with maximum safety.

    All our offerings feature stakable, easy to handle, strong chairs that are built to guarantee maximum efficiency for public use, as stated by the posessed certification.

    By choosing our chairs, you will be choosing a leading company in this field, able to meet the needs of every type of customer, both in terms of assistance and usability. All our stock options are ready to ship with express free shipping!

  • Designer Chairs

    Stylish and esclusive design chairs for your house and your business, made only with high quality materials; the best way to combine class and durability.

    ProduceShop is always designing and producing new styles of chairs following the newest trends. The wide range of classy design products is built using strong and durable materials, to provide a smart ergonomical design which is comfortable and resistant yet beautiful and elegant. 

    Our design chairs are all ready to ship, even in large quantities, and they are perfectly suited to decorate your house and your business, such as restaurants, clubs, pubs. A perfect chance to add a nice touch of class to any existing interior.

    Check out all the available colours and styles!

  • Kitchen and indoor chairs

    Kitchen and restaurant chairs: stackable, easy to clean and highly durable, perfect to decorate with style, practicality and affordability your business as well as your house.

    Here you may find our selection of restaurant and kitchen chairs. We carefully selected the best chairs that are stackable, ergonomic and washable, well suited to be placed in professional settings. You may find all our range of transparent chairs, made with advanced and highly resistant polycarbonate.

    We are always on the lookout for new stylish and modern chairs, so to meet all kinds of demands and to fit in all sorts of interiors. At the same time we identified all the main features that make a chair perfect for a bar or restaurant, so to combine elegance, comfort and practicality: smart chairs with good looks.

    A bar chair must not be simply stackable but it has to be able to add style and beauty to a place. Our selection of kitchen and restaurant chairs include an ample range of high quality Made in Italy furniture, excellent products made with innovative materials showing strong vivid colours, like the polypropylene chairs or the transparent chairs in polycarbonate. Perfect for any restaurant or club, these chairs will make for a luxurious choice for your kitchen or living room as well.

    All this is also valid for kitchen chairs: to place a restaurant chair in your kitchen, even if it won't suffer from heavy usage like in a bar, has many advantages. Think about cleaning your kitchen or living room, even the chairs themselves. It will be easier and you won't need to compromise beauty over practicality.

    Browse this selection of kitchen, bar and restaurant chairs, you will definitely find the right one for you!

  • Dining Room Chairs

    Our dining chairs are perfect to furnish and decorate both outdoors and indoors.

    Whether in gardens, pools, bistro dining rooms, bars, hotels, verandas or else... you will get chairs, that are stackable, solid, light and handy to move. Our chairs are made of only high-quality materials like polyrattan or resin, or even polypropylene or polycarbonate, which perfectly suit every furniture. In our catalogue you will find solid and robust wooden chairs, with plain or straw seat.

    With our stock you could spare more than buying high quantity of single chairs, and you could also make profit from the sale of single chairs.

    In addition you could also take advantage of our certified chairs, perfect for intensive public use.

    Don't waste any more time, choose the perfect chair for your bistro or bar and make your customers happy with a designer, elegant and sturdy product!

  • Dining Chairs

    A great addition to your dining room or living room, these chairs will be one of the most important elements of your home furniture.

    It is extremely important to choose comfortable, relaxing and functional chairs as they end up being an essential part of every, both professional and domestic, living room or dining room.

    Our wide assortment of dining chairs will guarantee a solution to every home.

    From ergonomic designer chairs made from polypropylene, to original and one-of-a-kind wooden ones, from fabric chairs to stackable, transparent polycarbonate designer chairs: our collection will satisfy and fulfil every need you may have.

    Never choose between style, elegance, comfort and luxury again: our incredible collection only offers chairs, that will be both comfortable and stylistically captivating and unique. Elegant shapes and sturdy structures will grant curb appeal and incredible realiability, even in case you end up using them for your bistro or restaurant.

    Visit our collection and choose your style you preferm knowing you are not renouncing to comfort and durability. Our chairs will surely give an added touch of charm and elegance to your living room.

  • Wooden Chairs

    Our wide range of wooden chairs includes many different styles and designs, from classic to modern and revolutionary shapes, so that any taste and necessity can be fulfilled.

    Wood is a noble and high-quality material, the ultimate raw material for the production of high-quality furniture.

    It's a natural element and the perfect choice to realise and create both traditional and classic decor.

    As some of the most famous interior designers have shown, these chairs will amaze everyone thanks to the unbelievable design of the legs. Most of our chairs are just original style icons. As for these designer chairs, wood can be also used to produce traditional, classic and rustic chairs, that became part of our life through the centuries.

    Beechwood elements such as chair legs are meticulously designed, seasoned and produced according to artisan fundamentals.

    These chairs represent some of the best products for anyone looking for a traditional and classic chair made of wood, straw or fabric.ᅠ

    Visit our website and have a look at our catalogue, in which you will find many different designs; choose the one you prefer and make your venue magic.

  • Transparent...

    Our transparent polycarbonate chairs are real design products to add characteristic elements of your own styleto your home!

    Our collection offers a wide variety of designs, styles and colours. Through their modern style, transparent polycarbonate chairs can suit every kind of furniture set and design, creating interesting and captivating combinations.

    The chairs in our catalogue are real masterpieces: they easily combine a unique and wonderful design thanks to an elegant crystalline look and an incredibly sturdy and long-lasting structure.

    Our transparent chairs are an alternative piece of furniture to colourful plastic chairs or classic and traditional wooden chairs and they appear to be the perfect choice for all who want to take advantage of their living room, waiting room, dining room or restaurant, giving a contemporary touch to any place. Our wide choice of transparent chairs included many designs, from simpler and more elegant shapes, to curvier and more linear styles. 

    Also available in colours such as transparent blue, red or charcoal grey.

    Discover our huge collection of transparent polycarbonate chairs and find the most suited to your needs.

  • Colourful Dining Chairs

    We could say that colours and shades are almost unlimited... just like the designs and colours of our chairs! Check out our recommendations!

    With over 75 designs of colourful chairs, ranging from classic to modern design, you will be able to furnish your kitchen or living room with great charming style. These dining chairs are perfect for all and every environment; a great choice for restaurants or a bistros that are looking for a way to add a touch of renovation and colour to wow their customers.

    In our collection there are many chairs made from different materials: polypropylene, polycarbonate, wood, metal, straw or fabric. You will find chairs to satisfy any kind of taste, need or desire.

    Choose our solid and high-quality chairs at the best price, thanks to our discounts up to 50% off. You only will find this many styles and colours here, on ProduceShop!

  • Chairs for Restaurants...

    Pamper your customers with the wide selection of restaurant and hotel chairs from ProduceShop.

    For a restaurant or hotel, choosing the furniture, especially the chairs, is almost as important as the menu and the service. The chairs must provide the right comfort to customers and have the appropriate style for the establishment. Our restaurant and hotel chairs have the right features to ensure you a five-star customer experience! The chairs for restaurants and hotels that we offer make customers feel comfortable from the very beginning. They encourage them to spend more time sitting, savoring the dishes, conversing, and enjoying moments at the table. They make the experience within your commercial activity truly unforgettable. Not just comfort, the chairs for sale on our online shop represent the perfect mix of design and functionality. They are appreciated for their easy cleaning, ergonomics, aesthetics, high-quality materials, and not least, the price. Often made in Italy, they have high standards and suitable certifications for use in Contract public environments, without excluding outdoor spaces. They guarantee maximum reliability and resistance to weather conditions, wear and tear. Ideal for the restaurant industry, they are also suitable for setting up reception areas, waiting rooms, bars, coffee shops, pubs, ice cream parlors, B&Bs, farm stays, beach bars, pastry shops, lounge terraces, pool areas, and the broader Ho.Re.Ca hospitality sector. At ProduceShop, we know how important customers are to you. That's why, thanks to our wide assortment of restaurant and hotel chairs, you will easily find the perfect chair for your establishment. Scroll down the page and be amazed by the variety in our catalog!

  • Swivel chairs and...

    Enjoy a moment of pure relaxation on one of our comfortable and stylish armchairs and swivel chairs.

    Armchairs and swivel chairs are among the best solutions if you want to make your workspace, reading area, dining area, or leisure time even more functional and comfortable. Our swivel chairs and armchairs enhance any type of environment and are appreciated for their comfort and original design. From the living room to the bedroom to the home office desk, thanks to their refined and trendy shapes, they allow you to furnish both home and work spaces with a unique touch. On ProduceShop's online catalog, you have a wide selection of armchairs and swivel chairs available in various shapes, designs, and colors for your optimal relaxation. From ergonomic swivel chairs for a better posture in the office to padded and reclining swivel armchairs for a cozy corner in the living area, find the one that suits your tastes. You can choose it with a circular base, a star-shaped base with wheels for easy movement, but also with cushions, armrests, and oscillation and reclining mechanisms for maximum comfort.

  • Rocking chairs
    Create the perfect corner of relaxation with one of the rocking chairs from ProduceShop! Extremely relaxing and enjoyable thanks to the oscillating movement of the curved sled base, with our rocking chairs you will have no excuses not to relax. They are perfect for indulging in relaxation, for reading, watching TV, or simply resting. They fit in front of the fireplace but also outside the living area, such as in the bedroom or children's room where it will be easier for you to get them to fall asleep. Always padded to perfection to provide comfort and well-being, they are ideal if you want to treat yourself to a moment of peace and carefreeness and let go of everyday stress. Plus, they blend well with any type of interior. Are you a fan of modern furniture? Choose the design of the rocking armchairs offered by AHD. The perfect mix of style and functionality, they have vibrant colors, imaginative patterns, and endless comfort. Discover our rich assortment of rocking chairs. They will gently cradle you into the world of relaxation!


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Often, lunch or dinner are the only moments when we sit at the table. But we don't just sit to eat. In addition to the pleasures of the table, it is the conversations, stories, and laughter together that make these moments unforgettable. But one thing is certain. Whether it's in the kitchen, dining area, living room, inside a bar, a restaurant, or on the terrace, the important thing is to be sitting comfortably. With our extensive selection, you will surely find the chair that best meets your needs in terms of comfort and furnishings. Modern design chairs, in polypropylene or metal, in Scandinavian style, classic wooden chairs, upholstered, ergonomic, stackable, sled chairs, with or without armrests, in many colors, fabrics, and fine finishes, bright, transparent... As you can see, the choice is not lacking. Feel free to browse through the thousands of offers in our online shop. Among the many chair brands that combine aesthetics and durability, we suggest taking a look at the original AHD chairs. Suitable for every type of table and environment, both indoors and outdoors, they stand out for their attention to detail, functionality, high-quality materials, and timeless design. Discover our entire range of chairs. There really is something for every taste and budget. Don't miss out: the choice of your ideal chair begins at ProduceShop!
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