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ProduceShop and its Interior Designers

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Do you have ideas for your interior design but want to have a wider range? ProduceShop has something for you!

ProduceShop can also be your interior designer: choose the perfect pieces of furniture with us, fill out the project form and let’s start working together on the best solutions!

When you decide to furnish your home, it’s not enough to have the space and buy the furniture; behind every interior project there has to be a structured idea. Many people decide to entrust this task to an interior designer.

But how much does such a service cost?
From today you can avoid asking yourself this question thanks to ProduceShop; every time you choose the furniture and interior accessories that you like most, we will be ready to give you some advice on furnishing your home. How? Let’s find out!

ProduceShop interior designer
Interior Design ProduceShop

Professionals and Experts

An Interior Designer is a professional specialized in furnishing solutions for interiors. Someone who doesn’t just improvise good taste, but who has studied specifically for the job. ProduceShop has chosen some of the best interior decoration experts to build its team; interior designers, architects, furniture and illumination professionals.

The idea is to offer you a complete and qualified team that guarantees an optimal result; you choose the furniture and tell us about the rooms, we create the perfect synergy to have a welcoming, elegant and well-furnished home.

Interior Design ProduceShop

How does it work?

No consultancy office, no costs.

It’s all very simple: when you are browsing our catalogue and have found the product you are looking for, open it and go to the product page; you will find the Personal Designer section, which you will click on. Just like an official briefing, open the consultation form and fill in the fields, then send it to us right away.

With the picture of the product (or products), the room to be furnished, the floor plan and as much information as you can provide, we can analyse and create the perfect interior design solution for you. Our interior designers will contact you to propose the project; you will have the opportunity to ask for information and changes or, as is almost always the case, the project will already be perfect!

interior design ProduceShop
Interior Design ProduceShop

Try it for yourself: our interior designers have dozens of sensational projects to their credit, ranging from the classic to the modern, including bold and imaginative solutions. ProduceShop’s #SmartBuy philosophy is pushing the boundaries, and there’s more to come!