• Bathtubs

    Here you may find our selection of freestanding and recessed bathtubs to decorate your bathroom with elegance and style.

    Our bathtubs, both recessed and free standing, are carefully selected between innovative solutions to ideally decorate your bathroom affordably, without wasting your money.

    Today's technology and production have allowed huge steps forward and there are many free standing and recessed bathtubs that satisfy all the most important requirements, aesthetically and functionally, at an affordable price. New materials like acrylic resins, fiberglass with porcelain surface effect and other solutions, provide all the advantages of expensive porcelain without its weight, mass and, most importantly, producton costs.

    A pleasing vivid and bright effect covers up the surface of these freestanding and recessed bathtubs. Water flows softly and effortlessly, just like soft is the feeling to the touch when we lay in them after drawing ourselves a hot bath. Rather than porcelain or ceramics, which are heavy and extremely easy to break, dent or scratch, these bathtubs are extremely resistant to wear and also extremely easy to clean.

    Hardly affected by limescale and humidity, if these bathtubs actually get stained, a simple sponge will do the job.

    What are you waiting for then? Pick your favourite bathtub, free standing or recessed accordingly to your needs, with or without holes, just like you wish, and enjoy our express shipping!

  • Shower trays

    Shower trays are an important element in our bathrooms. Made from different materials and available in different sizes, the shower trays are the best solution to have a shower with a modern and always up-to-date design, perfect to combine with the most diverse shower boxes.

    If you need a shower tray that adapts to the size of your bathroom, on our website you will find a selection of exclusive products, suitable for every budget and furnishing idea: you will have a very wide choice that will give you the possibility to complete your bathroom with the model that comes closest to your needs, starting from the size.

    In this section you will find the classic sized shower trays 70x90, or 80x80 that are ideal for small bathrooms or small relaxation corners, and larger products in sizes such as 80x160 or even 90x160 that are excellent if you want to make the most out of the space in a large bathroom.

    Many sizes but also many different shades. In fact, we offer many types of shower trays with slate effect, stone effect, anthracite or glossy white finishes, all with an ultra-flat design with an almost imperceptible thickness of 26 millimeters, suitable for an installation that is flush with the floor.

    Discover all the offers in this range of shower trays and choose the solution that's right for you. Your showers deserve the best!

  • Shower columns

    Why give up well-being in your bathroom when you can create a practical and functional environment? Our shower columns are carefully designed to be suitable for any environment: thanks to their essential design and wall mounting, they give the bathroom area a particularly elegant appearance in a few simple steps.

    To grant you a dream experience under the water and enjoy long moments of relaxation, in our catalog you will have a line of multifunction shower columns with mixer, which in addition to offering the practicality and comfort of the shower head, have numerous water delivery options, ranging from a simple thermostatic shower, to that accompanied by side massaging hydrojets up to tropical rain and cascades, all with a modern taste to better adapt to the new trends in the bathroom.

    Whether you choose a simple or equipped shower column, our columns are easy to install and represent the perfect solution for those looking for an impeccable piece of furniture in its aesthetic and functional value.

  • Bathroom cabinets

    The wide range of bathroom furniture you find in this section will satisfy the structural needs of your room and at the same time satisfy all your furnishing needs to obtain a tidy bathroom free from clutter.

    All the bathroom compositions that you find in our online store are built with a solid and robust structure, they are made with highly water-resistant and long-lasting quality materials and lend themselves very well to the style and modern environment. They are complete with everything you need since they have enough space to store any object or accessory for personal care in the drawers, moreover, on almost all our furniture, the closures of the doors and drawers have the soft-close system (i.e. slow closing) and are equipped with sink, mirror and LED lighting lamps.

    Our bathroom furniture offers a modern furnishing solution even for small rooms. In fact, the bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the house and in this case the suspended bathroom furniture is the best solution to optimize space and better enjoy the bathroom. A suspended bathroom furniture composition guarantees practicality and better cleaning as well as easy installation and is ideal for comfort, elegance and functionality in a single complement. Of design, with a minimal style and with few essential components, our suspended compositions highlight what are the trends of recent years. But in addition to space-saving solutions, in our catalog you will find sink furniture that are characterized by simple but decisive lines, suitable for setting up and completing the laundry area inside or outside the house without losing sight of functionality and organization.

    The selection of bathroom furniture available on our site is full of proposals capable of fitting perfectly into both classic and modern bathrooms. They are avant-garde models able to ensure maximum practicality but without sacrificing style and design, designed with different sizes and finishes to allow you to transform your bathroom into a perfect relaxation area and dedicate yourself to the daily care of your body in the utmost comfort.

  • Bathroom Mixers and Taps

    Update Your Bathroom with our Faucets and Mixers Selection

    When renovating or remodeling a bathroom, faucets and mixers represent a very important step in establishing the room's unique style. The market offers an endless range of models, each one with its own specific characteristics to consider during the purchase. Although taste and aesthetic largely define the choice, from a technical point of view, it's important to know the difference between single and thermostatic mixer for an educated decision. Accessories such as water flow limiters are also available, allowing for decreased waste and more savings in bills.

    All the products available in this page were carefully selected by our experts after an intense research process, aiming to find the items able to satisfy the customers’ needs. Brands were chosen from long-time specialized suppliers and top-notch faucets and mixers producers, combining impeccable design and functionality, yet providing an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Are you convinced? Look through the catalog and start updating your bathroom from here!

  • WC Bidet Washbasins...

    Refurbishing the bathroom? To define a style and keep it going with the rest of your furniture, starting with plumbing fixtures (toilet, bidet, sink, etc.) can be a great idea.

    • Plumbing fixtures are often neglected but play a major role in our daily life, needing to guarantee maximum functionality.
    • There is a myriad of options available in the market and it is not easy to choose, so it is important to consider multiple aspects such as the space available, the room's use and the existing plumbing system.
    • Once clarified, concentrate on shape and material, following your own personal taste.
    • Plumbing fixtures are usually divided in three categories: floor-mounted, wall-mounted and suspended. Ceramic is the most common material but in recent years, solid surface, stone and stainless steel have become increasingly popular nice alternatives to give a touch of originality and modernity for your bathroom.
    • Discover in this page the selection of toilets, bidets and plumbing fixtures of the best brands, carefully selected by the ProduceShop team to ensure user satisfaction.
  • Bathroom accessories

    Una vasta gamma di accessori da bagno per donare un look nuovo al tuo bagno. ProduceShop.

    • Decora con facilità il tuo bagno con gli accessori di qualità di ProduceShop.
    • Ottieni un bagno funzionale con set coordinati di porta spazzolini, porta saponette, dispenser per sapone liquido e porta scopino.
    • Mantieni sempre in ordine con mensole angolari e cestini per la doccia.
    • Portasciugamani o oggetti indispensabili per un benessere integrale.
    • Materiali di qualità, durevoli e in stili moderni ed eleganti.
  • Bathroom mirrors

    The mirror is one of the most used accessories in our everyday life and one that we can't do without in the bathroom. It is essential for women who want to apply makeup, comb their hair, and look beautiful every day, but it is also practical and functional for men to shave. Essential for maintaining one's appearance, the mirror, if chosen well, can not only reflect the face but also the aesthetic taste. It can provide light and depth to the environment and at the same time enrich and enhance the decoration of the bathroom. In our online catalogue, you can find mirrors of various shapes and sizes, with exclusive features to impeccably furnish the walls of your bathroom. Round, oval, square, rectangular mirrors, with more unique lines for a touch of design, reversible, flush mount, with or without frame, and for the most demanding, even backlit with a relaxing atmosphere. Take a look at our assortment. There is something for every taste and budget.

  • Heated towel rails and...
    Discover the complete range of electric towel warmers at ProduceShop. In addition to keeping towels, washcloths, and bathrobes warm at all times, an electric towel warmer (also known as a heated towel rail) ensures additional thermal comfort by heating the environment with reduced energy consumption. Our wall-mounted towel warmers connect directly to the electrical system and comply with European regulations to guarantee maximum efficiency and thermal performance. By radiating heat, they not only create the ideal climate but also prevent humidity in the bathroom while adding an extra touch of elegance to the decor. On our e-shop, you can find towel warmers and heated towel rails with different sizes and wattages to warm a small or large bathroom. They also work as radiators in other rooms of the house, such as the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Browse through the online catalog to find the model that best suits your needs.

Bathroom furniture

Create your dream bathroom with the wide selection of bathroom products and accessories from ProduceShop.

  • Choose from an infinite variety of mixer, shower and bath taps, modern shower columns, ceramic sanitary ware, washbasin, bidets and washbasin, ultra thin shower trays, bathroom tubs of any shape, coordinated sets of accessories, shower heads and hand showers, floor standing furniture, column furniture, suspended furniture, open furniture, furniture with drawers or with mirrors, furniture beneath the washbasin, and even laundry and linen furniture.
  • Find the best of Italian craftsmanship, as well as a series of affordable solutions of excellent quality and functionality, along with a wide variety of styles to suit any taste and requirement.
  • Browse and create your perfect bathroom with just a few easy clicks.
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Bath tray shelf wood extendable Bambu

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Outdoor wall-mounted resin washbasin 50x35x24cm Sink 50

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Bathroom mobile cabinet with wheels and 2 sliding doors Kokua

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Washbasin with soap dispenser for outdoor garden Gart 60 Promotion

Washbasin with soap dispenser for outdoor garden Gart 60

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Bathroom space-saving mobile cabinet with sliding doors Gitseg Promotion

Bathroom space-saving mobile cabinet with sliding doors Gitseg

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Resin washbasin tub for outdoor garden with Jab 50 grid Promotion

Resin washbasin tub for outdoor garden with Jab 50 grid

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