• Fabric stools

    Do you have the fortune to have a peninsula in the kitchen but you lack the right stool? Take a look at our selection of fabric stools, you will be amazed!

    Our stools are upholstered with high-quality fabrics to stylishly furnish the high kitchen table, bar corner, or peninsula snack counter. Available in every shape and design, here you will find both fixed and adjustable height stools. But also tall, low, swivel stools, with or without armrests, made of wood, metal, plastic, with a backrest to comfortably enjoy a cocktail or an aperitif, or without. All available in a vast range of colors, both subtle and vibrant, to liven up and make any of your spaces more comfortable. Discover our entire collection of fabric stools. We surely have what you are looking for!

  • Synthetic leather stools

    Want to make your open space kitchen peninsula more refined? Complete it with an elegant faux leather stool from our catalog.

    The faux leather stools that we offer are ideal for adding character to the snack counter of your kitchen island or the counter of a downtown bar. Consult our online catalog to find the stool that best suits your taste and furnishing needs. You will have high stools, adjustable in height, fixed, with footrests, padded seats, with or without a backrest, and with many surprising embroideries and exquisite finishes. They are all made to the highest quality standards so that they are durable, wear-resistant, and easy to clean. Do you prefer a traditional faux leather stool? Are you looking for an industrial style or a modern one? Here you will surely find the right model for you. You only have to choose.

  • Wooden stools

    In search of the perfect stool to complete your country-style kitchen? Choose one of our original wooden stools.

    The wooden stools we offer are ideal around a peninsula in a traditional kitchen, inside a characteristic wine bar or tavern. Wood is a material that immediately "warms up" the environment and pairs perfectly with typically classic furnishings. But not only that. Based on your preferences, on our online catalog, you can choose the wooden stool with the shape you desire the most. Rustic wooden stools with straw seats, modern stools in colorful plastic, or upholstered stools for breakfast at the counter or lunch at a high table without sacrificing comfort. Does your kitchen prefer a vintage and shabby chic style? Choose a white wooden stool. Do you want to furnish the bar corner of your bistro following the dictates of industrial style? What you need is a stool made of a mix of iron and wood. Scroll down the page and be inspired by our rich collection!

  • Polypropylene stools

    Are you looking for a trendy stool that highlights your open space kitchen or your bar counter? There is no better choice than a polypropylene stool.

    Our polypropylene stools (or more commonly known as plastic stools) perfectly combine design, functionality, and practicality. They are perfect around the kitchen island or high table for breakfast and they are essential in restaurants, bars, and pubs to add a touch of color to the counter. They adapt to any type of context, both indoors and outdoors, and they are easy to keep clean, often stackable. Thanks to their particular resistance to atmospheric agents, you can also use them in gardens, terraces, verandas, and outdoor lounge areas without worrying about anything. In fact, they maintain their qualities unchanged for a long time even if you leave them outside all year round. Discover our entire selection of polypropylene stools. We have all kinds of stools for every budget. Choose them with or without a backrest, swivel or fixed, or adjustable in height. Do you love originality? Take a look at the collection signed by PLUST. They will immediately catch your eye!

  • Metal stools

    Looking for an alternative to the classic and monotonous kitchen stool? Add a touch of style by choosing a metal stool from our exclusive collection.

    Lightweight, sturdy, and above all, trendy. These are the qualities of our metal stools, the perfect solution if you don't want the same old bar stool that's been seen and reviewed. In addition to comfort and functionality, the metal stools we offer give a unique charm to the environment, incredibly resisting everything. They are perfect for tastefully completing the counter of a bar, a bistro, the island, the peninsula, the kitchen's bar corner, or the high table. In our online catalog, you can find metal stools of all kinds and models inspired by the great icons of design, such as the series of industrial stools, available in many versions, colors, and vintage finishes to give a touch of the past to your interior. Take a look at our assortment. You will definitely find what's right for you.

  • Rotating stools
    Looking for a functional and versatile stool for your daily activities? There is no better choice than a swivel stool. Unbeatable for practicality, swivel stools allow you to furnish any environment with style and comfort, whether it's the kitchen at home, the bar counter, the office, the study, or the salon where you work every day. Made of metal, colored or transparent plastic, fabric, imitation leather, with or without armrests, upholstered, adjustable in height, with wheels...the swivel stools we have selected for you are truly numerous. Take a look at our catalog to choose the one that best suits your needs. You can find all types. Stools with simple lines to match the island or high table for comfortable breakfast or lunch, but also models with a unique and original design, such as the stools from the SuperStool collection, perfect for modern decor.
  • Bright stools

    Do you want to extend your evenings or those of your customers in your venue with a magically illuminated stool? Choose the one that attracts you the most from our rich catalog.

    Here you will have a wide selection of luminous stools that will make your open space not only more evocative, but also unique and more sophisticated at sunset. You will have renowned brands in the industry, such as SLIDE and LYXO, whose furnishings find a place both in the garden and on the terrace of a lounge bar, a restaurant or by the poolside. You can use them in the evening to 'light up' the party or on special occasions without having to rely on other sources of light, and also saving energy. But not just light! Thanks to the quality materials guaranteed for outdoor use, the luminous stools we offer resist perfectly to all weather adversities without neglecting comfort. Take a look at our assortment. Choose the luminous stool you prefer among a thousand shapes, styles and designs and comfortably enjoy outdoor moments in the evenings!

  • Modern design stools

    Are you dreaming of a kitchen furnished with modern stools like those in the most famous home interior magazines? Then discover the exclusive range of modern design stools by ProduceShop.

    If ordinary stools are not for you, then you are in the right place. Here you will find a complete selection of modern design stools that are in line with the latest furnishing trends and can pleasantly surprise anyone with their appearance and functionality. The stools we offer boast unique shapes, unusual colors, refined materials, and unique and original style details that make a difference. Perfect for open space kitchens with an island or peninsula, our stools add that extra touch of personality that your space needs. They are also a perfect fit in front of a bar counter as well as inside or outside contemporary restaurants, pubs, and bistros. Modern high stools, bar stools, kitchen stools, fixed stools, swivel stools, height-adjustable stools, with or without backrest, with footrest, in Scandinavian, industrial, shabby chic style, made of metal, polycarbonate, with bright pop colors, or total black... be amazed by our collection and choose the modern design stool that best represents your style.

  • Replacement parts for...
    The gas piston of your stool is not working properly anymore? Or do you prefer to make the seat more comfortable? Here you will find what suits your needs. In this section, you have everything you need to refurbish your stool, from replacement pistons to soft padded cushions. The spare parts are compatible with most stools available on the market as well as those from the Superstool brand in our online catalog. Feel free to choose the most suitable replacement piece for your stool.
  • Kitchen Counter Stool

    Kitchen counter stools are a solution which is increasingly more popular in our houses. Typical of our decoration styles, they spread all over the world as an alternative to chairs for anyone with a breakfast counter in their kitchen.

    Stylish, comfortable and practical, kitchen counter stools allow you to add character and an original note to a traditional kitchen decor without loosing anything in terms of comfort and practicality. Those with little time for breakfast may enjoy a quick meal by the counter, which provides all the necessary space for a quick sitting.

    All our range of counter kitchen stools is carefully selected to offer only the best. All our kitchen stools are height adjustable and swivel, they come in many colours and styles to satisfy all sorts of tastes and to match all kinds of interiors, from the more elegant and traditional to the more modern and sophisticated.

    The wide range of materials employed does not sacrifice what is most important in a kitchen stool. Polypropylene seats, just like eco leather, is a choice dictated by efficiency. A kitchen stool, used mostly during meals, is subject to stains and to get dirt, especially if you consider how much children and kids prefer stools to chairs. Since these kitchen stools are all made of easy to cleanable materials, this won't pose a problem as a regular sponge with a kitchen cleaner will do the job just fine.

    You may find a stool which is made just for you. We have kitchen stools with a padded seat that have nothing to envy to an armchair, polypropylene stools that are easy to clean and with bright colours, stools with a eco leather seat that is soft to the touch and highly durable at the same time. In terms of style you may find vintage stools, modern looking stools created with highly advanced 3d printing techniques, vintage barbershop stools and much more.

    Explore our selection and you will find the right stool for your taste or for your most specific needs. You may well add a nice touch of style to your kitchen without sacrificing comfort and practicality.

  • Kitchen and Bar Stools

    Swivel stools with a stylish design, perfectly suited for pubs, bars, clubs and kitchens. Strong and durable, yet comfortable and classy.

    Here you can browse our range of kitchen and pub stools for decorating your business, or even your own kitchen with a nice touch of style. Certified for professional use, they all show a nice looking Italian design, but they are all also practical and convenient, a perfect value for money.

    Ergonomical and durable, our stools are the best bargain for anyone willing to decorate a public business with sttyle while saving budget for better uses. Made using steel, alluminium, and eco-leather, they are heigh-adjustable and come with a comfy footrest.

    You won't find a more comfortable sit or a smartest solution that combines class and durability at such a price!


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Tall, short, fixed, adjustable, swivel, with or without backrest, stackable...we are obviously talking about stools, the trendiest piece of furniture of the moment.

Stools are essential for breakfast, chats, a quick lunch, a snack, and generally when you don't have much time. Inevitable in front of a bar counter, stools are perfect around the island of a large kitchen, but also when you want to use the snack bar of the peninsula instead of the classic dining table. Their versatility is truly unbeatable, to the point that there is no space where a stool cannot be useful. Trustworthy furnishings for small rooms, you can use them outdoors to enjoy a drink in the lounge area, hide them under the high table top to save space, or make them the centerpiece of the living area by choosing a design from our catalog. Take a look at our wide selection of stools. You will find dozens and dozens of unique and inimitable models, with a wide choice of shapes and refined materials, from wood to metal to plastic. Original stools with polypropylene seats, faux leather or padded, with one-piece backrests, quilted in capitonné, covered with patchwork patterns or colorful fabric. All designed to bring comfort and personality to any furnishing context, from modern Scandinavian-style open spaces to industrial-style bar corners and even the most traditional living rooms. Explore our offers and choose the stool that best suits your tastes.

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High bar stool with adjustable padded swivel kitchen peninsula Varadero Promotion

High bar stool with adjustable padded swivel kitchen peninsula Varadero

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Tolix style high stool industrial design bar kitchen Steel Wood Back Light

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Swivel bar stool bar kitchen peninsula design black Honolulu Black Edition

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Chicago Black Edition Modern Adjustable Swivel Kitchen Bar Stool

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Design barstool swivel adjustable kitchen Hollywood Black Edition

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High swivel bar stool adjustable black design Las Vegas Black Edition Promotion

High swivel bar stool adjustable black design Las Vegas Black Edition

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Swivel bar stool with armrests Oakland Kitchen Black Edition Promotion

Swivel bar stool with armrests Oakland Kitchen Black Edition

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Adjustable swivel kitchen bar stool velvet quilted footstool Nox Promotion

Adjustable swivel kitchen bar stool velvet quilted footstool Nox

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High bar stool kitchen industrial design wood metal footstool Tamm Promotion

High bar stool kitchen industrial design wood metal footstool Tamm

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