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Founded in 2002, SLIDE produces furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The founder Gio Colonna Romano, engineer and entrepreneur, perfectly matches his imagination and creativity with his thirty-year manufacturing know-how.

Thanks to the continuous evolution in ideas and research, the present and the future of SLIDE is full of novelties. SLIDE in always on the front of new materials, thanks to the introduction of soft polyurethane new textures, and new shapes, whose lines come from the collaboration with internationally renowned designers.

The world's first major success has been the production of luminous furniture, of which it still maintains the leader, and then extends throughout the furniture world, developing different products and sectors. Between artisanship and industry, SLIDE finds its first home in Buccinasco, where the offices and production are still located, and now has extended to the heart of Milan, thanks to the new showroom in Foro Buonaparte.

Today, the SLIDE name is known all over the world and its products, a fervent expression of the real Made in Italy, reach more than 130 countries.

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Armchair luminous design chair for home and work premises Slide Easy Chair

£ 279.95 £ 349.95
In stock

Modern design chair for home premises and garden SLIDE Angolo Retto

£ 239.95 £ 264.95
In stock

Modern design chairs for kitchen bar restaurant and garden SLIDE Gloria

£ 299.95 £ 339.95
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Modern design chair for kitchen bar restaurant and gardens SLIDE Zoe

£ 299.95 £ 339.95
In stock

Square table 75x75 glass top for bar restaurant garden SLIDE Gino

£ 479.95 £ 569.95
In stock

Luminous bottle cap-shaped stool for Bars and Clubs SLIDE Cin Cin

£ 194.95 £ 209.95
In stock

Glass-shaped bar stool for indoor, outdoor and garden use Slide Drink

£ 309.95 £ 359.95
In stock

Modern design bench indoor, outdoor and garden SLIDE Wow

£ 429.95 £ 509.95
In stock

Modern design bench indoor and outdoor Slide Amore

£ 434.95 £ 509.95
In stock

Luminous ice bucket SLIDE Light Drink Rgb

£ 399.95 £ 469.95
In stock