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The quality and origin of the chemicals used for pool water maintenance is of extreme importance, which is why we at ProduceShop have chosen to rely on Poolmaster, an Italian company that boasts decades of experience in the field of water treatment products.

The range of chemicals offered by Poolmaster for the purification of swimming pools include items such as chlorine for the sanitation of your pool, ph reducers useful for regulating acidity and alkalinity of the water in your pool, flocculants which helps to improve the clarity and transparency of the pool water and much more.

With Poolmaster you will have the security over the purity of the raw materials and their quality, guaranteed by scrupulous checks before, during and after all production processes. All products for above ground pools, from those for water treatment to those for cleaning and sanitizing the pool, are tested in the laboratory to offer you optimal results and maximum safety. The production is accompanied by all the certifications required by the EU to demonstrate quality and safety, in addition, each Poolmaster product that passes the checks is accompanied by the "Italian Product" guarantee certificate, quality which means compliance with customer expectations.

Whatever your needs, Poolmaster has the right solution to maintain the correct balance of water values ​​and ensure that your pool is always cleanly cleaned.

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Pool maintenance kit with dichlor trichlor algaecide flocculant pH /...

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Starter Kit Elite with dichlor algaecide pH / chlorine tester

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Poolmaster 5 kg Trichlor 200 gr tablets for above ground and in-ground...

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Poolmaster 10 kg Trichlor 200 gr tablets for above ground and in-ground...

£ 194.95 £ 274.95
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Poolmaster dichlor granulated 5 kg drum

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Poolmaster dichlor granulated 10 kg drum

£ 172.95 £ 242.95
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Poolmaster dichlor granulated 1 kg tub

£ 112.95 £ 162.95
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Poolmaster multi function 5 kg Trichlor tablets 200 gr for above ground...

£ 152.95 £ 222.95
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Poolmaster 1 lt double action algaecide anti-algae for pool water treatment

£ 109.95 £ 159.95
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Poolmaster Ph Minus 1 lt corrector bottle for pool water

£ 109.95 £ 159.95
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