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Arkema Design

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Arkema srl, better known as Arkema Design, is an Italian company founded in the late 1980s thanks to the vision of Giancarlo Rusconi who in 1988 invented what is known as the first solar shower on the market.

Over the years, Arkema Design has improved that initial idea and made major investments in the solar heated showers sector, expanding its range with many new cutting-edge design solutions that have made it increasingly protagonist in the Italian market. and abroad.

The showers created by Arkema Design are designed for both outdoor and indoor environments. They are available both in the innovative solar version, to ensure the supply of hot water without a heating system, or in the traditional version, with connections for both cold and hot water, with or without mixer.

Arkema Design offers a wide range of accessories for indoor and outdoor furniture with an innovative design and bright colors. Each product is characterized by high quality materials, advanced technological solutions and lines with an unmistakable Italian style, the strength of the company, to offer customers new furnishing ideas for both domestic and professional environments.

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