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Leader specialized in the production of sports items, since its foundation in 1998, Swordfish has always been at the side of sportsmen.

Swordfish produces a complete assortment of sporting items suitable for professionals and enthusiasts who tackle any type of surface, from mountain to water, equipment and accessories that represent the result of the company's continuous commitment and great attention to detail and finishes.

Continuous innovation, technological research and original design have determined the great success of its products, chosen in recent years by hundreds of sports and leisure lovers who aim for quality, comfort and resistance.

It is a brand that is always attentive to the care of materials and the development of cutting-edge products to offer athletes everything they ask for to guarantee success on any occasion.

On ProduceShop you will find an exclusive wide range of Swordfish items for men, women and children all characterized by refined, innovative and high quality materials. Discover the entire assortment now!

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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle SUP Board 320cm Traverso

£ 389.95 £ 489.95
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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle SUP Board 366cm Poppa

£ 419.95 £ 519.95
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