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The GiraFacile collection of beach parasols comes from a group of Italian designers specialized in beach accessories with decades of experience in serving resorts and hotels. GiraFacile steadily rose to become the best seller parasol in Europe and one of the most popular worldwide.

At the GiraFacile labs this brilliant innovative solution for beach umbrellas was developed through an inspiring design that provides functional development without sacrificing the durability and aesthetics of conventional professional beach umbrellas. GiraFacile beach umbrellas differ from traditional umbrellas as they have an embedded drill point (an helicoidal tip) that allows easy installation in the sand using the built in crank designed in the staff. This makes the parasol well grounded in the sand for increased stability and wind resistance.

These Made in Italy parasols are for the most demanding customers, those wishing for the best possible protection and functionality when going to the beach. GiraFacile beach parasols come in many different models: with diameters of 180cm, 200 cm and 220 cm, made of TNT, cotton, duplex cotton or double cotton, with single or mixed colours or patterns and with a UV resistant canopy (158+), perfect for anyone who wishes to stay safe from the most harmful sun rays. These innovative beach umbrellas, thanks to a careful selection of quality materials and patented advanced fabrics, provide for a 10 degree coller shade than conventional beach umbrellas.

The ample collection offered by ProduceShop allows you to choose the most suited parasol to your needs. The many materials and techniques employed in the construction of these beach parasols range from aluminium beach parasol with fiberglass reinforced ribs, amazingly light and resistant, to a steel body and windproof ribs.

To guarantee the best possible practicality, all GiraFacile beach parasols come with a functional shoulder transport bag included in the delivery. Don't waste time, browse this collection and find the perfect beach umbrella for you.

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PRomeTHEUS GiraFacile® 180cm Beach Umbrella with uv Protection

£ 127.95 £ 177.95
In stock

Artemide GiraFacile® 200cm Patented Cotton Beach Umbrella

£ 129.95 £ 199.95
In stock

Dioniso GiraFacile® 180cm Patented Cotton Beach Umbrella

£ 124.95 £ 174.95
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Zeus GiraFacile® Beach Umbrella with removable Tent

£ 134.95 £ 204.95
Out of stock

AEOLUS GiraFacile® 220cm Patented Aluminium Beach Umbrella with UPF 158+...

£ 159.95 £ 229.95
Out of stock