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Zoe is a brand specializing in the production of innovative and proven quality items for early childhood, which contribute to making life easier, beautiful and comfortable from the first day parents return home with their baby.

Functional, beautiful, rich in color and fantasy, each Zoe design item is perfect for any lifestyle and ideal for use anywhere. All products stand out for their attention to materials as well as for their great versatility and are selected in accordance with European standards and subjected to meticulous quality controls to ensure maximum comfort and safety for the newborn in any situation, from moments of play to those of rest.

Together with the many objects that simplify the moments of the day, the Zoe brand also offers a wide range of fantastic accessories to enjoy life outside the home and move freely such as strollers, changing bags, car seats, travel kits but also baby carriers and baby slings so that the baby can experience the adventures of every day walking with mum and dad, in the city or on the road, in full safety and comfort.

With Zoe you will be sure to always offer the best to your children: browse our online catalog to choose the products that best suit your family's needs and make every moment spent with them special!

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Lightweight folding baby stroller 4 wheels 15 kg compact Daiby

£ 169.95 £ 229.95
In stock

Stroller for children 15 kg folding reclining backrest 4 wheels Buggago

£ 179.95 £ 249.95
In stock

Children's tricycle with push handle and storage basket Speedy

£ 189.95 £ 249.95
Out of stock

Children's tricycle with adjustable seat and storage basket Bip Bip

£ 169.95 £ 209.95
Out of stock

Folding stroller for children 15 kg with 4 wheels reclining backrest Poppy

£ 209.95 £ 289.95
Out of stock