ProduceShop is a modern and dynamic E-Commerce platform, specialised in the production and distribution of indoor and outdoor furniture in Italy and Europe. Thanks to a refined and unmistakable style, it produces and distributes furniture and garden items, accessories, products for lighting, swimming pools, toys for children, items for bathing resorts, and much more. The variety of products offered, the attention to quality and design, has allowed our e-Shop to become a sector leader with thousands of daily shipments throughout Europe and more than 1.7 million customers served.

Our range of offers includes a huge range and thousands of items with a catalogue that ProduceShop aims to improve and expand every day. Our products are made from top quality materials and with a single objective: offer design solutions with the best possible price/quality ratio, in order to transform indoor and outdoor environments in welcoming places, with refined attention to detail, elegance and style like no other.

The wide offer of furnishing for indoor and outdoor spaces has always been the greatest strength of ProduceShop; in this regard, our e-commerce differs from all the others: a team of experienced designers, architects, interior designers and engineers, all competent in the field of raw materials, working in teams and focus groups, always considering new product ideas to be included in our collection while selecting only and exclusively the best products according to quality, production methods and aesthetics, are the main strengths of ProduceShop; this provides our customers with a superior end product that the buyer would choose amongst thousands others. This is our philosophy. Granting all customer wishes in the magnum sea of online offers.

Nowadays, on the major online sales sites, the potential buyer has to deal with a myriad of identical offers; on the contrary, ProduceShop offers its customers only products that have carefully been selected by our team of experts, avoiding endless pages of soulless products. We have already screened the best products for you, and this rewards us; customer satisfaction is what we care most about and we see it every day with the success that our products have throughout the European market.

That's why in the great world of online offers, at ProduceShop you will exclusively find the best products in terms of quality, price, functionality and design. Why have to choose between hundreds of nearly identical products when we have already made the right selection for you, simplifying your life and saving you a lot of time? If the price is not competitive, we do not even select the product, if the quality is not excellent the product will not be published online. That's how ProduceShop makes your life easier.


ProduceShop also pays special attention to every logistics detail. The sale of products, even large ones, must be supported by excellent logistics. We have decided to work with the best professionals in the logistics sector located in facilities and warehouses in various European locations so as to always track the fastest route to get the goods to their destination in the shortest possible time. We also count on the support of several branches located in European countries, in which ProduceShop has consolidated its presence in the online shopping market for several years now.

This operational structure allows us to have at our disposal even larger quantities of the products we sell, so as to ensure prompt delivery even for bulk orders. Thanks to this functional organisation, we are always able to deliver our products in 24 to 48 working hours in Italy and in 3 to 5 working days throughout Europe. In addition, total automation of our own internal logistics and shipping system has been specifically implemented to avoid errors when delivering goods and ensure unmatched efficiency.

The entire management of goods available in stock is done with technological systems and software, specifically designed for our company, which is always at the forefront of innovation in order to optimize order management and processing time. In order to guarantee the best possible service to our customers, a quality control department checks all the packaging and products before shipment to ensure the integrity of the goods and packages we ship. We manage the entire business process in complete autonomy. We also offer an efficient customer service that, with highly qualified resources, accompanies, in mother tongue, all customer of all nationalities where we are present, at all stages, from the moment of purchase decision until delivery of the goods.

A professional and qualified assistance is also available for customers who need a quote; we are always available to offer customized proposals in case of considerable purchases, such as supply for hotels, bathing establishments or restaurants. Simply send a request in the proper section of the site and our Customer Service team will respond within a few hours.


ProduceShop pays strong attention to online fraud and the protection of personal data, we are indeed a PayPal certified and verified site and all of our online credit card transactions are made under maximum safety. In the case of payments by bank transfers, these are perfectly traceable and continuously monitored, so we can shorten the time needed to ship the goods.

Last but not least, we are constantly working with the world's leading search engines such as Google, Bing and Yandex to ensure a unique and constantly evolving shopping experience for all our customers.