Punching bags

Thinking of a gym without punching bags is a rather complicated undertaking: this equipment is in fact essential for conducting an intense and effective workout, perfect for putting all the muscles of the body into action and increasing endurance.

With a punching bag it is possible to play many combat sports, from boxing to kick boxing, passing through martial arts. There are different types of bags on the market: there are ceiling, wall and floor models. Each of these versions has benefits and weaknesses: it is necessary to make an informed choice based on your needs and the characteristics of the selected product.

The punching bags with ceiling hook are probably the best known, they are present in almost all gyms and allow maximum freedom of movement for the user: during sparring, as in a real match, it is possible to turn around the bag and, in this way, train mobility. This type is very resistant and not bulky but sometimes lacks practicality: the hook must withstand the weight of the equipment and the stresses to which it is subjected; this can be a problem that should not be underestimated in a private home.

The punching bags with wall bracket allow limited freedom of movement (they do not allow striking from all possible angles) but represent a valid alternative to the ceiling model, as their installation is much easier; moreover, the upper bar is often also used to perform tractions.

The punching bags with floorboard do not have to be hooked anywhere and this is undoubtedly one of their strengths: extremely versatile, they can be placed anywhere without drilling holes in the wall and it is very easy to move them in case of need. The base is filled with water, sand or a mixture of the two components and is stable, maintaining its position without moving an inch. A system of springs and shock absorbers positioned above the pedestal allows the bag to return to the starting position after being hit, thus ensuring continuity in training.

The punching bags in this section of our site have been carefully chosen by the ProduceShop team of experts at the end of a long research process, aimed at identifying products with above-average characteristics. The models proposed here have been made with the highest quality materials, durable and suitable for sports. In addition to being valid and functional, these punching bags have a modern and attractive design, ideal for capturing the attention of anyone in your gym or, why not, in your home.

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Width (cm) 26 cm - 28 cm
Length (cm) 26 cm - 28 cm
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Floor boxing sand base water boxing fit box Kombat Promotion

Floor boxing sand base water boxing fit box Kombat

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Floor boxing bag bluetooth speakers sand base water boxing fit box Fight X Promotion

Floor boxing bag bluetooth speakers sand base water boxing fit box Fight X

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