Birdhouses and nests

Dedicate a safe and welcoming place to the little birds living in your garden. Discover our range of birdhouses and nests.

Here you will find wooden models of birdhouses and nests of various sizes, shapes and colors, to offer a comfortable shelter to our feathered friends. Made primarily of resistant and durable wood, the birdhouses and nests that you will find in our catalog allow birds to protect themselves from the rain, to feed, rest, lay eggs, care for and raise their young. They can be mounted in the garden on branches and fences, or on the balcony or the ground thanks to the pedestal. If you also want to provide food for your flying friends, purchase a feeder to fill with seeds, fruit or other delicious treats. Choose the most beautiful birdhouse and nest among the many we have selected for you and your winged friends.

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