Laundry cabinets

Don't know where or how to organize dirty clothes? With one of our laundry furniture, the problem is easily solved.

Laundry furniture is the modern and space-saving alternative to the classic and ordinary plastic laundry baskets. With their column design, they easily fit into any type of environment, big or small. Furthermore, they take up very little space due to their height. They are useful when placed next to the washing machine or sink, and thanks to the convenient tilt-out basket, you can hide your dirty laundry without anyone realizing it is actually laundry furniture. Our laundry furniture line has a timeless design that blends perfectly with the rest of your furniture just like any other piece in your house. Most of our laundry furniture is Made in Italy and equipped with drawers and sliding compartments to store soaps, stain removers, fabric softeners, accessories and laundry detergents. Discover the many models offered by ProduceShop, as always, at the best web price.

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