• Throne Chairs

    Want to stay like royalty? Discover our collection of baroque style bergère armchairs.

    A bergère armchair is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after furnishings not only for its regal appearance but above all for its comfort and originality. Simply majestic, if upholstered, bergère armchairs emit softness from every side and are incredibly comfortable and welcoming. They can also be made of high-quality plastic materials, so they can be used outdoors as well. In this case, the undisputed rulers are the throne armchairs from the Design of Love line by the Italian brand SLIDE, rich in details and ornaments typical of the rococo style, which you can find exclusively in our online catalogue. If instead you are looking for a one-of-a-kind indoor bergère armchair, opt for one of the latest trends of the moment: patchwork style throne armchairs. With their characteristic upholstery upholstered in many and fanciful different textures, these armchairs enrich any type of room offering an unparalleled relaxation. This type is also available in the chair and armchair versions, ideal for enlivening the kitchen. Take a look at our assortment and claim the throne for your little kingdom in your house!

  • Cabin Armchairs

    The barrel chairs are among the most elegant pieces of furniture for setting up a refined waiting room in a studio, a conversation area, or a meeting room.

    Not just for public collective spaces, thanks to the formal design and classic lines, our barrel chairs can also find a place in the home living room for a design corner dedicated to newspaper reading. Explore our entire selection. They are available in different coverings, including fabric and imitation leather, mostly solid-colored, and ensure excellent comfort thanks to the soft padding. Browse our catalog: there are all types and suitable for any furnishing taste.

  • Scandinavian armchairs

    The Scandinavian armchair is a classic of modern design and has become increasingly popular in recent years.

    Known for its simplicity of form and light, neutral colors, the Scandinavian-style armchair has become a true icon of modern interior design. Beautiful and perfect in any kind of environment, it blends harmoniously with the rest of the furniture without overpowering it. Thanks to its inherently versatile design, it can be placed practically anywhere, from the living room to the bedroom, and even enhances the smallest empty space. You can also choose to place it in the kitchen, office, meeting room, or a work setting, where it will always make a good impression. Precious and pleasing to the eye, our upholstered Scandinavian-style armchairs create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, making moments of relaxation memorable. On our online catalog, you will find the most beautiful Scandinavian-style armchairs made with the highest quality wood structure and legs, comfortable seats, and an essential and minimalist look, as the Nordic tradition dictates. You can find them in patchwork bergère versions with original patterns or in a myriad of solid colors to choose from, as well as with original designs, chic and elegant coverings, or vintage faux leather fabrics for a touch of class. Let yourself be inspired by our collection and add a piece of modern design to your decor with one of our Scandinavian armchairs. We are confident that there will always be a place in your home for it.

  • Intex Inflatable...

    Intex inflatable sofas, armchairs and beanbags all show a modern and fresh design, while delivering comfort and reliability, thanks to the high qualitiy of their fabric.

    The perfect product to enjoy a nice moment of relax at home, indoor or outdoor. All you need to do is just inflate any of these, have yourself a comfortable sit, and enjoy a movie or a good book for as long as you wish. Intex designed and produced all of these inflatables just thinking of your relax and good comfort.

    Made using brand new innovative materials and technologies specifically developed by Intex for the field of inflatable furniture, such as the Fiber Tech, an intertwined layered texture made of polyester, these sofas and chairs are not only comfortable, but also built to last over time, indefinitely. This association made Intex the leader in the field, and most of these products you will find even more comfortable than the traditional furniture you are so much used to. Put them in your living room or your patio, in your bedroom or in the garden by the pool, as you wish, and you will find yourself immediately at ease.

    Their stylish and modern design makes these inflatable sofas and chairs a welcome addition in any room of your choice, and in any setting. Intex has definitely nothing to envy to the classy design of most posh brands on the market of traditional furniture. Extremely light and easy to move around the house, they will never get on your nerves. You can inflate them or deflate them in a matter of moments, making them also very easy to store away when not needed. You will not be able to do so with your traditional sofa. If you are worriied about the safety of your baby, you can put one in his room for decoration, since he really cannot get hurt by an inflatable chair, and it will provide a much comfortable sit at any age.

    A very complete product, with so many advantages, and you can get it for the best price here, as we are an offcial dealer and distributor.

  • Modern Design Armchairs

    The modern design armchair is the undisputed queen of the living room.

    Thanks to the high-performance materials and fabrics, modern design armchairs furnish your home with style, and, combined with the right furniture they represent the perfect synthesis between modern aesthetics and comfort. What could be more relaxing than lying on your favorite armchair after a long day of work and maybe lifting your legs on a comfortable pouf?

    Would you like a eco leather design armchair for classic luxury? Or do you prefer a soft reading armchair to immerse yourself in a book while resting your feet comfortably on a matching pouf? Perhaps you find it practical to have an armchair in the bedroom to rest your clothes on, or maybe you want to surprise your hotel guests or students in your residence with a versatile and professional-looking armchair bed.

    If you want to make the most out of the space available and change the look of your living room with a modern design armchair, let yourself be conquered by our high quality products, comfortable and long lasting: within our assortment you can choose from a wide range of contemporary style models designed to be eye-catching, capable satisfying your desire for daily relaxation.

    If being comfortable is your absolute priority and you want to create a welcoming and convivial environment within your living room, then we are sure that our modern design armchairs will best satisfy your desire.

  • Armchairs and recliners

    ProduceShop has selected the best armchairs and recliners on the market, according to quality, functionality and aesthetics.

    Drawn up by our experts in the sector, this careful selection is dedicated to those who are looking for an comfortable, high quality armchair without getting lost looking at endless lists. Our strict choice is based on design functionality, aesthetic features, comfort and ergonomics, durability and choice of materials.

    In addition to an elegant piece of designer furniture, an armchairs can be a very useful choice for those who have limited space and would like a multi-functional product, something that is able to transform from a comfortable armchair to a practical bed while still maintaing high standards of comfort.

    Choosing a recliner and armchair offered by ProduceShop means relying on a leading company with years of experience in this market. Choosing ProduceShop means choosing long lasting quality at an affordable price!

  • Rocking Armchairs

    ProduceShop has tested and selected the best rocking chair models for you, analysing and classifying numerous models according to quality and functionality standards, with the aim of helping its customers in a simple and correct choice.

    The choice of a rocking chair can be very complicated: within the sea of offers, which are the best?

    ProduceShop has selected the best rocking chairs currently on the market, analysing strengths and weaknesses of each product, selecting characteristics and functionalities that are able to satisfy all customers' needs.

    The selection was carried out by experts in the sector, who not only evaluated the design, but also researched information on the materials used for a superior ergonomic comfort and ease of use.

    Our rocking chairs have been subjected to all functional and quality tests and therefore represent the maximum in reliability and safety.

Design Armchairs

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Choose the irresistible charm of designer armchairs selected by ProduceShop to furnish your living room with style.

If you are looking for an armchair that is not just a place to doze off, then you are in the right place. Here you will find a wide selection of designer armchairs in line with the latest trends in furnishings, capable of enhancing any type of living room and neglected corner of the house at first glance. The armchairs we have selected satisfy every need, both in terms of comfort and, above all, furnishings, and express the concept of design and ergonomics to the fullest. Padded, soft and enveloping for ultimate relaxation, our armchairs are made to the highest quality standards with a charm that never goes out of style. They boast unique shapes, unusual colors, refined materials, and unique and original style details that make all the difference. They tastefully decorate relaxation zones, reading corners, waiting rooms, public spaces, and even open spaces, adding an extra touch of personality at an incredible price. Discover all our proposals and find the armchair that makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. You will have numerous fabrics, shapes, colors, styles, and materials to choose from. Be inspired by our collection and dress your environment with design!

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Cockpit armchair modern design for outdoor bar restaurant Ohla Promotion

Cockpit armchair modern design for outdoor bar restaurant Ohla

-£120.00 £629.95
In stock
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  • -£120.00
  • New product
Leatherette living room office waiting room armchair Tabby Promotion

Leatherette living room office waiting room armchair Tabby

-£90.00 £469.95
In stock
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  • -£90.00
  • New product
Velvet armchair modern design living room office Seashell Lux Promotion

Velvet armchair modern design living room office Seashell Lux

-£82.00 £409.95
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  • -£82.00
  • New product
Seashell Soft leatherette living room office design armchair Promotion

Seashell Soft leatherette living room office design armchair

-£60.00 £409.95
In stock
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  • -£60.00
  • New product
Seashell Class lounge design office waiting room armchair Promotion

Seashell Class lounge design office waiting room armchair

-£55.00 £409.95
Last ones in stock
Free shipping
  • -£55.00
  • New product
Classic design cockpit leather armchair for living room office waiting room Seashell Promotion

Classic design cockpit leather armchair for living room office waiting room Seashell

-£54.00 £429.95
Last ones in stock
Free shipping
  • -£54.00
Sofa Chair Patchwork Scandinavian Padded Living Offices Patchy Promotion

Sofa Chair Patchwork Scandinavian Padded Living Offices Patchy

-£55.00 £354.95
Last ones in stock
Free shipping
loyalty Autumn Sales
alarm_on Timed promotion
  • -£55.00
Modern design multicolored fabric pozzetto patchwork armchair Caen. Promotion

Modern design multicolored fabric pozzetto patchwork armchair Caen.

-£90.00 £309.95
Last ones in stock
Free shipping
  • -£90.00
  • New product
Deborah Twin folding fabric sofa bed armchair Promotion

Deborah Twin folding fabric sofa bed armchair

-£57.00 £329.95
In stock
Free shipping
  • -£57.00
Sofia Recliner Swing Armchair with Footrest Promotion

Sofia Recliner Swing Armchair with Footrest

-£64.00 £559.95
Last ones in stock
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loyalty Autumn Sales
alarm_on Timed promotion
  • -£64.00
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