Sports wheelchairs

Even in a wheelchair, you can practice healthy sports. How? Just choose a sports wheelchair that ProduceShop offers you.

The sports wheelchair represents an essential ally for athletes, players, and disabled people who want to move without limits and practice sports at an amateur or competitive level. Wheelchairs are equipped with special technical characteristics offering mobility, stability, and lightness, which are significantly better than traditional wheelchairs. The frame is constructed with special materials ensuring maximum maneuverability to the user during sports activities, such as aluminium and carbon fiber; thus, the wheelchair is easy to fold and transport. The center of gravity is lower to reduce the risk of exiting, and the wheels are specifically inclined to facilitate movement control and obtain better balance. The types of sports that can be practiced on this type of wheelchair are multiple, like the models that we propose, all of excellent quality, reliable and at a price that is among the most competitive on the market. Discover the entire range.

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