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    Stock of Outdoor Chairs

Stock of Outdoor Chairs

Stock of Outdoor Chairs
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Set of 22 Gruvyer Grand Soleil Stackable Chairs For Bars and Restaurants...

£ 949.95 £ 1,199.95
In stock

Set of 24 Paris Grand Soleil Stackable Chairs for Bars and Restaurants...

£ 849.95 £ 1,049.95
In stock

Set of 20 BOHÈME Stackable Garden Chair High-Quality Resin Rattan

£ 669.95 £ 809.95
In stock

Set of 18 BOHÈME ARM Garden Dining Chair With Armrests Rattan

£ 659.95 £ 799.95
In stock

Set of 24 Paris Arm Grand Soleil Chairs Armrests for Restaurant Bar

£ 1,009.95 £ 1,309.95
In stock

Set of 22 Cream Grand Soleil Dinner Chairs Armrests Polypropylene Indoor...

£ 1,049.95 £ 1,349.95
In stock

Set of 20 Bistrot Arm Garden Stackable Poly Rattan Armchair By Grand Soleil

£ 729.95 £ 879.95
In stock

Buy our gorgeous outdoor chairs in stock to save money while renovating your business!

ProduceShop offers a wide range of high quality chairs, selected with our ten year experience and knowledge in the online decoration market. The stock bundle option allows you to save even more money when buying larger quantities.

All out chairs are perfect for furnishing outdoor spaces, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, adapting to a variety of furnishing environments such as lounges, kitchens and garden.

All these items are available and ready for delivery. Our stock options only feature chairs that are stackable, lightweight and easy to handle, designed and manufactured to ensure maximum endurance and comfort for public use.

ProduceShop is a leading company in the field, able to meet the needs of every type of customer both in terms of assistance and usability.