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    Wall Lamps and Appliques

Wall Lamps and Appliques

Wall Lamps and Appliques
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Wall Lamp Applique Ceiling Light Modern Design Slide Globo Wall

£ 188.20 £ 203.20
Out of stock

Wall Ceiling Lamp Semisphere Modern Design Slide 1/2 Globo Wall

£ 208.95 £ 245.95
Out of stock

Modern Design Cubic Wall And Ceiling Lamp Slide Cubo Wall

£ 170.20 £ 173.20
Out of stock

The perfect Wall Lamp is always the one that strikes you most; choosing it among the most beautiful is certainly a significant advantage. Therefore, our selection of wall lamps and appliques presents models suitable to satisfy every style, environment and taste.

An interesting alternative to the ceiling lamp, or accompanying light, the wall lamp or applique is one of the most suitable solutions for small spaces. Always present in corridors, hallways, closets and small laundries, today it also takes hold in the most modern living rooms and bedrooms. Not to mention bathrooms and kitchens. Choosing a design solution helps to give character to the room, and the wall lamps in this case are not lacking in imagination; models of all shapes, colours and sizes, to better adapt to the needs of those who choose to illuminate by decorating.

There are many factors to consider when choosing our lamp: materials, shape, size, consumption, type of light, combinations with the furniture. By carefully reading our sheets, finding your way through all the possible formulas will certainly not be a problem. You will then see a perfectly lit garden and a warm and soft room with a wall light that matches the furniture that accompanies it.