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Lightweight folding baby stroller 4 wheels 15 kg compact Daiby

£ 169.95 £ 229.95
In stock

Stroller for children 15 kg folding reclining backrest 4 wheels Buggago

£ 179.95 £ 249.95
In stock

Folding stroller for children 15 kg with 4 wheels reclining backrest Poppy

£ 209.95 £ 289.95
Out of stock

To better deal with the movements with your little one, ProduceShop offers you a wide assortment of practical, safe and light strollers, able to make your family's daily life easier.

Browsing through our online catalog you will find numerous colorful and innovative strollers, suitable for babies of a few months and for children up to 3 years, compact strollers with umbrella closure for families who love to travel and who often use the car, ideal for both holidays and for the city. Comfortable strollers, easy to push and extremely robust, perfect for different types of roads and terrain and all conforming to the highest levels of quality and safety to make you enjoy your time with your child to the fullest.

Discover the section dedicated to strollers selected by ProduceShop and choose from the many models available the one that best suits your family's daily needs and your child's well-being!