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Stand up paddle

Stand up paddle
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Bestway 65310 Hydro-Force Freesoul 340cm Sup Stand Up Paddle board

£ 579.95 £ 699.95
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Bestway 65350 Hydro-Force Oceana Stand Up Paddle Board 305 cm

£ 469.95 £ 579.95
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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle SUP Board 320cm Traverso

£ 389.95 £ 489.95
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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle SUP Board 366cm Poppa

£ 419.95 £ 519.95
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Renting a kayak and the various boards is too expensive and transporting by car is too difficult. Thankfully, there are equally valid but much more manageable alternatives.

We are talking about inflatable Stand Up Paddles (SUPs), real surfboards with the advantageof being easily transportable. Inflatable SUP boards are one of the main reasons why this trendy sport is growing so fast. These boards can be folded on themselves taking up very little space and are very easy to transport. Whether you travel by public transport, on foot, by car or by bike, you will have no problem taking it with you wherever you go.

Stand Up Paddles are the most suitable for those who want to start practicing this type of water sport, whether for short excursions at sea, on flat waters or with small waves. All the SUPs you find in this section are really easy to maneuver and can be inflated in minutes. The inside of the table is covered in Dropstitch material or otherwise called 'teardrop threads' that connect the upper support surface (deck) to the lower one (bottom). The more air is pumped into the board, the greater tension will be created between the threads making the board more and more rigid. Due to their sturdiness, inflatable Stand Up Paddles are comparable to rigid boards but, on the other hand, offer greater comfort and better grip. They are also excellent for those who want to practice yoga and some models feature a sail attachment to be transformed into a windsurf and others yet can be transformed into comfortable kayaks by installing a simple seat.

Many of our Paddle Boards come complete with a special backpack, inflation pump, paddle and other tuning accessories, in short, the excellent solution for those looking for a ready-to-use Stand Up Paddle board without sacrificing performance and fun!