Magnetic treadmills

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of heart disease. The absence of physical activity makes the body more vulnerable and therefore more prone to just putting on body fat.

To increase your life expectancy it is necessary to dedicate at least some time each day to physical activity by practicing a cardio workout. Cardio activity is a type of exercise that increases heart rate and sweating, thanks to which you can improve your shape and significantly reduce the risk of cardio-vascular diseases.

The best way to start cardio activity is to use the magnetic treadmill, one of the most suitable tools for working the lower limbs. The magnetic treadmill is mainly designed for walking, which is why it is more suitable for those who, for example, cannot run due to health problems and prefer to do cardio with a good brisk walk.

Since it has no motor, the magnetic treadmill does not require electrical power, so belt movement is regulated directly by the person's pace and the speed is closely related to the natural movement of the walk. The magnetic treadmill is cheaper than an electric version and in the meantime does not consume electricity at home; moreover, in the absence of a motor, its weight is considerably lower and is therefore to be preferred if high weights cannot be moved.

Our magnetic treadmills are all equipped with the basic features to perform a correct cardio exercise: they have a computer that can monitor heart activity through a display, which measures the pulse of the heart and the calories burned, the innovative curved platform is not cluttered, and the structure is foldable and easily adaptable to any domestic environment.

Walking is the most recommended physical activity of all: with our magnetic treadmills you can practice it at home, with the frequency and intensity you want most. 

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Width (cm) 68 cm - 76 cm
Height (cm) 112 cm - 160 cm
Length (cm) 121 cm - 177 cm
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Curved magnetic fitness treadmill 3 levels of resistance Evilseed L Promotion

Curved magnetic fitness treadmill 3 levels of resistance Evilseed L

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Functional Training Foldable Magnetic Fitness Curved Treadmill Evilseed Promotion

Functional Training Foldable Magnetic Fitness Curved Treadmill Evilseed

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