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    Spin bike

Spin bike

Spin bike
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Spin bike spinning fitness bike with professional flywheel 8kg Minerva

£ 264.95 £ 354.95
In stock

Spin bike spinning fitness bike with professional flywheel 10kg Athletica

£ 319.95 £ 409.95
In stock

ProduceShop offers you a line of professional spin bikes suitable for those who want to practice cardio workouts at any time inside their home without constraints related to weather conditions or schedules imposed by gyms.

They are also perfect for those who want to get back in good shape in a short time as the constant and correct use of the fit bike allows for rapid and effective weight loss, while toning the body thanks to the increased consumption of calories.

This tool is designed to carry out an intense spinning activity: compared to the classic exercise bike, the spin bike is equipped with a heavier flywheel so the pedaling is more sustained and you will thus strengthen specific muscle groups of the body, from those of the legs. to the biceps and triceps, from the buttocks to the abdominals and pectorals, as well as generating benefits for the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

The spin bikes are equipped with a professional computer to monitor all training data, adjustable saddle and handlebars guarantee use by all users and the bottle cage allows you to quench your thirst at any time.

The gritty design of these bikes combines technology and high performance, quietness and comfort, making them a real gem to keep comfortably at home.