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Snow chains and socks

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When winter approaches, winter equipment is mandatory on many roads.

In order to travel on the snowy and icy stretches, the car must be equipped with snow tires or there must be chains or other approved anti-slip devices on board, even when the environmental conditions are favorable. In order not to be caught unprepared, both by police checks and by the dangers of bad weather (not only snow but also ice) it is good to equip yourself immediately and with the right accessories.

Snow chains are used when winter tires are no longer enough to guarantee ideal safety conditions. They are a safety accessory that allows the car to face the road throughout the winter season, without forgetting that in some mountain areas they are mandatory. They are made to wrap the tyres to maintain maximum grip on the snowy surface. Assembly operation is relatively simple with chains that are placed around the two front wheels.

In addition to chains, you may find snow socks on the market which, for those who have not heard of them until now, are wheel covers made of a special technical fabric that must be applied directly to the tires of the car. By covering the tire tread, the snow socks are able to offer a much greater grip between the wheel and the snowy or icy surface. Snow socks not only simplify the assembly operation but also enhance the stability and the driveability of the car in general.

If you have decided to buy one of these snow accessories for your car, you should know that their size must be adapted to that of the tires. For this reason ProduceShop provides you with a compatibility table for snow chains and socks in order to help you choose the model that is most suitable for your vehicle and more precisely for your tyre.

Check out our selection of snow chains and socks to travel the roads safely when they are covered with snow!