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Shower columns

Shower columns
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Why give up well-being in your bathroom when you can create a practical and functional environment? Our shower columns are carefully designed to be suitable for any environment: thanks to their essential design and wall mounting, they give the bathroom area a particularly elegant appearance in a few simple steps.

To grant you a dream experience under the water and enjoy long moments of relaxation, in our catalog you will have a line of multifunction shower columns with mixer, which in addition to offering the practicality and comfort of the shower head, have numerous water delivery options, ranging from a simple thermostatic shower, to that accompanied by side massaging hydrojets up to tropical rain and cascades, all with a modern taste to better adapt to the new trends in the bathroom.

Whether you choose a simple or equipped shower column, our columns are easy to install and represent the perfect solution for those looking for an impeccable piece of furniture in its aesthetic and functional value.