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Pet ramp

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The sofa is known to be the object of desire of every pet and the corner of the house that they love most precisely because it is the area in which you can relax in complete tranquility and relaxation, where your four-legged friend can lie down next to it. to you, and let yourself be pampered in front of the TV.

If your dog has problems getting on the sofa, the ladders solve the problem in the simplest way: with just a few steps he will be able to reach the desired destination without effort! Dog ladders are a very useful accessory for small dogs that cannot overcome very high obstacles, such as getting on a sofa or any other place that is difficult for them to reach, but it is also ideal for older dogs, for dogs that have undergone surgery or otherwise sick, for example with arthrosis problems, for overweight dogs, and are also suitable for puppies, thanks to which they can get on and off much easier.

In this section you will find different models depending on the needs and the place you want to make more accessible to your furry friend. If you have space problems, there are space-saving versions that allow you to close the ladder and store it in a hidden corner of the house when the family pet is no longer needed. In addition to the ladders you will also find different models of dog ramps, useful instead to facilitate the access and descent of your dog in the car without problems and with less effort since it does not have the normal steps, and if you opt for the resealable version you will not have space problems and you can also leave it in the trunk and then take it out whenever you need it.

The dog ladder is one of the indispensable accessories that simplify the everyday life of your four-legged friend, it helps him to get on the bed, on the sofa and even in the car, offering him more comfort and independence: a small but great help that your beloved Fido will appreciate for sure!