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Orthopedic chairs

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Most people who do office work spend a lot of time in the same position in front of the desk, neglecting comfort and correct posture.

Recent scientific studies have shown that the tendency to suffer from physical problems is due precisely to the quality of your chair: it may seem strange, but apparently there has been an increase in non-accidental injuries due to repetitive movements and prolonged activities, caused precisely by traditional office chairs. These chairs do not guarantee adequate support for the spine, therefore, sitting for a long time on them can only worsen posture, leading to the incurrence of muscle and / or skeletal disorders.

To remedy this problem, the experts highlighted the importance of purchasing an orthopedic chair, a new type of office and study chair which, in addition to ensuring comfortable ergonomics, governs the correct sitting posture, and thanks to their particular shape, stimulate the muscular system in an active way. Orthopedic chairs are a practical solution for those suffering from posture problems or various back problems: these chairs are tilted forward allowing, once seated, a uniform distribution of weight between the back, the thighs and shins, reducing lumbar fatigue, and thus promoting correct alignment of the spine; the inclination guarantees less strain on the lumbar muscles, improves curvature and avoids the onset of back pain, neck pain and muscle tension.

Not only that, thanks to their conformation that promotes active action, our orthopedic chairs prevent your muscles from being contracted for a long time in the same position thus allowing the blood to flow correctly and perfectly oxygenate the body promoting concentration and productivity.

In this section you will have the best orthopedic chairs selected exclusively to improve posture and thus increase performance at work.