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    Intex Pools Accessories and Replacements


Intex Pools Accessories and Replacements

Intex Pools Accessories and Replacements
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Intex 28000 Skimmer for Above Ground Pools Universal

£ 128.95 £ 178.95
In stock

Intex 28040 Deluxe Universal Cover for Round Above Ground Pools 488cm

£ 204.95 £ 284.95
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Intex 29058 Bestway 58201 25 kg of Universal Sand for Filter Pumps for...

£ 124.95 £ 174.95
In stock

Intex 28089 Led Multicoloured Sprinkler for Above Ground Frame Pools

£ 139.95 £ 209.95
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Intex 28606 Drain Pump for Above Ground Frame Pools with Hose

£ 179.95 £ 249.95
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Intex 28694 Led Floating Cube Pool Light

£ 117.95 £ 167.95
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Universal glass sand for pool filter pump Intex Bestway Jilong Active...

£ 127.95 £ 177.95
In stock

Intex 26664 universal chlorinator chlorine generator for above ground...

£ 279.95 £ 369.95
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Keep your pool running smoothly, with our replacements and accessories.

Here you can find all the main Intex original replacements and accessories for Intex pools, hot tubs and spas. You can get a new filter, a chlorynator system, or a replacement for some worn part. Damage is rare, since Intex pools and accessories are as long lasting as it gets, but it might happen.

These components are mostly universal to allow you to get a better quality part for another product you have, and improve it.

Any accessory or spare part available for Intex pools is also suited for above ground pools of other brands (Bestway). Some of these accessories are not simple replacements, though, but actual add ons that will definitely improve your pool experience, such as inflatable lights, water fountains and cleaning robots.