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    Intex Inflatable Pools

Intex Inflatable Pools

Intex Inflatable Pools
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Intex 28112 Inflatable Round Above Ground pool 244x76 With Filter Pump

£ 173.95 £ 243.95
Out of stock

Intex 26176 ex 28176 Round Easy Set Pool Above Ground 549x122cm

£ 539.95 £ 649.95
Out of stock

Intex 28130 Easy Set above ground inflatable round pool 366x76cm

£ 179.95 £ 249.95
Out of stock

Intex 28142 Easy Set above ground inflatable round pool 396x84cm

£ 259.95 £ 339.95
Out of stock

Intex Inflatable Pools for your summer relax with no hassle.

Enjoy the summer with an Intex inflatable pool. The perfect way to cool yourself off in the warm summer days, Easy Set pools are reliable and convenient, suitable for adults and children.

Intex pools, thanks to the robust design and the quality of materials, are much more solid and durable than others, as comfortable as a real pool, and yet only takes minutes to set up.

And when the summer is over, you can just deflate it and put it in storage waiting for the next year.

Buy an high quality inflatable pool at an unbelievable price! We are Intex authorized dealers, this allows us to have the lowest prices on the web.