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    Infrared heating heaters


Infrared heating heaters

Infrared heating heaters
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Are you looking for a practical, economical and functional solution to heat the outdoor spaces of your home or business in the coldest months of the year? An infrared heater can be the answer to all your questions.

Thanks to their latest generation technology, these radiators are able to ensure a pleasant warmth over a more or less extensive surface (depending on the power of the product). Much cheaper than a traditional heating system, they are made with high quality, durable materials and designed to maximize their performance in terms of consumption and effectiveness. The intensity of the rays can also be adjusted at will, in order to avoid energy waste and not overdo the heating when the climate is still mild.

Particularly suitable for installation in public places and commercial activities such as hotels, restaurants and bars, these heaters can also be easily positioned in private homes, perhaps to take advantage of spaces such as gardens and terraces during the cold season. Our radiators, produced by the specialized brand Sined, can be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to their excellent resistance to atmospheric agents.