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    Want to leave a message to your loved one or jot down something to remember? Don't have a pen and post-it? Choose a magnetic wall design chalkboard.

    With a magnetic wall design chalkboard you can write whatever comes to mind, attach photos, memos, and thoughts with magnets. You can hang it in the kitchen, in the living area of the living room, in the bedroom, or in the office if you need it. Furthermore, you can give a more refined look to your walls by decorating any room and environment of your house. In this regard, take a look at dESIGNoBJECT's magnetic chalkboards on our catalog: they are handcrafted with graphics taken from the most famous modern artworks to give an original and absolutely creative touch to your walls.

  • Modern Magnetic...

    Classic, modern, elegant, trendy, or patterned...choose from so many models the magnetic board with a designer clock that suits you best to mark time in style.

    Magnetic boards with clocks are useful not only for keeping an eye on the time but also for fixing notes, photos, thoughts, and dedications. You can attach it to the walls of any room in the house, for example, in the kitchen to jot down recipes or the shopping list, or in the office to collect notes and memos. You will have many different models available in terms of size, style, materials, and more elaborate shapes, such as the original hand-made magnetic boards with clocks by dESIGNoBJECT. True works of modern art, they can decorate bare walls with the utmost creativity. Discover them now!

  • Modern Magnetic...

    Never find your keys before leaving? Try a wall-mounted magnetic board with key holder.

    Useful for fixing post-its, memos, dedications and thoughts, the magnetic board with key holder also helps you always have the bunch of keys at hand when you need it. Thanks to convenient hooks, you can hang the keys comfortably when leaving or returning home. In this section, you will find many colorful and witty models, elegant and contemporary, such as the much-in-demand magnetic boards with key holder from the dESIGNoBJECT collection. Ideal for every environment from home, from kitchen to entrance to children's bedroom and office, they decorate the walls with a touch of pure modern art and make everyday life smarter!

Magnetic boards and organizer

Magnetic whiteboards and wall organizers are a perfect solution for tidying up your home and finding a precise place for reminders, notes, shopping lists and much more.

"Hang all", this may be an appropriate definition to describe this type of furnishing accessories: the wall-mounted holders are an extremely versatile item, designed to ensure maximum freedom of use. They can be used as key rings, document holders or postmen: these are just some of the countless possibilities offered. On a magnetic board, using practical clips, you can fix post-its, scattered sheets or photographs, so that you always have them in view and don't forget about errands to do, deadlines or business appointments. Furthermore, some models are writable (with a special marker) on the entire surface and are undoubtedly the favorite of children, free to draw on them and let their imagination travel. In addition to being useful and comfortable, these bulletin boards contribute, with their unique style (modern / vintage / whimsical / industrial), to enhance the general character of the room that hosts them.

The magnetic boards and organizers signed by dESIGNoBJECT are made with artisan techniques on high quality materials and are screen-printed by hand: these peculiarities increase the uniqueness and originality of each single item. The design is 100% Made in Italy and allows these decorative furnishing accessories to be placed in any home environment without particular difficulties. The package includes all the accessories (clip with magnet, marker, etc.) necessary to fully exploit the functionality of the object.

Saying stop to clutter is easy with a magnetic board or an organizer: discover all the models available in this section and choose your favorite!

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