• Shabby Chic Design...

    Add a touch of charm to the floor with a shabby chic design rug with a length ranging from 100 to 199 cm.

    With its old-fashioned charm, a shabby chic rug can instantly enrich any corner of the house. Choose the style and pattern you prefer from the many proposals in the ProduceShop catalog. To order it, just a few clicks are enough and you won't have to do anything but wait for delivery.

  • Shabby Chic Design...

    Choose one of our charming shabby chic design rugs with a length ranging from 200 to 300 cm.

    Available in many refined patterns inspired by Provence, our rugs can enhance any type of furnishing and collectible. They can be best used both in a traditional classic context and in a modern one to create a welcoming atmosphere both in the living room and in the dining room.

  • Shabby Chic Design...

    Do you want to make your floor more welcoming and elegant at first sight? Choose one of our numerous and fascinating shabby chic design rugs from our catalog, with a length of over 300 cm.

    Our rugs are available in many Provencal-inspired patterns and typical faded colors of this particular style. Their size makes them suitable for large living rooms and open spaces, where they add a unique and truly refined touch. Discover them all now!

Shabby Chic Design Rugs

Do you want to enhance your flooring with a cozy and country-style carpet? Don't hesitate: choose a soft shabby chic design carpet.

Available in different finishes, colors, sizes, and with charming decorations, our shabby chic carpets are perfect for the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and every other room in the house. Browse the catalog. You can purchase the Provencal-style carpet you prefer from the many refined models available, which best suits your environment. Just click on the image to discover its features.

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