Walkers and transit wheelchairs.

In this section, ProduceShop offers you a wide selection of transit wheelchairs and walkers for the elderly.

If you have had surgery or a temporary injury, a transit wheelchair is the most suitable medical support. It is designed to be pushed by a companion and is among the most suitable wheelchair models for outdoor use. It is ideal for those who need to move frequently, for regular medical check-ups, for example, or must travel to facilities far from home. The transit wheelchairs we offer are mostly made of aluminum, therefore light to maneuver but also robust and comfortable. Within the section, you will also find models of foldable transit wheelchairs that are easy to transport by car and can be closed in a few simple steps. Walkers, also called rollators, are instead suitable for the elderly and people with disabilities who have difficulty moving independently. Rollators offer valid support for those who need a support to walk and move inside or outside the home. On our catalog, you will find foldable rollator models equipped with convenient supports, such as a seat to rest and a basket for groceries.

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Hazel folding walker elderly disabled basket seat Promotion

Hazel folding walker elderly disabled basket seat

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