Carbon fiber wheelchairs

Looking for a very comfortable and durable wheelchair that is also easy to maneuver? Let us advise you and purchase a carbon fiber wheelchair from our catalog.

Carbon fiber wheelchairs enjoy a very high level of lightness, which is why they are often called superlight wheelchairs. Despite the reduced weight (about a third less than aluminum wheelchairs), thanks to the advanced technology of the manufacturing material, these special wheelchairs resist wear and tear, shocks, and stresses perfectly, ensuring excellent stability and safety. They are extremely light to maneuver for both the user and the operator, but also surprisingly strong and robust. Perfect, therefore, for those who need to move frequently during the day. In this section, you can choose whether to purchase a self-propelled carbon fiber wheelchair, a transit one, or a foldable carbon fiber wheelchair that can be easily transported in your car. The carbon fiber wheelchairs for sale on our online shop are also certified as a Class 1 Medical Device CE and therefore guarantee maximum safety for people with permanent or temporary disabilities both in use and in travel. If you want only the best, take a look at the range of superlight wheelchairs offered by the Italian brand Surace. You'll be amazed!

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