Outdoor shower trays

In addition to the outdoor shower, to take a nice refreshing bath outdoors it is essential to have a shower tray that collects and expels the water through the drain.

If the use of the outdoor shower will be almost daily and the shower will be used by more people as often happens in the areas near public beaches, a shower tray is undoubtedly the most suitable solution because this element in addition to making the shower more comfortable and functional from outside, it prevents slipping and helps to contain water by preventing it from being dispersed outside, it also allows you to disinfect the area where your feet rest in a simple and comfortable way, thus avoiding the appearance of fungi.

To complete the offer of our outdoor showers, we offer outdoor shower trays of various sizes and colors, made with materials that cope well with atmospheric agents and that satisfy all kinds of tastes and needs. On our catalog you will find wooden shower trays that recall nature and particularly suitable for outdoor showers in the garden, but also in colored polyethylene to brighten the area dedicated to the shower or with stone effect to make it more modern, all designed and structured to ensure maximum ease of installation in any type of public or private setting.

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