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Garden composters

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The composter or more known as a composter is definitely useful in the field of gardening because it represents the most convenient solution for decomposing all organic waste such as kitchen waste, fruit, vegetable and pruning waste in an autonomous, simple and ecological way.

Through the biological process that involves the decomposition of organic waste placed inside it, the composter manages to create a fertilizer rich in nutritional properties that will improve the quality of your soil without spending a penny. For your part, obviously only small procedures will have to be carried out, but mother nature will take care of everything, transforming the organic mix into precious and fertile humus.

Very useful for those who have an outdoor space such as a garden, a terrace or a balcony, thanks to the composter it is possible to use vegetable and food waste through an innovative and completely ecological way, also significantly reducing its environmental impact. In this section you can choose the composter that best suits you, among models made with metal or plastic frames resistant to atmospheric agents, solutions that are easy to install and with variable capacities and shapes to adapt to any type of living environment.