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Folding beds

Folding beds
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Pouf footrest with built-in fabric folding armchair and bed Sweet Relax

£ 279.95 £ 369.95
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Folding single bed with wheels and included mattress and slats 80x180 Ares

£ 194.95 £ 274.95
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Portable folding bed 60x185cm camping folding bed Leiskite

£ 189.95 £ 249.95
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Pouf footrest with built-in folding bed Morfeo

£ 239.95 £ 319.95
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Folding single bed with wheels and included mattress and slats 80x180cm...

£ 202.95 £ 282.95
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Folding single bed with wheels and included mattress and slats 80x190cm...

£ 214.95 £ 294.95
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Folding single bed with included mattress and slats 80x190 Atena

£ 349.95 £ 439.95
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Dust cover for single folding bed 80x200 cm Vielis

£ 149.95 £ 164.95
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Folding bed saves space resealable home office living 90x190cm Rodense

£ 189.95 £ 224.95
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Folding bed space-saving 80x190cm folding bed home living room Kongea

£ 219.95 £ 259.95
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Who has never hosted friends or relatives at home for the weekend? Whether it's sudden guests who show up at the door, or planned trips, the dilemma is always the same: finding temporary accommodation and a bed for your guests to rest comfortably.

Nowadays there are various solutions that allow you to have a very comfortable bed with a comfortable mattress at a moments notice without sacrificing space.

Folding beds are very useful on unexpected occasions when you need an extra bed for occasional guests; the camp bed is even ideal to optimize living in a small single studio apartment or if you have a holiday home to rent!

Furnishing a small house is always a challenge, for this reason it is better to rely on versatile and multifunctional furnishing accessories, such as a piece of furniture with an integrated single foldaway bed, a perfect emergency solution to keep the mattress away from dust. During the day, these beds are hidden in a common piece of furniture to be used in the living room as a support surface, but just open the front panel and voila, a single bed complete with slatted base and mattress is ready for the night!

Enough said, folding beds are truly a practical item to have in your home. You never know who might surprise you with a visit!

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